Accidentally deleted DCIM photos

  1. Amiga4000 Gingerbread May 18, 2017

    Amiga4000, May 18, 2017 :
    we are talking about Google photo, aka sending all pictures to Google, that's real Private data. not tinfoil hat. also Google does process these data, as you have assigned the terms. but why? they do not need to. i just want a secure, unprocessed storage of encrypted data. Google will not give me that.
    and as get known yesterday, Google lens will analyze any picture you take with it, annotate it and try to recognize your contacts and make suggestions to whom you might send the picture.
    a real nightmare.
    oh, and while you use Google places, Google does have precise GPS position of your mobile. that's the target of that tool.
    sure, Google hats terms and service, but nearly none read them neither know what it means for your data you upload.

    and NSA does have lots of data, as they did tap the wires, collect data on ISP junctions and on some mobiles with malware.
    didn't you know Snowden and the papers which were released?

    you can do all you want, but remind about the following issues.
    no one has to give up privacy for some lousy services.
    local storages or a own owncloud/nextcloud does provide same function and is far more secure and private.

  2. Dunnow Lollipop May 18, 2017

    Dunnow, May 18, 2017 :
    First, let me be super clear with you, you don't know jack shit what you are talking about, how neural nets work and how data is used. NO CLUE. Like, you are FAR AWAY from it.

    Now that I made that clear, lets dive a bit more into it.

    We are talking about google and how it uses your data.

    Pictures are real private data, and I'm storing them in google, yes. That does not mean they are insecure.

    Yes you are, and you are because you don't understand, nor want to understand what happens.

    They process data to give you services, to keep using google for them to keep improving their search and adwords results being catered to you making them more money.

    No one in google is processing your data, the SYSTEM is. And the system does not give ACCESS to such data to employees. And employees don't get access to the data itself on the hard drives. Hard Drives that btw, are encrypted with algorithms that would take years to crack, plus, their own encryption on top of that. At a hardware level in the disk itself. So, just to be clear. Your data is THOUSANDS of times more secure in a google server than in your own phone or computer.

    The data uploaded to google has randomized naming on the filesystems and it's impossible for a human being to understand what file that is. In top of that, that data is scrambled, which means, one data center might have onle 1/3 of a picture, document, or bits of data that form a complete file. So, even if someone, in a remote case of being able to enter a data center and steal a couple tons data server, they would first, crack google's own hardware based encryption, to then, have to face one of the most complicated encryption methods ever. Let's assume that you have 200 years to crack such data. After that, you still have PARTS of files, which are not able to be open because most of them will lack the header data or enough data to even be decrypted as a file, like a photo could be. They would end up with a 100KB piece of a picture of 4 megabytes. because the rest of the picture, is scrambled everywhere else in the world.

    Now, that is security for the HW part of it. Now you will tell me now that Google reads my mails, and recognizes people in the photos.

    Yes Google does so, and what is the problem? That does NOT go to their knowledge graph. That is part of MY catered to me data in google. That is automated by "a robot" to call it something for you to understand.

    Such robot, automatically understands what my pictures are, what my emails say and whatever else. When I enter a service in Google, google uses that data to cater information TO ME and FOR ME. My data has NOT LEFT my personal "google space" at any point.

    What the robot has done, is tell "google" something similar to the following:
    "there's a person using google services"
    "this person is X years old"
    "this person is from spain"
    "this person likes Tesla, huskies, racing cars, and a few games"
    "this person frequents some spots like these restaurants, these shops and these cinemas"

    See what happens there? there's no @Dunnow is doing this, here, see the pictures he has uploaded.

    There's no personal data, there's no name, not email attached to such data, just, arbitrary information

    from there, google adds "my" data to their knowledge graph, where they can find out patterns for human behaviour thanks to me, "giving them" such information.

    This information is IN NO WAY pointing to "my person" nor "my personal data" nor "my privacy" ALL that information is still private to every single one in Google, no human being can access such data. That is MINE. But I'm helping google create a better image of things around the world, and that is what they then use to offer services that makes them money.

    Yes, computer vision scans my pictures, yes google does MAGIC and automatically creates albums for me, and al of that. But that is from MY data to ME. Not anywere else.

    You have to understand, that my data is NOT accessible outside my google profile on their system. All data collected from me, is anonimous, contains no personal data at all, and does not intrude my freedom at any point.

    Dropbox does that, I've already told you. If you are SO paranoid to not use google.

    No, google will do way better. But you don't want to understand it. Because you know jack shit.

