A quick OnePlus 5 Camera survey

  1. HenrikOnePlus
    Eclair Aug 15, 2017

  2. palc
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 16, 2017

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  3. G_Averboukh_Evgeny_SLAH
    Froyo Aug 17, 2017

    G_Averboukh_Evgeny_SLAH , Aug 17, 2017 :
    I am not talking about PRO, Raw and tripod. I am talking about the regular files that came out of the camera right away.
    After a month of using OP5 camera, I will explain what I mean by comparing 5s to OP5. BUT, I am talking about default camera settings, no advanced using of PRO mode or tripod (common, are you serious, you will take all of your shots with a tripod?;)))
    5s are way better on focusing, white balance performance and low light situations. I am getting good shots 5 out of 5 on an old iphone, but do get 1 out of 5 from OP5. But of course the quality of the shots are better on op5. Of course they better, they have an amazing sony sensor.

    Don't get me wrong. OP5 has an amazing sensor (IMX398) and if you shooting in daylight or RAW you will get an amazing results. The only complain to OP5 is they just don't know how to post-process the image properly by default.
    Its not the OP5 is good, its the IMX398 sensor is good.

    Me and my friend who has Google Pixel did an example test, and Pixel produce a way better results than OP5. Like very noticeable results. And you know why? Because Google knows what to do with the raw data. OP5 doesn't.

  4. abechung
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 17, 2017

    abechung , Aug 17, 2017 :
    I've never been so happy a feedback survey was offered. This phone needs a lot of camera calibration:
    • Portrait Mode is inconsistent with its subjects and the blur effect needs a lot of fine tuning.
    • Pro mode has weird dark column across the pictures when adjusted the ISO and Shutter speeds.
    • Panorama mode stitching is awful. The algorithm doesn't seem to know how to properly stitch in low-light or over bodies of water. Otherwise, it's very inconsistent.
    • Not sure if this is applicable to the OP5 Camera or software team, but snapchat video stabilization is awful. It just completely shakes as if no EIS is present.
    I'm sure there's more, but these are thing things I struggle with regarding this camera. Do you guys have similar issues?

  5. Yogeshjuyal
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2017

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  6. dim_diver
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2017

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  7. Ravi BINAVAT
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2017

  8. Keshiji
    Gingerbread Aug 23, 2017

    Keshiji , Aug 23, 2017 :
    I'd like to say that I've seen this too and to be honest it's quite bothersome!

    It'd be nice to see some improvements.

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  9. titatovernaar
    Froyo Aug 23, 2017

  10. BoxeXDA
    Froyo Aug 23, 2017

    BoxeXDA , Aug 23, 2017 :
    Is it just me or you can only use the wide angle camera in pro mode?

    No matter if I hit on the 2x icon in pro mode and/or have RAW turned on or off, EXIF says the f/1,7 lens is in use and the obviously digitally zoomed results look worse than auto 2x zoom, where EXIF says the tele lens was used (paired with slight digital zoom of course).

    Unless there's an option I missed, this is a major pain point compared to the iP7P and the Zenfone 3 Zoom where you get to use the tele camera in pro mod, RAW included, at any time you want, which is especially useful in low light where auto forces the wide lens paired with digital zoom 10 times out of 10.

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  11. wkqrszerz
    Cupcake Aug 23, 2017

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  12. AlphaCygni
    Honeycomb Aug 24, 2017

    AlphaCygni , Aug 24, 2017 :
    The front facing camera is poorly calibrated, the focus point is set at least 1 meter away.

  13. AK_17194
    Eclair Aug 25, 2017

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  14. svich
    Cupcake Aug 25, 2017

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  15. yuva_cool
    Gingerbread Aug 26, 2017

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  16. Ravi BINAVAT
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 26, 2017

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  17. daleski75
    KitKat Aug 30, 2017

  18. daleski75
    KitKat Aug 30, 2017

    daleski75 , Aug 30, 2017 :
    Yup it's not as good as the iPhone 7/s nor the Galaxy s7/8

  19. G_Roman_Lucak_bOjO
    Eclair Aug 30, 2017

  20. miko-breem-2
    Donut Aug 30, 2017

    miko-breem-2 , Aug 30, 2017 :
    I like the camera but not the OP-software. There's a need to improve the software. Take eg. "Open Camera" as software and you will see much better pictures. Much better focusing, better sharpness, etc.
    But you can't use the "telelens-camera" there. Third party software can't see this second camera, can it?

    Autofocus in video-mode seems to be.... well, it doesn't work good. Focus is pumping all the time. But again software, in Open Camera it works.

    What I would like to see:
    A possibility to manually choose the lens. In pro-mode while shooting raw. And RAW from normal AND tele, please. Now in pro-mode and RAW I'm getting in 2x-zoom a RAW-file from the normal lens and a jpeg cropped from the picture of the normal lens.

    Thanks, Michael

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