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  1. audioman
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2013

    audioman , Dec 18, 2013 :
    You mentioned all the usual nonsense like the latest and greatest overly-powerful main and graphics processors, AMOLED vs IPS as if it matters much when it comes to the top of the line implementations of either, and so on.

    If you're really serious about making a PROPER phone, stop all this ridiculousness for a second and think, if you really care about quality:

    First of all, you need to use proper speakers and microphones. And I mean proper. Not iPhone-proper, PROPER ones, with excellent power, bandwidth/response and THD, and properly designed noise cancellation. It's a damn phone, yes, a device used to communicate using voice. People want to be able to hear and be heard properly. Yes, they really do. Do this right.

    Make it sturdy AND serviceable. Use high quality materials and proper build quality. Plastic can be sturdier than any aluminium BS. POM type plastics can have amazing quality for this application. If you use metal, spare us the BS and don't use cheap, worthless aluminium. Use high quality SIP technology which seals all the components properly and allows high and low operating temperatures and proper water/moisture, vibration, shock and electrostatic discharge resistance.

    Use a BRIGHT screen. I'm not going to start talking about bullshit measurements, because it never ends. Make sure text is EASILY viewable in direct sunlight. There, I just eliminated over 99% of your screen technology alternatives, if you actually understand what "easily" means.

    I have little faith in anyone making a proper phone. If you're not just yet another manufacturer for the kids, you'll please many people who have a brain. Good luck.

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  2. rebolon
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2013

    rebolon , Dec 18, 2013 :
    Ok i've just read most of the responses. Personnaly i used smartphone for years now and there is one thing i can say : Nokia has always done excellent hardware.
    So if i look at their phones here is what should be in the best phone ever :
    Screen quality of the lumia 1520 : you have "only" 1080p but you don't need more, and you can use it with low light as well as sunny weather. This is what is really usefull for a smartphone display
    Touch quality of lumia 1020/1520 : you can use it even with glove, during winter it's really cool
    Camera Photo quality of the lumia 1520 : no need of the 41Mx of the 1020, but the 20Mx of the 1520 are really great.
    Camera Video quality of the sony xperia z : in low light it's even better than the lumia 1520
    Audio recording quality of the lumia 1520 : there is nothing better on the market taht those 4 microphones. You can record high quality audio (during video recording) what you want in any conditions (airport, musical events...)
    Xenon flash for photos, and led flash for video like the nokia 808 pureview.
    Screen size around 5". For women 4." is better but for men 5" is perfect.
    Minimum internal memory of 32G
    external micro-sd card because for a real multimedia system you need a lot of memory. Not sure it's interesting to get more than 32G of internal, everyone could be able to add extra memory if they need more than 32G
    Physical buttons for audio and camera
    For all other components (RAM, processor, gpu, nfc, bluetooth4..) the best might be cool if the battery is strong enough to allow 1,5 day usage. If there could be a specific processor for camera feature (like the nokia 808 pureview) that would be great coz even a Snapdragon 800 is not enough to take good photo with a 20Mx.
    For the OS, the coolest thing would be to be able to choose what you want : Android, Windows Phone (if they finally remove their manufacturer fees), even Jolla would be cool

    I think i did my father christmas whish list ;-)
    Good luck

  3. Paul
    Gingerbread Dec 18, 2013

    Paul , Dec 18, 2013 :
    @audioman : Thats's a huge undertaking for companies that designs and outsource manufacturing. what you're taking about is scientific grade, keeping in mind "consumerism" - all of the said things matter less or nothing.

  4. audioman
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2013

    audioman , Dec 18, 2013 :
    Yes, I do suppose that it's very likely that this is not a company that's serious at all about manufacturing a high quality phone. They claim to care about quality, however. Using low quality manufacturing standards, components (like shit speakers and mics) and materials, any claim of "high quality" and "doing it right" goes down the drain.

  5. Paul
    Gingerbread Dec 18, 2013

    Paul , Dec 18, 2013 :
    @audioman : Remember antenna-gate (i-devices ?) - they didn't even bother about continuation of radio frequency, resonance, distortion and a whole bunch of things, while cutting aluminum.

    To make really good quality phone starting from radio to silicon, you need make sense. As of now industry is not modular in terms of interoperability, making mass producing high-grade tech is distant future.

  6. audioman
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2013

    audioman , Dec 18, 2013 :
    The sad thing is that in some cases, a certain company gets one part right (or close to it), and most other parts wrong, and another company gets a different part right, and most other parts wrong, and so on. I guess only when someone starts to use proper SiP (system-in-package tech) in this specific consumer grade market, we could start talking about everything else. Until then, any claim of quality for the masses is completely misleading.

