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    maarten_lisboa , Oct 12, 2020 :

    Ola Oneplus community. Yes, it's me, Maarten_lisboa as some detectives had already figured out by analyzing the teaser pictures 🧐

    For those who don't know me yet, my name is Maarten, born in Belgium 41 years ago and living near Lisbon in Portugal.
    Since 3 years active in the community, especially on photography topics.
    Some of you may already know my typical style of photography, feel free to have a look on my Instagram : maarten_lisboa.


    Yes, I was surprised when @dsmonteiro contacted me in the middle of August if I would like to be part of the sample team. I'll be honest, I left the photography group in April when i felt that I needed a break from Oneplus and smartphones in general. No need to explain it all here, let's just say that taking a step back can be a good thing.
    Anyway, I was happy they didn't forgot about me and I enjoyed being part of the sample team.

    So I'll share some of my work and I can say that I loved testing out the cameras on the 8T. My good old 6T still does the trick but I felt that If I wanted to keep developing my photography it was time for a change.

    This won't be a camera review because I worked with the prototype and my mission was to capture samples. For a good camera review I would suggest to wait for the Lab results the next weeks.

    My journey with the prototype started on September 3rd, a phone well hidden in a black case arrived. It was the first time I used a 120hz screen, smooth is indeed the best way to discribe the feeling.

    The camera setup on the 8T is as follows :

    Rear camera
    • Main Camera(48 MP IMX586 OIS f/1.75
    • Ultra Wide Camera(16 MP IMX481 117° f/2.2 FF
    • Macro Lens(5 MP)
    • Black and White Camera(2 MP Black&white MONO lens)

    Front camera
    • Selfie camera: 16MP

    So let's share some samples!
    All pictures that I shared are without any edits, just how the phone captured it. A few pics I just made a small crop and one picture it turned into black and white.
    I'll also share some tips and tricks underneath the pictures and/or the thinking process behind it.

    Rear main camera 48/12mp mode

    The main camera has two options. Standard it will shoot in 12mp and that's in most cases more than enough. The 48 mp is useful when you want to keep more detail or crop afterwards. The processing is slower so it's not ideal to quickly capture multiple pictures.

    Was looking for some architecture to shoot when I noticed those clouds could add something extra if I positioned myself a little bit differently.

    Colorful, my wallpaper on my phone since the day i took this picture. Always nice to look up but don't forget to look down as well.

    Taken in normal mode but edited afterwards to bnw. Since the street art was already in bnw this was a easy choice to make. If you like to know more about those silo's, have a look at the first introduction thread. some experts provided all the info 😅.

    Reflections, my favorite way of capturing at the beach. Go low, turn your phone upside down if needed and best days are those without wind. I have a nice serie of that evening, it took a while for that person on the left to make that step.

    Good colors and contrasts. Use trees and plants to create a frame to guide you to the subject. ( Location : lighthouse in Cascais )

    Leading lines and reflection combined. Sunsets are always a good time for picture. Also the Golden hour before or the maybe perfectly colorful sky a few minutes after a sunset. Never leave before sunset is what I always say!
    ( Location : Schipdonk channel near Eeklo,Belgium )

    Early morning reflection in Belgium, September 7

    Minimal, because sometimes less is more ( yes Oneplus and other phone companies, less can be more 😉)

    During sunset focus on the sky. Tap the screen where you need the focus, you will see this simple trick can make the difference. ( Location : Tower of Belem, Lisbon )

    Ultra wide-angle

    This is by far the camera I loved the most on the 8t. Since this is new for me, coming from the 6T, I was looking forward to this extra option to capture my surroundings and I wasn't disappointed!
    Nice ultra wide-angle and also amazing to use in video mode.

    Wide angle can give you that little extra like capturing the stairs closer to your position. Zero edits as always, nice colors and sharp.

    This shot is only possible with a wide angle. One of my favorites for sure! Again I went low to make those arches really stand out. The same trick can be used for trees to make to look more impressive. ( Location : Jerónimos Monastery , Lisbon )

    Wide-angle changes the whole picture. Look for shadows, the play of light and shadows can make a nice detail in the end result. ( Location : Monserrate Palace, Sintra )

    Same spot but in normal mode, I prefer the wide angle shot.

    Excellent to capture something like this, geometry is always doing great on a picture.
    I always try to get a person into the shot. If that means I have to be patient I'll just wait. I don't like people posing in front of the camera. I have no idea if they ask me what they should do. I normally just say : " walk around and I'll capture the moment, ignore me."
    ( Location : Miradoro Monsanto, Lisbon )

    Nightsape mode ( on Rear camera and ultra wide-angle)

    I'll be honest as promised, I never used the nightscape mode on my 6T.. Wasn't a big fan of it and with some knowledge of pro mode (and a tripod) you can get even better results.
    But for a user without that knowledge who just wants to "click and go" this nights cape mode is really doing a excellent job. Here are some shots I took :

    One of my favorites and a giveaway to some people who knew this theater in Lisbon. Reminder : careful with moving subjects and nightscape. On the bottom right there was a person walking into the frame. But can also be fun to play around with it and create some nice effect.
    Again I went low to use the track as a leading line and get some reflection as well.

