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    aaryanantal , May 23, 2021 :
    I'm sure that when next year comes around, OnePlus will build a 120W Warp Charge Wireless Charger.

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    J.e.F , via OnePlus 9 Pro , May 23, 2021 :
    Have been using this (9 pro pre-order included it 🤩, EU) since early April. I confirm it's really a convenient thing! Standing up in the morning, just place your precious in its seat to read news and boom, it's charged 🥳.
    I was myself coming from a 5T and it is my very first wireless phone.
    If you don't have a wireless charger yet, it's a good option!

    Though a few comments:
    - This is not a charger, it is an adapter/converter. Delivered with a usb-c to usb-c cable but... without a charger as such.( Mmm yes I'm picky but it's about words, and yes we get a very nice 65W high speed charger when buying the phone 😉)
    - It does leave a cable on your desk, because you have to plug this stuff 😄, and personally I unplug it when charge is not needed to use it as a stand.
    - that cable is thinner than the one supplied with the 65 W charger. This brought some questions to my mind (fearing to brake the new toy):
    - is it ok to plug the thinner cable to the 65 W charger?
    Would tend to say "use the thicker one, suitable for ad hoc charger"
    - is it ok to plug another charger? ... In this case more probably without the OP cable (example: Xiaomi 55W charger has a standard USB port). To me answer is, plug what you wish, you'll get the speed that goes with that stuff.

    - the phone buttons are somewhat touching the supporting piece when the phone stands on a side, in a centered position. Need to play with its position to make it closer to perfect.

    - silent mode seemed funny and I appreciated that particularity at first... But in the end it is only useful if you want to meditate close to your phone (or just like quiet). When you go to sleep, you don't need neither a fast charger nor a wireless charger, nor a stand.
    Even my 30W charger (from early 2018, with OP 5T) is too fast for a normal night charge 😆. Anyway, you have a super speedy charger to boost your phone just before or just after night 🥳.

    - finally, I think I have read previously that you can charge whatever device compatible with Qi charge (not read here in the topic above) which is a good point.

    Idea for goodies: design a stupidly good OP stand, and/or maybe a kind of docking station. People would buy if price is nice...

    Oops, longer than expected at first, sorry 😇