A phone for my daughter?

  1. dannywatjika
    Cupcake May 4, 2015

    dannywatjika , May 4, 2015 :
    I guess go with the cheap one which mainly feature is calling and texting.. Opo is to open for 12 years old because its freely customizable ...so go with the easy one

  2. RideBike
    Jelly Bean May 4, 2015

    RideBike , May 4, 2015 :
    times are a changing my friend!
    you know when you were born, people also didn't carry phones when they were 20 or 30. When i was 12 everybody had an nokia, i bought one when i was 14 cause actually i didn't really need one when i was 12. now i bought the one plus. but do I really really need it? no, and you also don't! does it make life easier? yes, that's for sure.
    Nowadays kids grow up with tablets and phones. do they really need one? you know the answer, but does it make life easier? How do they communicate with friends,... you know. I get your answer. but the thing is you cant go back and see how your life was when you were 12 and compare it to kids nowadays. i mean my grandfather started working when he was 14 years old. when they look back they can say, why do kids go to school so long? why don't they work. it's the same.

  3. LidiaFitz
    Gingerbread May 4, 2015

    LidiaFitz , May 4, 2015 :
    BTW, loving your puppy here. I want to hug him/her. My dog used to be a little sheep like that too :p

    I want one.

  4. KirathSanun
    Froyo May 4, 2015

    KirathSanun , May 4, 2015 :
    I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. It has good specs and as the name implies, it's not too big. Hope this helps. A like would be much appreciated.

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  5. kikofhm
    Honeycomb May 4, 2015

    kikofhm , May 4, 2015 :
    i know and i'm graduated and work with new tecnologies. i want everyone have new tech so what's my purpose life, who pays my bills lool.
    my point is the kids with such young age don't need expensive cell phone. for just texting?? c'mom.... even with good grades i think it's not a purpose for good smartphone. sometimes for the price monthly salary of parents. if was me i bought an cheap phone or retro phone (coolest one ;) ) even all the class the kids have iphone.

    sometimes the people doesn't pay the bills or even eat only to pay for an expensive smartphone. what kind new generation we live? times really change..... without any balance

  6. guijan12
    KitKat May 4, 2015

    guijan12 , May 4, 2015 :
    Why not a cheap Motorola or Samsung (S3 mini) phone?
    Smaller, not that expensive and everything she may want to have.
    Well yes, tons of bloatware included.....

    Set a budget and search with her for the right phone, and she will be very happy with it.
    If you're a bit into DIY, you can buy a broken iPhone and repair it together with her (I did that with my daughter, and it was a nice quality time together and still is fun if we chat about it).

    Good luck.

  7. kniVesss
    Jelly Bean May 4, 2015

    kniVesss , May 4, 2015 :
    Its not that shitty. She's still an 11yr old exposed to the full internet and the likes of boys on snapchat. Its already proven young girls with this level of access are sexually desensitised way before their years. It is a worry but so is pier pressure so its a tough call for any parent.

  8. t4ww4b
    Jelly Bean May 4, 2015

  9. 4everKing7
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 4, 2015

    4everKing7 , May 4, 2015 :
    Xiaomi Mi3

  10. Alivethereality
    Jelly Bean May 4, 2015

    Alivethereality , May 4, 2015 :
    12 years old and already buying a phone for her
    this generation is truly going down to no good
    you just wait untill she gets them nudes out on the net, then you'll see which phone has better camera

  11. Kailash Nath Ashok Kumar
    Cupcake May 4, 2015

  12. Reivon Choccoli
    Jelly Bean May 4, 2015

    Reivon Choccoli , May 4, 2015 :
    I agree with Dax here.

    However, I understand the hype kids are spreading around gadgets, and know how difficult it is to refuse your kid something every other kid is already in possession of.
    I'll just add that I myself always got to take over my family member's phones whenever they got a new one, all the way till I was 16 - then I bought one myself. My suggestion is, buy yourself a new phone when you feel you need one, and give your old one to your daughter. It's healthy for her, trust me.

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  13. tszki_ng
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 4, 2015

    tszki_ng , May 4, 2015 :
    get her a nokia 8260! when i was her age, i don't even have a fricking phone. so live with it.

  14. Cobrin
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 4, 2015

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  15. caoimhin58
    Gingerbread May 4, 2015

    caoimhin58 , May 4, 2015 :
    I take it that if you're recommending this one you've tried, tested and loved it...happy days! :p

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  16. caoimhin58
    Gingerbread May 4, 2015

    caoimhin58 , May 4, 2015 :
    You're a very small minded person. Never tar my child with the same brush as your deprived mind. Get your kicks somewhere else.

  17. caoimhin58
    Gingerbread May 4, 2015

    caoimhin58 , May 4, 2015 :
    Times have moved on.....so should you! Leave ur insecurities behind with your old phone. I wanted recommendations, not old stories of 'when I was a child....'

  18. caoimhin58
    Gingerbread May 4, 2015

    caoimhin58 , May 4, 2015 :
    This used to happen until I started using my phone for banking, work, emails etc. Thus I tend to keep it for years so I get used to the setup, software etc. Plus, as mentioned earlier, the OPO is just too big.

  19. caoimhin58
    Gingerbread May 4, 2015

    caoimhin58 , May 4, 2015 :
    All internet is restricted. She doesn't have access to social media....even at home on the laptop. You also have to place some trust in your child and when it's returned increase their rewards. But this isn't about parenting class....it's about recommendations for a phone!

  20. caoimhin58
    Gingerbread May 4, 2015

    caoimhin58 , May 4, 2015 :
    I tried DIY on my Samsung tablet....although I managed to fix it.....my patience was tested to the full and although I'm sure she knows the swear words I used, I don't want to use them in front of her :p....but I agree, 1st step is to make a list of what is important for her and what is appropriate for her age, then take time to check recommendations, scores etc to get best value for money. Thanks.

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