OP7 Pro A Long Term Honest Review of the OnePlus 7 Pro


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  1. alteredtech
    Froyo Oct 8, 2019

    alteredtech , Oct 8, 2019 :
    Every year we have high expectations for the newest flagship smartphones. Did the OnePlus 7 Pro come close to meeting our expectations?


    This is the most premium smartphone Oneplus has ever created. It feels solid with some weight to it and the curves give it a sexy look. But I'll be honest. When I first laid eyes on the OnePlus 7 Pro, I was disappointed. It wasn't as flashy as my Galaxy S10 or the Huawei P30 Pro and I found those large curves reminiscent of the Galaxy S7 edge. I've had bad experiences with curved displays and I've never been a big fan. I ordered the Nebula Blue version and it took me some time to fall in love with it. The blue glow is subtle at most angles and it looks like a blue sky frozen in ice. As for the curved edges, I became much more comfortable with the curves thanks to the new Android 10 gestures. Swiping on the curved edges against glass feels oddly satisfying. I also find it easier and faster to swipe to go back rather than stretching my thumb for the back button.

    I've never had an issue with the notch on the OnePlus 6T and I never found large bezels problematic. I felt that the race to add notches and reduce bezels was a gimmick. There could be more important things to focus on like sound quality or front firing dual speakers. But if smartphones had their own beauty pageant, the OnePlus 7 Pro would steal the show with its minimal bezels and no-notch design thanks to the pop-up camera. The pop-up selfie camera works with motors and it retracts itself smoothly and quickly. I was skeptical at first but so far it has held up well despite my heavy usage via selfies and vlogging.



    Early on, someone asked me if I noticed anything different about this display. I examined the display closely, and said "maybe it was 4K? maybe it was 3D?" I couldn't tell off the bat. It was smoother but you would only notice it if you were using an app running 90 Hz or flicking through your app drawer like a madman. If you want to see the difference, try scrolling through your IG feed with a 60Hz display. The 90Hz runs smooth. Real smooth.

    This display is a QHD panel with HDR 10+ compatibility. Samsung is pushing its HDR 10+ and it's not surprising to see it here. If you have a premium Netflix subscription, you'll be able to enjoy some of that limited HDR 10+ content. Some people prefer 1080p panels but since I'm a photographer, I need those extra details from the QHD displays especially when editing photos. This is also an AMOLED display which means blacks are deeper. I would comment on the colors but OnePlus gives you the option to calibrate your saturation levels to your own liking. If it's too warm, too cool, or too saturated you have the option to change those settings. Overall this is one of the best looking displays I've used. (It's built by Samsung by the way)

    Moto Z2 force (Top)
    OnePlus 7 Pro (Bottom)


    The performance of the OnePlus 7 Pro is second to none. It's clean, it's fast, and rarely lags. Running into lag is like running into a legendary Pokemon. It rarely happens. Apps open quickly, games load up with ease, and there's no stutter even if you have a dozen apps running in the background. (This is how I dreamed Android should've been when I first got into smartphones) It's buttery smooth, responsive and as many would say, "the OnePlus 7 Pro is the iOS of Android" because of its great performance. With the Snapdragon 855 and 8 GB of RAM, you should be future proof. OnePlus has a great track record of manufacturing phones that stand the test of time when it comes to performance. In other words, they don't slow down over time.


    Battery Life

    The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a 4,000 mAh battery and it's enough to get you through an entire day. For a light user like me, it's enough to get me through a day and a quarter. Battery life is a step down from the OnePlus 6T as you would expect since the QHD display consumes more power by pushing more pixels at 90Hz. This is the first time I wished OnePlus incorporated wireless charging on a device. The warp charging works excellent but having to re-charge via USB-C on the daily is something I thought we've moved on from. Most of these 2019 flagships I've tested were capable of delivering almost two days of usage consistently. Charging everyday feels like a step back. I can get around 5 hours to 6.5 hours of screen on time with this device. On average it caps off below 15% around 5.45 hours.



    Let's try the good, the bad and the ugly approach.

    The Good:

    • The selfie camera is one of the best I've used (great detail)
    • Triple rear cameras add versatility
    • Tons of camera features like nightscape, portrait mode, and pro mode
    • Super stable mode works really well
    • 4K recording looks really good
    The Bad:

    • It takes a few shots to get the right one
    • The beauty effects in portrait mode is too heavy even when it's turned off in the settings
    • Sometimes the camera software does too much (ex. contrast)
    • Taking great photos requires more work and patience compared to the competition
    The Ugly:

    • The camera app has been buggy and unreliable
    • Gcam won't save you


    The addition of dual speakers was something OnePlus was very proud of. It is also something I thought could've been added on to the OnePlus 6T. The earpiece and bottom firing speakers work together to give users dual sound, but in my experience the bottom firing speakers always sounds louder and richer which doesn't make sense. I prefer the front facing speakers providing the richer sound. Maybe in the future they can incorporate dual front firing speakers. At the end of the day, I prefer to use the OnePlus Bullet wireless headphones when listening to music and watching movies since there is no headphone jack or included dongle for my Audio Technica M40. (I got the OnePlus wireless bullets for free at the keynote and they're the only bluetooth headphones I own)



    I would take Oxygen OS over the Samsung One UI experience, Google Pixel experience, LG experience, and stock Android experience any day. There's so many ways to customize your device and it manages to keep the user experience clean. You won't have the Google Assistant breathing down your back like on the Pixels, or the hundreds of unnecessary features and notifications from the Galaxy line. If you want a clean, smooth, and beautiful experience out the box, the OnePlus 7 Pro is for you. You'll also get fast updates and three years of support. For example, Android 10 was announced in early September and the stable version has already been released as with the latest security patch. With most other Android manufacturers, it can take months or even a year to get the latest software updates. With companies like Motorola even breaking their promises and not updating their flagship devices (ex: the moto z2 force Android pie update), OnePlus owners will have that confidence that their phones will get updated on a timely schedule.


    Fingerprint Sensor

    This is the fastest and most accurate in-display fingerprint sensor I've used. It's not as accurate as the traditional fingerprint sensors, but it's miles ahead of the sensor on the OnePlus 6T and Galaxy S10 series in terms of speed and accuracy. It might not be as secure as the S10, but I don't expect an evil mastermind hacking my phone with a 3D model of my thumb.



    This phone happens to be my favorite phone thanks to the software experience, fast updates, performance, display, and the price. For around $700, you also get four times the storage than that of the iPhone 11. If you're looking for an Android device with the best experience, look no further.

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