A warm welcome from OnePlus

  1. Trond Pedersen
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

    Trond Pedersen , Dec 17, 2013 :
    I welcome your initiative and applaude the way you include us - the potential users!

    If ordinary people (not just tech freaks) sign up and tell you what they really want from a mobile phone, I am sure that you will get your hands full trying to set up a common ground for your design work. But that is the kind of challenge I suspect you will love.

    I have been through some mobile phones since I got my first one - a big and heavy Mobira TalkMan - and today I find myself to be a very happy Nokia Lumia 920 user. But of course, even that phone and that OS could be better in many areas.

    You can see from my LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/throndr that my background is within technology and software development, but my main principle har always been what i call SUM - "Simplicity, Usability, Maintainability".

    Hopefully you will also SUM it up and design the most user friendly mobil phone and mobile OS yet.

  2. harald
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

  3. JJ_Top
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

    JJ_Top , Dec 17, 2013 :
    With gap-less playback!

  4. JGuinan007
    Donut Dec 17, 2013

    JGuinan007 , Dec 17, 2013 :
    Thank you for having me
    1. I would strongly recommend talking to DEVs at XDA developers for greater input on smart phones (It's a great community of people who love their smart phones and help others theme, make custom roms, fix, upgrade, and such.
    2. As far as displays Amoled is the most promising display type and flexible displays will be the future, software tweaking will fix color saturation and they help with less energy consumption. Oh and make it big I like the Note 3's size perhaps a wee bigger like 6" everyone likes a big screen as long as they can hold it.
    3. Batteries do not seal it in! I will not buy a phone I can not swap out a drained battery. There haven't been too many leaps and bounds in battery tech that makes profitable mobile batteries recently ( with the exception of LGs flexible polymers) Lithium ion is still best. A smart phone that could last 3 days on a singal charge with regular use would be incredible.
    4. No Locked Bootloaders-DO NOT ALLOW CARRIERS TO LOCK BOOTLOADERS people like to decide what programs/apps are on their phone and don't want bloatware consuming space and bogging down the system. Let Carriers load bloatware but make sure users can easily remove it if they do not want it.
    5. Hardware-always go balls to wall with latest and fastest chips/modems/LTE/bluetooth/USB/camera/whatever is latest tech have it (and I said tech not gimmicks).
    6. Software updates be sure to keep the OS current on any device that is capable to run new OS version
    7. Expandable sd card slot is a must with 64gb internal or higher you can never have too much.
    8. Make a modern day HTC HD2 or Leo (this device was released in 2009 and can run 2013 OSs!) support Devs and they will support your devices and help you and your company.
    9. Learn from HTC I used to love their phones then they locked bootloaders took away sd card slots and sealed batteries and are dead to me and I will do anything to to make sure they end up like Palm for their stupidity.
    10. A great design with premium materials like aluminum alloys contract that design firm that made the htc one
    11. Project Ara (Phone Blocks) Tablets and Smart Phones are the new PCs and customizing and updating hardware would be great with modular parts don't like the 5mp camera upgrade it to a 25mp camera

    I can keep going but im tired really loking forward to this
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  5. Husain_s
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

    Husain_s , Dec 17, 2013 :
    nice approach pete..by listening to what customer wants your company will be able to build a smartphone that really suits their needs

  6. Robeela
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

    Robeela , Dec 17, 2013 :
    I agree with 2K 5 inch screen (IPS IGZO or Oled), if it will fit in Samsung S4 mini size phone. The phone should be very ergonomic for one hand use.
    Also 2014 premium device should have a new generation usb port. There souldn't be any headphone jacks. All periferials should be connected trough a new generation usb port. Other: premium constraction and look, premium sound, perfect touch sensors with minimum touch delay. Each function must gratify with completeness. SoC's with 14 nm technology.

  7. AAT
    Eclair Dec 17, 2013

    AAT , Dec 17, 2013 :
    Wow, Pete, this sounds absolutely amazing! Congratulations on your new venture.

    My dream--to the point where I'm strongly considering quitting my profession as an attorney in order to work on mobile development--is a truly high-end QWERTY slider. Believe it or not, there is absolutely a "niche" market for this device (look at Concept Phones) and the current hardware manufacturers just don't get it. I'm thinking, take the best of the best, perhaps the Galaxy Note III or Galaxy S4 (full size 5+" screens with 1080+ IPS or even SAMOLED), an 805 Snapdragon processor, *removable storage up to 64 GB*, all the latest and greatest specs, with 1) A SEXY METAL CHASIS (no more cheap plastic!) and 2) a state-of-the-art QWERTY slider with well-spaced keys and solid feedback.

    I would pay top dollar for this! I just cannot use a virtual keyboard to type e-mails or long documents (yes, I use my phone essentially as a mobile PC).