  7. Renz1er
    Froyo Dec 18, 2013

    Renz1er , Dec 18, 2013 :
    @audioman the company is new and it is obviously that they not going to build every parts of the phone, they are just going buy the parts from other manufacturers and combine them to create a Perfect Phone. This perfect phone does not have perfect parts its just a phone which has the features every one wants to have in there phone, so that they don't have to settle for phone which lacks the features they want. SO, we can only hope they take the best parts from the best manufacturers.

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  8. Waqqas Hanafi
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2013

    Waqqas Hanafi , Dec 18, 2013 :
    1. Palm-scan-to-unlock: A scanner/camera on the center of the back of of the phone that scans the user's palm and unlocks based on that. It's natural because we all hold our phones with our palms at the back of the phone.
    2. Three-day-battery-life: All phone manufacturers are trying to build the slimmest/lightest phone with a maximum one-day battery life. Well, I will be happy with a phone 4 mm thicker and a few grams heavier if I can get a three-day battery (oh and trust me, I'll always find a way to use it all up in less than that). I want to be able to forget to charge my phone overnight, wake up with a 60% battery, go to work/school, then immediately go partying all night, and then still have enough power left to call a cab the next morning! Currently, my Galaxy S3 dies within 4 hours of use on max brightness! (I live in sunny Indonesia).
    3. No need for a case: I hate using cheap aftermarket cases. Please just make a phone that doesn't require a case: make it strong (rubberized, etc.) with a slightly protruding rubberized bezel so if it falls face-first onto the ground, it won't crack the screen.
    4. Camera with huge sensor: Phone cameras are often used in low-light settings where the photos always come out grainy and blurry. Please just put a huge sensor on the camera so we can take amazing low-light shots. I also want to be able to record non-jittery 1080p video and sound using multiple microphones.
    5. Powerful front-camera: Like it or not, selfies are very popular.
    6. Kickstand: A very strong kickstand on the back to allow both portrait and landscape (preferably landscape) kick-standing.
    7. IR Blaster: I wanna control my TV, home theater, and AC using it.
    8. Heart-rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and oximeter monitor: I want it to record my vitals when I go for jogs and also just for the hell of it - like when I think I may have a fever.
    9. Dedicated Camera Button and camera processor: I don't care how slow my phone is, I want to be able to hit a physical button and instantly a photo is taken. Instantly! - not that 2 second delay while the camera app tries to open up.
    10. Notification LED: Ability to customize to any color.
    11. Sell internationally: It takes like 6 months for a newly released phone to arrive here in Indonesia and when it does, it's $200 more expensive than USA prices. So, please think of ALL your customers all over the world, not just in USA. Treat everybody the same. Release everywhere at the same time. The phone should also be a true world phone.
    12. Unlocked and no bloatware: Locking should be obsolete. It's stupid. Also, I'll take stock Android thank-you-very-much, with optional apps that you provide.
    13. Latest Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, and USB: These are more efficient and have more features. So, we'll save battery life and have greater speed with more features. Sure, it'll cost a few extra dollars (literally), so please don't be cheap in this department!
    14. Speakers that don't suck: I've used very high-end smartphones and tablets and all their speakers suck. Either the sound quality sucks or the position of the speaker is awkward where it gets muffled/covered-up when I naturally hold the phone in landscape when watching videos.

    I DO NOT CARE if the phone is a little bit thicker, a bit heavier, and if the screen-size is just average-sized!

    I WILL BE HAPPY TO SACRIFICE by accepting a bit of extra weight and a bit of extra thickness, in order to get much longer battery, better camera, and no need for a case!

  9. suslik
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2013

    suslik , Dec 18, 2013 :
    first of all , you cant build one perfect phone, you need "perfect price-performance ratio"
    for me the galaxy korean lg g2\s4\z1\note3 are perfect phones , but i wont buy them , because its around 600$+!
    my budget is around 300-400$ (i hope im not alone here with the same thought )

    screen size , each person is different , around 5-5.7 (with thin bazzel) so you can just place like 3 models with 4.5\4.7 1080p , screen 5-5.3" 1080P , and 5.7-6 2K... RGB amoled is great or IPS+

    and first of all its a freaking phone! its need to have a good strong 3g\lte reception with out dropouts
    and clear sound quality.

    storage - 32-64 + micro sd card! impotent!
    battery : big big big ! 3000+ and removable!!
    strong set of speakers (htc One)
    good low light camera 8+ mp doesn't matter as long as its good.
    thin but not sick thin. 7-9mm lets say 7mm 3000mha battery and 9mm for 4000mha battery.
    clean OS , and stable! with updates ! i hate LG and samsung who never fix or ugrade there phones
    or update them one time and then forgets about them, follow the "nexus" line , keep it up to dated at least for the next 4-5 years.

