A notice about OxygenOS 11 for our previous devices

  1. 431998
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2021

  2. Vijay7T
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2021

    Vijay7T , Jan 4, 2021 :

    Really glad you guys are working on the updates!

    But I hate the term announced "shortly" or "later". Why cant you tell which month or even which quarter?

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  4. Z1609263833766
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2021

  5. zayn007
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2021

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  6. WASIM OnePlus
    Gingerbread Jan 4, 2021

  7. bobsta , via OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition , Jan 4, 2021 :
    OnePlus seem to have bitten off more than they can chew. Wouldn't be surprised if OnePlus change their update schedule. Two security updates over two years would count as two years worth of security updates. Anyway, if they drag their feet over OS11 for the 7 series, I'll settle for another manufacturer. Shame - nice hardware which isn't matched by OnePlus' approach to after sales support of their products.

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  8. G1605625663399
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2021

  9. KhanAamer
    Honeycomb Jan 4, 2021

    KhanAamer , via OnePlus Nord , Jan 4, 2021 :
    They are just releasing beta update for Nord if it comes this week then the 7 (t) versions will get the update next week be patient....They are rolling update from newest to previous versions and that's the right thing .both the phone will get there updates respectively just wait ✌️

  10. KhanAamer
    Honeycomb Jan 4, 2021

    KhanAamer , via OnePlus Nord , Jan 4, 2021 :
    Let me correct you OP said it for Nord n10 and n100
    There is a big difference between the Nord itself and nord n10 and n100 .
    U can check anywhere .
    Have a good day buddy✌️

  11. KhanAamer
    Honeycomb Jan 4, 2021

  12. KhanAamer
    Honeycomb Jan 4, 2021

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  13. crazy_ganesh
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2021

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  14. PrashantHiremath
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2021

  15. H1556633951730
    Cupcake Jan 4, 2021

  16. prabaltitanium27
    Gingerbread Jan 4, 2021

    prabaltitanium27 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 4, 2021 :
    This post was long overdue. We know the problems that OP is facing with Android 11 but still, a post regarding timeline when the users were most hopeful would have been great.
    Better late than never, this post is surely welcomed and hope to see Android 11 for 7 Series soon. Cheers.

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  18. krmsrp99280 , via OnePlus 6T Mirror Black , Jan 4, 2021 :
    Just wait for OnePlus 6t, do not know when the new update will be available for all 6t users from the time of arrival of oxygen os 11 but they will have to wait until the quarter 2 nd 2021 then just wait.
    😔 So sad 😔
    All OnePlus 6T users wait 🙏

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  19. V Rajender
    Gingerbread Jan 4, 2021

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