[Accessory Review Challenge] : OTG Cable - a potential partner

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    cdnfarmer , Sep 16, 2020 :

    Hi Friends,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I’m cdnfarmer. Some of you may know me. But let me give you a bit of my background so you know where I come from for the review of the OTG Cable. I love photography and capturing nature around me in pictures. Therefore, I can take thousands of pictures in matters of days. With this quantity of pictures, the storage fills up quickly. Having a quick and reliable way to transfer files and back up the pictures is very important to me. Internet connection is sometime sporadic in areas I visit so I do not like relying on the cloud as a backup method. This is when I decided to get an OTG cable. This type of cable can serve many purposes. For this review, I’ll cover the OnePlus OTG Cable, its design, uses, and the pros and cons with a summary. Let’s start:

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    cdnfarmer , Sep 16, 2020 :

    OTG or On-the-Go cable allows users to connect an external device (USB stick, keyboard, mice etc) to the phone. For this review, I will be showing the use of the OnePlus Type C OTG cable with a USB stick.


    Product design

    The OnePlus OTG cable has a type C USB connector that is just under 11cm long.
    otg_measure.jpg otg_measurestraight.jpg
    Yes I did straighten the cable to get a better measurement. ;)o_O:D

    The cable is red with the two ends in white. On one side, there is the OnePlus logo (yes, it is the old logo as I’ve had this cable for more than two years) and USB symbol. Flip it around, there is just the OnePlus logo on the one end. Why is this important? Well, it may help you guide how you plug in the cable to the phone in relation to the USB stick.

    otg_twoicon.jpg otg_oneicon.jpg
    Funny story, I was transferring 400-500 pictures at one time, the USB stick has a light, but I could not see it as it was flipped upside. I kept looking to see for progress but then end up working on something else... forgeting about the picture transfer. :oops: Having that visual cue when the program is working is a lot easier especially when multitasking. ;) The next time, I flipped it around. It worked a lot better. :)


    This OTG cable has a Type C connector giving you the option to use with many other devices. It will connect with OnePlus 2 and newer devices.
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    cdnfarmer , Sep 16, 2020 :
    The OTG cable is small and easy to carry around. Just don’t forget it or lose it… ;) Some potential uses include:
    • connecting to a USB stick for backing up files or pictures,
    • using it as external drive to access work files or other documents,
    • saving movies that are large files and watching without taking up space on the internal storage.

    How to Use
    It is simple to use. Here is how:
    Turn on OTG Storage first.
    1. Go to settings > System> click on OTG Storage, the icon should turn on. Or in the quick settings>click on OTG.
    2. Then connect the OTG Cable.
    3. Then connect the USB Stick.
    4. Once it is connected, you can access the USB periphery via the notifications or file management.

    Tips: click the downward arrow on the top right corner to open the menu and eject the device when you want to disconnect it.
    Once you click eject, follow the prompt when it is safe to disconnect the periphery.
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    cdnfarmer , Sep 16, 2020 :
    The Pros
    • Small cable.
    • Easy to use.
    • Expands the phone’s capacities, transfer files etc.
    • Increases the flexibility of tasks you can do with the device.
    • Quality built. Nice design.

    The Cons / Considerations
    • Have another cable to carry around.
    • There is about 15-17cm extension which may make holding the phone difficult for long periods of time. Moreover, caution handling the device to not accidentally hit the cable or USB is needed.
    • With newer versions, it would be nice to have the updated logo.

    Summary / The Verdict

    The OnePlus Type C On-The-Go (OTG) Cable is nicely designed in the signature white and red OnePlus colours. It is just under 11cm long. Attention to details are also provided on this simple device. OnePlus even thought of having two logos on the side that has the USB stick upright. The cable has a USB Type C connector allowing you to use it with other devices that has the universal or Type C USB and increasing its potential uses. If you are looking for an easy way to back up your files or have extra storage, using the OTG connected to a USB stick is a great and flexible option. It may be the partner you need for the device.


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    Swatiranjan , Sep 16, 2020 :
    Nice review @cdnfarmer , Such a compact useful cable, I personally use the charging cable provided with my phone to transfer photos directly to my laptop. useful to carry a Pendrive alongwith the OTG cable.

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    thanks Kamel 🤗 enjoy it.

    thanks. It is a small cable often over looked but a great accessory imo.

    👍 direct transfer is good. Like the idea but usually when I had time to do this task I was far away from the computer. 🙈 Or when I'm on a trip taking lots of pictures 😅

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