[Accessory Review Challenge] Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z - They're pretty good, but .....

  1. Manav Bhagia
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 14, 2020

    Manav Bhagia , Sep 14, 2020 :
    The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z were launched in India almost 5 months ago and they aren't exactly the successor to the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, they are more of a (probably) new series budget earphones from OnePlus. So how good are they ?

    TL; DR: They're pretty good, but ....
    Check out my review for the full answer !

    Design: 7.9 out of 10

    The design of the Bullets Wireless Z is quite familiar and they resemble the OnePlus Bullets 2 wireless earphones . There are lotsa colors this time though, so the choice is harder though I always end up with the black color and I did the same....again. The earplugs also have a magnetic back for better portability and automatic music playing and pausing and this is a "feature" I enjoy playing around with. Due to them having a neckband design its easy to store them hanging on your neck like a necklace, or you can store it using my method inside your T-Shirt (It’s gonna make you look like Chandler from FRIENDS if you know what I mean, provided somebody looks closely, but other than that, you're fine. ) to prevent the earphones from hanging if you’re running after you’re done listening to music The earphones are quite lightweight and comfortable, and they get extra points due to their water resistant design. Now, I would have given them 8 out of 10 or above if they had Arc Supporters. These provide a little better, more confident fit, especially if you use these earphones for workouts. Now don’t get me wrong the fit of these is okay, but this feature was found in the Oneplus Bullets Wireless 1, though it was dropped so I guess we can’t expect it to make a comeback. This was just a minor complaint with the design, the other one being the wire getting tangled if you’re using this with a mask. (Due to corona virus, of course) .

    Bullets Wireless Z.png

    Portability: 7.5 out of 10

    The earphones are quite portable and traveling with the earphones is easy IF you store it using the methods which I mentioned above (the second one being (bing) my favorite). BUT This time the lack of the rubber case is annoying cause, though I used to shove my Bullets Wireless 1 in the case, It at least made it feel more secure in my college backpack. In case my college starts this year, I’ve gotta find another alternative for storing these.

    Sound: 8.5 out of 10

    The thing I care the most about a earphone is how it sounds. The Bullets Wireless Z have a decently balanced sound with a medium amount of bass. They do sound a little better as compared to the Bullets Wireless 1, with better bass and slightly better clarity. This makes these a good choice for music listening for the price though there should have been a way to change the equalizer on these, using them with other phones which aren’t “Designed by OnePlus”. The lack of APT-X support is totally okay this time due to the decrease in price and the calls quality also seems to have improved making this a good all round performer when it comes to sound quality.

    Battery life: 9 out of 10

    20 hrs of battery life on earphones is already impressive, but the Quick Charge feature with 10 hrs of charge = 10 hrs of battery life on these is what makes them unbeatable for the price. Due to them being exactly like advertised, no complaints here.



    Fit: 7.5 out of 10

    The fit of the earphones is quite comfortable for an hour, but it starts to get a little uncomfortable and loose due to sweat. Its okay after I adjust these every hour but I didn’t have to do so with the Bullets Wireless 1s which had a more relaxed fit though it felt secure . The fact the I wear specs and a mask makes it a little more apparent. These problems don’t go away after changing the earplugs but this might not be the case with all people, as my friend finds his Bullets Wireless Z comfortable during workouts too !


    Conclusion: If you read my TL;DR, you probably don’t need to read this part. If you’re still reading though , you might already have understood that the “pretty good” parts of these headphones is the sound and the battery life the latter one being one of the best in any price range. The sound isn’t what you’d think of as “unbelieveable”, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised for the price of Rs 2000. The “but” is the fit. If you’ve tried these for more than an hour and still find it comfortable, you’re gonna be into it. Another “but” is the portability. These headphones are portable enough, but don’t have an included case and cant get into your pockets easily. These are still minor complaints and if you’re okay with those, You’ll be pleased with these ….. I hope you had fun reading and more importantly, I hope there’s no such thing as “too many” inverted commas !

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