Abstract Art Creates Imaginative Space, a History of OnePlus Wallpaper

  1. David C. Chen
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    David C. Chen , Jun 2, 2020 :
    The wallpaper is the first thing that greets you when the phone wakes up, and can not only delight the eyes of our users but also convey the unique design philosophy and brand DNA of OnePlus. Weaving this philosophy into the design of every OnePlus smartphone for a consistent OnePlus style has been a contest pursuit of OnePlus designers.


    Previous OnePlus wallpaper

    Let’s go back to the beginning of this journey. Pete, the founder of OnePlus, once said, "A good design is like a piece of art." Since then, this insight has been ingrained into OnePlus' wallpaper design has been following, i.e., to create as much space as possible in users' imagination under the principle of “artistic”. After all, there are a thousand Hamlets in the minds of a thousand people. We hope that users will not feel the same, but have a unique feeling mediated through personal understanding.

    Unique style combined with art
    OnePlus met the Swedish artist Hampus Olsson by chance and later cooperated to launch a series of OnePlus wallpapers with compelling artistic touches.

    In 2015, Hampus launched the first wallpaper designed for OnePlus 2. The clean and smooth look with infinite extension of multi-layered colors prescribed a unique style tone for the wallpaper.

    With the OnePlus 2, Hampus' team hoped to visualize the natural circulation of the gas in a way that echoed the light and smooth concept of both OnePlus' operating systems – OxygenOS and HydrogenOS.


    OnePlus 2 Wallpaper

    On the OnePlus X, Hampus took a bolder approach, applying elements of oil painting. To align with the concept of Model X, the default wallpaper is designed as liquid metal style while the others are as oil paintings.


    OnePlus X Wallpaper

    Later, the wallpaper used on the OnePlus 3 courageously combined traditional art with digital technology by using ink and acrylic resin for artistic creation, and drawing software for secondary stitching. Subsequently, OnePlus 3T adjusted the touches to be mellower with a more abstract pattern and enriched colors. For example, the Star Black Wallpaper, which was described by Hampus as “Genius’s Touch”, reveals a red brush sweeping through a deep and black-white ridge in the picture.


    OnePlus 3 Wallpaper

    OnePlus 5 adopted even more dynamic and brilliant colors to highlight the screen. Floating objects were placed on the simple background and blank spaces left intentionally on edges of the main body, creating an abstract, simple and clean visual experience. However, when it came to OnePlus 5T, it did not highlight the center of the picture as the main body, it rather focused on showing the details of objects and extended to the edges, bringing viewers with an abstract but bright and fluid texture.


    OnePlus 5T wallpaper: ice cave, magma

    With the OnePlus 6, we turned to a minimalist approach to make the wallpaper clean and fluid when the near bezeless screen debuted. The series of OnePlus 6 wallpapers brought a harmonious and borderless feel to the big screen visual experience.

    The beauty and fluidity of dynamic wallpapers
    With the support of new technologies, we could explore more possibilities in creating interesting and fascinating wallpapers. Starting with the OnePlus 6T, wallpaper was no longer a static background, rather, it became live in fluid colors and lines. The dynamic wallpaper brought the beauty of fluidity onto the screen display.


    OnePlus 6T wallpaper

    To craft the flagship of OnePlus 7 series, we have placed sense of speed and borderless as the center of our design philosophy. We found our inspiration in the rhythm of clouds, the perfect illustration to “borderless”. The evolution process of clouds gathering before the tempest and restoring to peace and calmness after the storm expressed the sense of speed in both abstract and controlled way.


    Early Drafts


    Evolution process

    OnePlus system design team then cooperated with Onformative, a German workshop dedicated to digital arts. OpenGL procedure was employed at that time to realize more interactions between the OnePlus 7T wallpaper and users. Since then, we've been debugging hundreds of times to find the best match of speed and angle, one that can vividly express the feeling of borderless when clouds are about to break out of the screen.

    Explore cloud movements

    The present and a future with more possibilities to explore
    In the wallpaper design for the OnePlus 8 series, the application of technology advanced further by adding weather data, which can fine-tune the color temperature of the dynamic wallpaper based on the local temperature fluctuations. As a result, the subtle environmental changes will be conveyed to the user, making the wallpaper more interactive.

    This year, the OnePlus 8 Pro screen has been updated to the 120 Hz refresh rate, which pushed the smoothness of the phone to another yardstick. Based on the concept of “buttery smooth”, OnePlus designers chose dancing curves for this series of wallpaper. Starting from lines to surface, the curved design, together with an array of smooth operations for unlocking and swiping bring super sleek visual and touch experience.


    OnePlus 8 wallpaper

    In the future, the OnePlus design team will explore new fun designs in line with customization and interactivity. Combining artistic techniques and technological innovation, it will provide more aesthetic and imaginative space for users so to realize our original belief that “A good design is like a piece of art.”

    Stay tuned!

    What’s your favorite OnePlus wallpaper? To thank you for constant support and understanding, we have selected past classic wallpapers with updated OnePlus logo. Click the link to download HD wallpapers to your device. Set them as home screen now!

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    Dresa91 , Jun 2, 2020 :
    Thank you for this informative, interesting and historic walk, @David C. Cheng:)
    really great to know:)
    my favs are OP3 Series and OP5 Series wallpapers:)

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    Batman360 , Jun 2, 2020 :

    A fan of OnePlus wallpapers and amazing story behind them :hearteyes:

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    Have I seen a similar thread before? :p

    I thought I had a Deja Vu but this thread has an uncanny resemblance to this

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    Nice One @David C. Chen
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    Abstracts and Minimal are one of my favourite wallpaper styles all time. I liked the OnePlus 3 wallpaper because of the black background which suits all kind of icon packs.

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    For all those who find these (and more) kinds of wallpapers really good.

    I can only recommend the ,,Abstract,, App on the Playstore and if you want new and even more Abstracts Wallpapers for your device then leave Hampus an little amount and you can enjoy all of his works;) even if the first OP Wallpapers are almost 7 Years old now they look great on my OP 8 Pro.

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    Nice wallpapers and all, but can we select different fonts other than the 2 fonts? Roboto and Slate are both ugly and I don't to root because of payment apps.

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    Thanks David, this is a really interesting thread! I would never have imagined here how much work and what logical patterns were behind the creation of the various backgrounds, many of which I myself have used them daily. One of my favorites is undoubtedly that of the Oneplus 3!

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    Thanks for introducing us to the back story of the designs :)
    The one for 7 series are my fav.

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    i want these types of wallpaper from oneplus official . isn't it Very good to have More wallpapers like this ??? ???

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    Thanks for sharing this thread and the download link, many people usually asked for the official links :):)

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