A Peek Inside OxygenOS 12

  1. H1637696268540
    Eclair Dec 31, 2021

  2. kouzelnik3
    Jelly Bean Dec 31, 2021

  3. W1631561096775
    Eclair Dec 31, 2021

  4. SyamKG
    Jelly Bean Dec 31, 2021

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  5. RevidFfum
    Gingerbread Dec 31, 2021

    RevidFfum , via OnePlus 5T Midnight Black , Dec 31, 2021 :
    This reads like someone who is not aware of all the bugs and user requests/complaints .. "We hear you but, we think this is better and look at all these wonderful features we are offering you instead!"

    All flash no substance... they really shoud start branding next phone offering Oppo Plus, as the OS and previous 'flagship killer' status no longer exist.

    This way, they can truly can consolidate the phone models and deliver bug-free on time updates.. No stop gap measure of re-skined Color OS.

  6. Aronstark
    Gingerbread Dec 31, 2021

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  7. p2p
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 31, 2021

    p2p , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 31, 2021 :
    @Gary C.

    Please, stop lying to your customers.

    You explain those things in first person like OnePlus has developed anything. All that stuff you are talking about is from oppo.

    Your customers have eyes. We can see that this is colorOS. If we want to know how works some functions we can go to oppo's webpage and search for it.

    Thank you.

  8. RevidFfum
    Gingerbread Dec 31, 2021

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  9. HarshKK14
    Jelly Bean Dec 31, 2021

    HarshKK14 , via OnePlus 7 , Dec 31, 2021 :
    How did OnePlus hear your feedback? Or "our" feedback?

    And why last time?

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  10. Muzahid
    Gingerbread Dec 31, 2021

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  11. G_Michał_M_Bekb , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 1, 2022 :
    Oneplus = Oppo, but I don't understand why they pretend it's not

  12. X1625510111536
    Froyo Jan 1, 2022

    X1625510111536 , via OnePlus 9 , Jan 1, 2022 :
    Thanks for update but compare other OS based on Android 12 these features are nothing so many android 12 feature missing here in OOS 12 and I'm not happy about it at all. Definitely my best experience was OOS 11 compere to Stock android 11 everything was so good even better Stock android 11 but right now i don't think so and i can't understand the reason the weakest update in my life as a OnePlus costumers is a OOS 12 so far in my opinion if someone stayed in OOS 11 won't missing anything special and there isn't something excited about OOS 12. I hope things will change on OS 2.0.

  13. Atanu Maji
    Honeycomb Jan 1, 2022

    Atanu Maji , Jan 1, 2022 :
    Oh, the irony is that you will find more bugs in this ported version of Color OS.

  14. Arpondas725
    Cupcake Jan 1, 2022

    Arpondas725 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 1, 2022 :
    Hi! So I used Oxygen Updater to download C36 for my 9 pro and upgraded to c40 from the system update. And today when I went back in to the Oxygen Updater application it shows this.

    I am really confused, should I downgrade and use one of the threads to download C36 and upgrade again?

  15. SyamKG
    Jelly Bean Jan 1, 2022

  16. JanLuck.Pincard
    Jelly Bean Jan 1, 2022

    JanLuck.Pincard , via OnePlus 7T , Jan 1, 2022 :
    Because Google made material you a pixel exclusive feature until Android 12L is realeased. Does that answer your quistion. ?

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  17. JanLuck.Pincard
    Jelly Bean Jan 1, 2022

    JanLuck.Pincard , via OnePlus 7T , Jan 1, 2022 :
    No, you should give the oxygen updater team time to adjust their app to the new c40 build. I guess there are changes made in the OxygenOS that prevent them from correctly interpreting the model/build info. (Maybe Oneplus does this on purpose to frustrate the makkers and to avoid more and more users making use of it in bypassing their crap OTA delivery
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  18. DPK1404
    Cupcake Jan 1, 2022