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    Cakepips , Sep 8, 2020 :
    Pre-note: The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z featured in this review were given as a prize on the OnePlus Community Forum and the ‘Oat’ colour isn’t available in the UK. Don’t worry, still works exactly the same as the others.
    Photos all taken with a 7T Pro, slightly edited in Snapseed.

    Introducing - OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

    Introduced in April 2020, OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is the third instalment of the OnePlus earphones, upgrading your experience of the Bullets to the next level.

    With a familiar design to the Bullets Wireless 2, the Z’s upgrade your listening time from 14 hours to 20 hours of bliss in your ears and keeps the same fast charging with Warp Charge, allowing 10 hours of music with a 10 minute charge.

    You can also quickly switch between devices, allowing the least amount of disturbance to your day whilst listening, watching or playing your favourite online game. Talking of games, it also packs a low latency mode, meaning you won’t have any delay hearing your enemy coming round the corner.

    If you are into zoning out to your favourite tunes, these are now fitted with a 9.2mm dynamic driver and super bass, meaning you can hear more oof in your tunes. And of course, if you sweat a lot whilst working out or have the tendency to accidentally drop it in water, these are IP55 with sweat and water-resistance. So, no sweat around these buds.

    For the UK, these come in colours of Black and Blue but are also available in green and oat in other countries. All of this for only £49.95. ka-bow!

    Tech Spec in short

    Listen with up to 20hrs with 10 minute charge for 10 hours of Music. Music to your ears.

    Initiate waaaaarp charge! This means you don’t need to wait for it to power up for long.

    Quick Switch - The ability to switch between devices meaning no disturbance to your flow.

    Low Latency Mode for you cool gamers.

    Earphones have a 9.2mm dynamic driver and super bass. No treble.

    It’s got an official IP55 for you sweaty/water-resistant lovers.

    Magnetic Magic - the earphones click together, helping keep the earphones on your body but cleverly pausing the music.


    Packaging – What’s in the box

    Keeping with the OnePlus Branding, the main exterior of the box is made of White and Red, with a focused photo of the Bullets Wireless Z’s on the front. Sliding the box down, you are automatically greeted with your newly acquired earbuds. A tab is also presented to lift the white tray up to reveal nicely packaged small red folder, which includes the user guide, 3 sizes of Silicon earbuds and the Safety and Warranty card, as well as the known USB-C red cable with the motto Never Settle underneath the cable itself.

    Personally, the feel of the box is premium, using a thick but soft card, and keeping to the brand allows it to be clearly seen from a far. I did find the earbuds tightly tucked into the tray, which took a little bit of effort to get out. This is a good thing as the last thing you want is it moving about in the box.

    I also found the red folder nicely constructed but easy to miss the other compartment if not used to having the components split (eg. the guide/card is in one side and the extra buds in the other side). The variations of the bud size is great for someone who has slightly odd ears and has to use two different sizes.

    The small USB-C cable is sturdy, useful if needing to charge using a laptop. You might need a longer cable if placing on a high table, which is no problem if you already OnePlus’s phone charger (these can be easily purchased in the OnePlus Store).

    I’ve noted that in previous editions of the Bullets, a red case was also included to keep the earphones in. Sadly, this is missing from this edition. Having a case helps keep the earphones safe in travel and away from dust particles (especially at the USB port). Bit of a shame but I guess something had to make the cut.

    The Bullets Wireless Z

    I’ve been using these along side my other headphones, Sony MDR-ZX220BT wireless stereo headset and I find these quite useful to wear but also use during my work from home life.

    It’s lightweight body and rubber in-ear tips, greatly helps not notice it, especially on the shoulders, but also lessens the ear/head ache I can sometimes get when wearing my Sony headset for long periods of time.

    The changeable ear tips are also helpful, as I have slightly off in ears, as I can adjust to fit. With my previous wireless earphones, Acer wireless earphones, I had problems with them keeping in my ears when exercising. However with the Bullet Wireless Z’s, they stay in, meaning I can happily keep them in without any worry and continue with whatever I’m doing without needing to touch them.

    The earphones themselves are also magnetic on the outside, meaning I can clip together when around my neck. It also pauses as well as disconnects when connecting together, saving battery wherever It can. When the earphones are taken apart, it quickly reconnects to the recent device, meaning I can quickly get listening to my favourite music without having to manually connect, like I have to do with the Sony headphones.

    On the left ear, a long section partly down the earphone holds the play/answer button as well as the volume button and the microphone. A OnePlus logo can be clearly seen as well as a little light which indicates white when on, blinks when connecting and turns red when off.

    I’ve used these during a video meeting and the receivers heard my voice clearly. However the sound quality, though also in some instances with music, can be a little bit flat. I found this noticeable in comparison to my plugged in earphones when in a video call, where I could hear someone like they were next to me whereas the wireless z’s felt they were slightly far away, meaning I had to turn the volume up a little bit more. I don’t know if it’s because I’m used to that quality but it was certainly noticeable. Apart from these, they are great music wise.

    The only area I haven’t fully tested is low latency mode but from watching YouTube videos, they’re not noticeable delay, which is great!

    Overall Review

    A great pair of wireless headphones for day to day use which is comfy to wear. It’s quick connection makes it great to get doing with your day quickly. Good for music, watching videos and, if okay with having to turn the volume up, for phone calls too. Would have been good to have a case for them, as they are long to hold.
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    Thank you [e]263a[/e]️

    Yeah, odd they didn't include the case... It really needs one!

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    Amazing review @Cakepips 😍😍😍 all the best!!! 😁

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    Thanks all! [e]1f525[/e][e]1f525[/e][e]1f525[/e] Best of luck with your ones too!!! [e]2665[/e]️ #TeamWoho

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    It's actually a nice colour... I'm usually a black headphones person.

    If you are on the computer, you will see a raffle tab near the top. All of the current raffles are on... There's a bullets wireless z's currently on atm (not pay colour, just black). You'll need points to enter.

    How to get points:

    Current Bullet Wireless Z's raffle (click the link on in this thread): https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/new-raffle-oneplus-bullets-wireless-z.1296067/

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