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    Hi, I've merged your thread with the existing thread on this (as was done for your previous thread).

    Please do try to search for these threads, rather than create new threads of your own, thank you.

    If you can't locate your previous posts, please go to your post history to find them. In the Community app you can find this if you go to "Profile" (in the lower right corner) -> "My Postings".

    @Batman360 and others were kindly trying to assist you here:

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    aahanbhatia1@gma , via OnePlus 7 , May 24, 2020 :
    I'm not able to become a member of the red cable club . If im trying to sign in it shows ,"YOU ARE LINKED TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT " . Does any1 have a solution to this problem . My phone is updated to the lateset version with all the apps as well updated to the lateset version but still facing this issue . My model is OnePlus 7

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    Personally I am in the Papaya orange cable club, McLaren FTW!

    Alas that relationship apparently is at its conclusion, so I will rock the 7T Pro 5G McLaren until it falls apart, or until the two companies decide to collaborate together again.

    Papaya Orange cable club FTW.

    I any event congratulations on your membership in the red cable club!

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    A solution has been posted several hundred times in this thread, even in the last 2 days. Search or scroll through a couple of recent pages in the 10.3.7 thread

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