    Every once in a while, when a new QWERTY slider is produced these days, the specs are just garbage. It is the single-most annoying and frustrating issue I have with current mobile phone manufacturers. Manufacturers say these devices don't sell well, so they don't put a lot of high-end R&D into them. Well, they don't sell well because they are stuffing garbage inside! Imagine all of the Blackberry-turned-Android users who would flock to a device like this! My two cents, but I am hell-bent on creating a phone like this sooner or later if someone doesn't do it.

    Good luck!

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  8. Andrew Baxter
    Gingerbread Dec 17, 2013

    Andrew Baxter , Dec 17, 2013 :
    I'm not the most knowledgeable with the technical aspects of cell phone devices but I am a tech enthusiast. I'm glad to be a part of this community and I hope my opinions will be helpful to all of you that are working on the device. A short list of things I look for in a phone are as follows: great battery life, expandandable memory card slot, buttonless design similar to the Nexus 5, and Google Glass support. I am in the Explorer program and I use Glass whenever I can, I would hate to have a phone, like the iPhone that didn't allow me to use all of the features on Glass.

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  9. Lazy Lazy
    Eclair Dec 17, 2013

    Lazy Lazy , Dec 17, 2013 :
    Hi Pete,

    Great to see a refreshing approach to market study ! I'm participating with the sincere hope that you go against the grain to current industry trends and rock the smartphone world.

    My hardware wishlist for the basics, (in descending order of importance):
    - Any band, Anywhere: If there is a cell-phone tower, and I have a compliant SIM, I should be able to connect to it. Simple.
    - High, capacity replaceable battery: It makes absolutely no sense to seal in the prime enabler of mobility, the battery !!
    - Basic Water and Dust protection: Spills shouldn't cause unpleasant thrills!! Galaxy Active is a great role-model
    - MicroSDXC support: With the standard promising support upto 2TB, users never have to worry about running out of space on their phone
    - Shutter button for Camera: Windows Phones have clearly demonstrated the value of mandating such a feature. WinPeople are happy shutter bugs :)
    - Fast, stabilized camera: the aperture should be wide enough for pictures in the bar. the stabilization can also be realized in software.
    - 720p resolution: 1080p is just a marketing gimmick, and an amazing waste of precious energy.
    - 2GB RAM: While the specific RAM requirements will depend on the OS and application runtime, it's a safe bet to include as much as the budget allows.
    - Decent Application Processor: While kids may be excited by octa-core, 64bit and other nonsense, you at minimum only need a dual-core with a good graphics processor. Let the rich American people splurge on fancy processors, when we know that it has reached a point when even a MediaTek can comfortably handle everyday loads (web surfing, chat etc).
    - Different Display sizes: The same configuration can be offered in a 'mini' (4.3in) and 'full' (5-5.2in) version based only display size. There should be no feature differences. People with smaller hands find it difficult to use, and as a trade-off you often get better battery life !

    Now that the basics are done, how to bring some excitement to the market ?

    - Keyboard Case: The dream of hardcore e-mailers everywhere, an optional click-on , beautiful to type, physical keyboard.
    - Fully documented, wide IO Port: This will allow modders to come up with amazing cases and peripherals for the phones
    - Programmable light array: Think of the phone having an array of tiny LEDs that can be used to strobe in different patterns according to music, notifications, additional apps etc. This can also be realized by a special case that connects to the IO Port
    - Unbeatable Price: Just like the Nexus phones have shown, there is huge demand at the middle of the market. If you head to MotoG levels, you'll be unassailable !!

    ok, I think I'm done for now. Hope to check back in later for updates !

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  10. Mark.Mullens
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

    Mark.Mullens , Dec 17, 2013 :
    This device you speak of has to be priced competitively and MUST NOT cut corners.

    System-on-Chip: Latest Snapdragon available (e.g. Snapdragon 805)
    RAM: 2+ GB

    Display: 1080p (Even if 1440p is just around the corner, the difference is negligible and it will allow for a thinner device that doesn't require such a high-capacity battery). LED so you can use features such as the Moto X's active notifications (displays notifications when the phone is in standby).
    Screen size: 4.7-5.2 inches (HTC One size to LG G2 size) with small bezels to ensure that the device isn't unwieldy.

    Software: AOSP 4.4.x with a few REALLY USEFUL additional features. Don't bloat it with software like Samsung does. This will allow for updates to be rolled out quicker whilst having additional functionality that may not be found on a Nexus device.

    Camera: 8+ Megapixel sensor with OIS and larger pixels (think HTC One, iPhone 5s) and a recessed lens so it doesn't get scratched. Very fast shutter speed on default settings. HDR. Don't think that 13 megapixels are necessary.

    Camera software must be comprehensive but easy to use. Make it easy to take a nice shot by simply pressing the shutter button (also, volume/power button as a camera button would be nice), but allow for manual tweaking for ISO, shutter speed (perhaps), precise exposure control, focus type (Macro (A MUST!), Auto, Infinity, Manual, Face Detection, etc). If manual focus type is not set - software should be able to discern which focus type is ideal for the situation.