    A nice photographers trick for a good picture : look for those lines that lead you to the subject.. yes, leading lines again.

    Nightscape wide-angle shot. I had a wall behind me so my only option was the wide angle. As I said before, this will change my way of taking pictures. More options and a camera that really get the details right.

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    maarten_lisboa , Oct 12, 2020 :
    Macro lens
    Something totally new for me, never really did any kind of macro photography before. Maybe this will change now that I have this camera option at my disposal. Can't give you much tips and tricks on this one, i am a noob when it comes to this kind of photography. I have a feeling @woSch will be more the person to get inspired by.
    https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/placeholder.1320488/ said:

    This camera does the trick when you get the distance right but most importantly you need good lighting, preferably natural light. Indoors it's harder to get a good macro shot, experimenting with good light conditions is the key to succes.
    Here are some samples i took :



    Some experiment done indoor, a reflection on my 6T. Had to really get extra light close to get at least one almost sharp result.

    Plants and flowers, best subject for some macro photoshoot.


    Black and white MONO camera
    I love bnw photography. Normally i always capture the scene in pro mode and edit it into bnw in Snapseed. On the 8T they put this bnw mono camera and to my surprise they turned out great. Wouldn't mind some more mega pixels but it does the trick.
    Architecture in bnw works great, especially modern buildings. Go look for those constructions in the city and capture them all!
    Silhouettes and bnw, another thing that works great together. And I like to shoot pictures like this it respects the privacy of the subject as well.
    Symmetrical elements. It's all around us, just look for it.
    Last one of the MONO serie, bridges are always a thankful subject to photograph.

    Selfie cam and portrait mode
    A nice 16mp front camera which works great. Totally not a selfie person so I'll share a few shots.
    Also used the portrait mode on the front camera since that's the one I'll use the most. I'm mostly behind the camera.


    Because front camera has 16mp it is prefect to play around with the image, cropping it and still keeping a sharp image.
    One of the first shots I took, had some nice back light from the setting sun and an excellent model : meet Nala, the happy crazy cat.
    Portrait mode improved a lot compared to my 6T, i am impressed.
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    maarten_lisboa , Oct 12, 2020 :
    Using the zoom option
    10x zoom is available on the 8T, more than enough in my opinion. I like to have my images sharp so zoom is the last option for me. First try to get closer to the subject, if not you have the option to zoom but you will always lose details and quality.
    Zoomed in to get a better shot. Not easy with the strong, low but bright sun but happy with the result.
    2x zoom of a nice scenery around sunset. Personally thats more than enough for me, i like to keep some detail in the pictures.

    2x zoom of a previously shared picture, still sharp. said:

    10x zoom, the software does the trick, nothing more, nothing less. Don't expect miracles.
    One more mode that is added is Ultra HDR.
    The next shot It was activated, it adds more sharpness and colors to the result.
    Used the flowers to create a frame and focused on the houses.

    I hope you liked my samples and the info I provided. Shared some tips and tricks and a short opinion about the OnePlus 8t.
    Most importantly for those who want to improve their photography : enjoy it! Experiment, create your own style, capture what you love and it will reflect in your Photography . You can learn some tips and tricks from others but in the end it will always be the creativity of the photographer and the understanding of his camera that makes the difference. Play around with all the cameras and modes that are provided on the latest phones. Get to know your camera, keep pushing the limits and never settle

    48mp shot, cropped. That's the biggest pro of 48mp. If you feel that you will crop afterwards shoot in 48. said:

    Special thanks to :
    @dsmonteiro for making this possible and the exxellent organisation.
    @overdrive and the camera team for being available and interested in our remarks, the true power of OnePlus.
    @woSch for the good communication and some nice technical inside Information, i learned some new things. Go and have a look at his diary as well :
    I'll finish with my favorite picture of this photography journey.
    Found a great old house with a amazing staircase while wandering around Lisbon. So I went all the way up and took a picture. This is the result, just the way I saw it and my phone captured it.
    Hope you like it is much as I do. Looking forward to the comments and feel free to see more of me on my IG page : maarten_lisboa.
    Will share some more pitures the upcoming week. If you have a request i'll do my best to capture it.
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    woSch , Oct 15, 2020 :
    Great to see it online at least... and a big wowowow... really amazing shots!

    What a great experience to 🤫🙈🙉🙊🤫 together 😀🙋🏻‍♂️

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    maarten_lisboa , via OnePlus 6T , Oct 15, 2020 :
    Same here, was a pleasure to be "work" together 👍

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    maarten_lisboa , via OnePlus 6T , Oct 15, 2020 :
    haha, no worries. Excellent work 👌👍 and obrigado

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    maarten_lisboa , via OnePlus 6T , Oct 15, 2020 :
    Thank you! Indeed, all are without edits on wb, saturation, contrast and so on. Zero edits besides a crop and one bnw edit.

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    Wow, both @woSch and you show extraordinary pictures, a fantastic variety, and thankfully give super great tips and hints how you did your magic. It's a pleasure to watch and read these two threads!!

    Cheers, Script

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