A World of Color Within One Display

  1. Praju. , via OnePlus Community App , Jun 20, 2020 :
    The first sale date of these new range of TV Series would be revealed on 2nd July'2020 during the launch event.

  2. Praju. , via OnePlus Community App , Jun 20, 2020 :
    Yes I understand and respect your opinion but ultimately it boils down to Value for Money Televisions. And OnePlus has always been known for Flagship specs at affordable prices, so it's unfair to bring it down. In fact you would be surprised at the video and audio qiality on this new OnePlus series TVs.


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    Waiting for price,hype is more than expected.

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    And available in the US. , Right ?

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    I'm very excited about this tv i really want to buy but please launch with best price ,
    you have ability to capture tv market

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    Hi friends,

    More than three years ago, when we decided to make a smart TV, we wanted very simply to create a product that embodied OnePlus’ "Never Settle" spirit. It should be smart. It should be able to link seamlessly with a smartphone and other devices at home. But most of all, it should simply be an exceptional TV.

    An outstanding smart TV should have a clean, refined design, sound quality that you can all but feel, a more powerful OS, and above all, first-rate picture quality.

    To do that, last September we launched the Q1 series, equipping it with a high color gamut QLED panel screen and a dedicated picture processor. We also worked with picture quality experts from the TV industry to further enhance the display performance.

    As you might know, on July 2 we are complementing the Q1 series with two exciting new series of OnePlus TV, aimed at the mid-segment and the entry-level segment.

    With these two series, we have given picture quality the pride of place it deserves, and today we are sharing with you a glimpse into the work that went into achieving the premium picture quality.

    Why Does DCI-P3 Matter?
    Display quality can be measured in any number of ways. But for us, there is one thing that is especially important, and that is color.

    When asked about what makes for good picture quality, a lot of people's first answer is that a display must be "vivid," and that depends on the color performance.

    Color performance can be described in terms of the color gamut. The widerthe color gamut, the richer the color. Color gamut can be based on different standards, and two of the most commonly seen in TVs are Rec. 709 and DCI-P3.

    Most of the TV programs we see on a daily basis use Rec. 709, and after years of development, most TVs in the market can manage 100% of the Rec 709 color gamut.

    But in the era of HDR video, the broader DCI-P3 standard has become the choice of more content creators for its fuller color. Now basically all HDR content is mastered using DCI-P3 within Rec. 2020 container.

    Compared to Rec. 709, DCI-P3's range is 26% larger, and it is especially richer in the red and green ranges. So if you want the best color experience on a TV, and get the full effect of HDR video, then you need a TV with exceptional DCI-P3 performance.

    OnePlus Cinematic Display
    Unlike with Rec. 709 though, getting 100% coverage with DCI-P3 is extremely difficult, so anything over 90% coverage is already quite good.

    This time, for both of our two new OnePlus TV series, we areusing panels that leverage particular materials to achieve an outstanding 93% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage (CIE 1976 u' v').

    Yes, even for our entry-level series. We gave it the same OnePlus Cinematic Display we gave to the mid-segment series of OnePlus TVs. The same 93% DCI-P3 color gamut, something many high-end TVs cannot achieve.

    We call it the OnePlus Cinematic Display: the display that gives you truly cinematic experience right at home.

    Gamma Engine and Dolby Vision
    On top of OnePlus Cinematic Display, on our mid-segment model, we continue to push the boundary for even greater picture quality.

    We developed a suite of technologies to enhance picture quality, which we call the Gamma Engine.

    Gamma Engine includes a range of processing enhancements, such as super resolution, dynamic contrast, MEMC, color space mapping, anti-aliasing, and noise reduction.

    With Gamma Engine's help, videos are sharper, cleaner, more fluid. Even with a video that might otherwise be of low resolution, you'll still see superior picture quality. With Gamma Engine, we bring out the best of the OnePlus Cinematic Display.

    On top of that, like with last year's OnePlus TV Q1 series, we again worked with Dolby Labs to further upgrade the picturequality, so naturally it comes with Dolby Vision certification.

    These are just some of the efforts we put into the new OnePlus TV series. There is a lot more to see, more standards to be raised, more expectations to be exceeded. And we will be sharing all of it with you on July 2.​
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    As @Pete mentioned earlier as well the price is going to be really cheap but high on specs.


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