    Battery: As capacious as physically possible without the device's thickness exceeding 9mm (think LG G2). 3000MaH would be excellent.

    Price: A competitive price that would allow for enough profit to make a second generation of this device. €500-€650, adjusting for a decent enough profit margin but not so much that demand is nulified as a result of it being too expensive.

    Bonus: Something new, something innovative that someone hasn't thought of yet and would be genuinely useful. Customizeable backs like the Moto X (not necessary but would be cool).

    Marketing: This is a MUST if you want to sell like Samsung.
    Availability: Unlocked in US, Europe and Asia as well as on-contract in the US. Don't not submit yourself to a carrier's demand. You don't need to be on AT&T/Verizon to be successful - especially if the devices is marketed well.

    Bottom line: Competitive in terms of features and price, innovative and generally EXCELLENT. Do NOT cut corners, it will bite you in the *** later if you do. Consumers need to know that you are serious with this device and they will gladly pay for something they deem to be exceptional that offers something competing devices do not.

    The rest is up to you. If you can make a smartphone such as this - I'm sold and I'm positive that many others will be too.

    Greatest of luck with all your future endeavors.



  11. Lazy Lazy
    Eclair Dec 17, 2013

    Lazy Lazy , Dec 17, 2013 :
    Completely agree, mate ! This is a blind spot with the current market leaders that one could capitalize on.

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  12. Paul
    Gingerbread Dec 17, 2013

    Paul , Dec 17, 2013 :
    Hmm, signed-up for a forum after a good year. Promise is too high - especially considering, price will be low - nevertheless, I will put my understanding here. :)



  13. Paul
    Gingerbread Dec 17, 2013

    Paul , Dec 17, 2013 :
    One question to the founder(s), if I may so :

    1. Any mock-up or bill of materials ready for mass consumption, at- -least here at forum, or it will be crowd sourced?
    2. What software 1+ will use ?
    3. What is the current source of funding and risk taking capabilities ?

  14. neomilan
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

  15. Paul
    Gingerbread Dec 17, 2013

  16. Al Kiter
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

    Al Kiter , Dec 17, 2013 :
    5" class display, readable in daylight
    Stereo speakers top and bottom when in landscape mode
    Biggest battery possible
    Water, dust resistant
    64 Gb class storage
    64 bit processor, fastest available
    Docking station with keyboard will allow use as main computer
    Software doesn't matter, we'll root and install our own 10 ms after we get our hands on it anyway.

  17. Jacob_DK
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 17, 2013

    Jacob_DK , Dec 17, 2013 :
    I really wish you all the best with your new company :) I can only dream of you introducing something similar to the OPPO Ambassador program.

  18. Marko Novak
    Froyo Dec 17, 2013

    Marko Novak , Dec 17, 2013 :
    Spec I would like to see:
    • 4.3-4.7 inch IPS display
    • 720p display (better batery life)
    • Gorila glass 3
    • Off screen keys
    • Snapdragon 805 2.5 GHz
    • Adreno 420
    • Min. 3Gb RAM
    • Base memory 32GB + miscro sd card slot up to 32 Gb
    • 8mpx front and 20mpx back camera (xenon flash) OIS
    • 4G LTE/LTE-A (global spectrums)
    • Micro-usb 3.0 port
    • Aluminium body
    • Basic water splash and dust protection
    • Li-Po 3300 mAh battery
    • Android KitKat 4.4 or Cyanogenmod

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  19. Paul
    Gingerbread Dec 17, 2013

    Paul , Dec 17, 2013 :
    How about using different battery tech altogether - any one with experience in energy cell chemistry ?

  20. Vithren
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2013

    Vithren , Dec 17, 2013 :
    It seems we would love to have some kind of form to fill with our dream phone specifications.

    Forum posts are not the optimal way to do things.

    Having that said:

    • The most important things about a smartphone is the experience of using it. Display, OS, battery life, the feel in hand are great basics.
    • Lithium Sulfur battery would be lovely.
    • Don't shy of device thickness; 9mm is absolutely acceptable, if phone will last more than one day
    • 4,3 - 5 inch screen seems reasonable to hold and operate
    • 1080p is enough; compromises will be made, but they should not be made on the quality for quantity
    • A57 SoC, maybe in 2+4 A53/A57 big.LITTLE configuration is the way to go forward; lower frequency is the easiest way to have long battery life
    • 2GB of RAM is perfectly reasonable
    • quality of photos is more important than megapixel count
    • body may be made from basic materials, as long as the experience of holding it and using it will be great; gloss plastics are the worst kind of plastics
    • stock android + easy way for use PA/CM/Omni roms will make developer community love this phone
    Still: we need some kind of form to make our request possible to process.