    MHL is nice with USB on the go and HDMI

    2-4GB ram
    good strong processor what ever is available (s800,s805,....) , cortex A15+.....

    if the LG G2 had a removable battery with 3200mha + micro sd slot (like the Korean version!!!)
    its was the perfect phone!

  10. Jan Šilhan
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2013

    Jan Šilhan , Dec 18, 2013 :
    1. Perfect display 1920x1080 it's enough and resistant to fall
    2. Design, i hate when i have mobile with high tech equipment looks like low-end. I like design of HTC ONE or HTC M8 (one 2)
    3. unlocked Bootloader
    4. great software not so many features like sense. Faster software with better camera.
    5. features for example wireless charging
    6. battery life improve the battery life with software or hardware like underclock CPU
    7. Updating software for longer time, like google editions mobile.

  11. fr3quency
    Froyo Dec 19, 2013

    fr3quency , Dec 19, 2013 :
    Obviously not. :p I meant Micro-USB 3, not 3 Micro-USBs

  12. T-C
    Cupcake Dec 19, 2013

  13. Paul
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2013

    Paul , Dec 19, 2013 :
    But the best of the best will have that :p

  14. AIT-Solutions
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2013

    AIT-Solutions , Dec 19, 2013 :
    Just target on the new technology available like;
    2K display,
    Dual SIM
    32 and 64 GB version
    2k camera
    Low weight
    Fingerprint and control
    Gesture and movement
    Battery > 3000 (min. 3 day lifetime)
    Wireless charging
    Micro USB
    HDMI output

  15. Nofish
    Cupcake Dec 19, 2013

    Nofish , Dec 19, 2013 :
    This is a wonderful way of doing market research !!!

    I am preordering a modular based, 64bit architecture smartphone today, if all the best wishes herecis set to be the foundation for next generation phoblet!!!

  16. Legih
    Cupcake Dec 19, 2013

    Legih , Dec 19, 2013 :
    Personaly, I would suggest 2 kind of smartphone:
    1 more Multimedia/Gamer with big screen (Definitly what i'm not looking for)
    1 more minimaliste:
    - Small (I would like to fits in my pocket) : 4 - 4.3 inch (max)
    - Again with size: As small as possible black borders
    - IPS screen
    - Awsome in photo/video: At least 13Mpx + 1080p 60fps / 720p 120fps
    - IP67
    - Good battery: 3 days (3200)
    - Good output audio. (I really don't care about Speaker)
    - Micro HDMI
    - MicroSD Slot
    - BT 4.0
    - NFC
    - LTE
    - Arround 400ppi (don't know if possible)

  17. script
    Moderator Moderator Dec 19, 2013

    script , Dec 19, 2013 :
    Make it professional and grown up. Good value and perfect quality is important. Do not make it cheap.

    No need for many mega pixels. Use a good and big video chip.
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  18. Filip B...
    Cupcake Dec 19, 2013

    Filip B... , Dec 19, 2013 :
    There are only few important observations:
    Size - width about 60mm for good fit in the hand
    Thickness - think is nice, but unpractical (small battery size). About 9-10mm is fine
    Resolution FullHD (max 4" LCD)
    HW buttons for photo shutter & HW buttons for home, back and menu (applicable for answer a call)
    IP 67 or 68
    Camera about 10Mpix with LED (and maybe xenon) and FullHD @60 or 120 fps :D with full manual (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, WB, manual focus)
    Battery for 3+ days of real using
    Wireless charging
    min. 32GB and MicroSD slot
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  19. Stu
    Gingerbread Dec 20, 2013

    Stu , Dec 20, 2013 :
    So far I think there has been a pretty resounding agreement about what this phone should be aiming for, with some unique ideas and some unobjectionable ideas. Patiently waiting for OnePlus to start putting some cards on the table so we can start telling them if they are going down the right path or not.

    Anyways, my 2 cents for this thread... big battery, big camera sensor with the bells and whistles of a good digital camera (with HW button), best 5" screen you can get that wont drain the battery too much, best CPU, 3-4GB RAM, min 32GB internal storage (with microSD slot), good audio output, good microphone, removable battery, some feature to make a case semi-redundant, world wide LTE compatibility.

  20. DamonPlus
    Cupcake Dec 20, 2013

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