    As from yesterday? LOL, google has been doing so from years already. They just made better algorithms and services THANKS to us participating on evolving the product.

    Explain me exactly WHY is a nightmare that a computer, that works by itself, identificates faces, and pushes a card to me asking if I want to share such faces to their respective owners in the form of a shared album...

    How is it a nightmare that a robot, that does not give my name, location or nothing whatsoever to any human being, reads my emails, understands I've purchased a flight and automatically creates a calendar appointment for me to nor forget it?

    How is it bad to automatically track packages I've purchased on amazon without me having the need to go to the website and see where the package is?

    No one knows what the package is, but google, within MY personal space in it, no one knows my address, no one knows my tracking number. Again, NO HUMAN in google has access to such data.

    It's just a bunch of SW understanding things I do and helping the data that google wants to gather to better themselves, all of that, being completely anonymous.

    How is that bad?

    Let me put it in a dumb way.

    You are using google photos.
    I am google.
    You take a picture of a cat, and upload it on google photos
    I, as google, give you back, free storage, contextual content that might matter to you and others
    I, as google, get FROM you, "there's a human being, in X place in the world, that took a picture of a cat, the neural network used to recognize such cat in the picture is now 0.0000000000000001% smarted thanks to it.

    From there, google then, can gather 10.000 people in your region and see that maybe, 7.000 of such people, take pictures of cats. Therefore, google has:

    1, trained their image recognition capabilities thanks to your data, still being private, bettering their understanding of a cat
    2, people in X place takes pictures of cats
    3, they can extrapolate the behaviour of 10.000 people to understand that 70% of that population prefers cats to dogs.
    4, I as google, will push more publicity catered for cat owners in your region than in another.

    You don't understand the BASIC thing here.

    There's 2 google's at play here. One, the one that has your information, and it's 100% yours, and the second one, the google that collects and uses that data.

    The first one is completely isolated from everything else
    The second one is the one that gathered ANONIMOUS and ABSTRACT data and used it to better itself. As explained above.

    It's pretty clear to me.

    When in google photos the agreement says "you agree on giving us the right to modify your pictures" means that I'm agreeing for google to use a photo editor to do something with the picture. AKA, when I use a filter in google photos, google still needs the PERMISSION to actually access to that photo and APPLY such filter.

    When the agreement says that you agree on sharing data it means 2 things. 1, they have the permission to then create shared albums, and 2, they get the permission to extrapolate abstract information of such data.

    NSA does not have data from google, if you have not noticed, ALL google services go through HTTPS protocol, which means, that NSA can be listening as much as they want from the ISP's. There will be no man in the middle attacks in Google services.

    What NSA might be getting from your ISP are petitions to any other place, calls, pornhub, motherless and all those disgusting other places you might visit, but one thing is sure, they are not getting any data from Google. At best, they are getting "this user is entering 10 times a day to this url: maps.google.com"

    NOTHING related to the content of such service.

    Again, I've not given up privacy at all, In fact, if you use twitter and or facebook, let me tell you one thing, THAT is a ****** up privacy agreement. Not google's one.

    Local storages are not reliable.

    1st, they are not always there if I need them
    2nd, they might break due to HW malfunctions
    3rd, they degrade
    4th, that requires quite a lot of money
    5th, also require a nice upload/download speed (in fact, go to shodan and see how many "nextcloud, owncloud, iOmega cloud and other NAS are already public for people to just visit ;) no Google photos links in there though...)

    Let me repeat it once more. You do NOT understand how this works. Data in google is WAY safer than in your computer, even if your HDD is encrypted.

    And NO, once again, Google does NOT collect your particular personal information for their teams to work with. Google uses a small subset of abstracted data to understand behaviours and apply logic to their neural networks, AI engines and other stuff.

    It has never, EVER, said to anyone @Amiga4000 has this list of contacts, with this list of pictures with this list of GPS locations.
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  3. G_adrian_simental_QEGP Honeycomb May 18, 2017

    G_adrian_simental_QEGP, May 18, 2017 :
    I backed up my photos and EVERYTHING to a portable drive! much easier and it's perfectly safe if I loose my pictures I have a backup of them. not to no cloud. there is such a thing as not having internet connection or realible connection. what happens then??

  4. sstruke1 Eclair May 18, 2017

    sstruke1, May 18, 2017 :
    You go to the place where you have a secure connection !!!
    I do not believe that there would be a place that would not be secure enough for you.

  5. Imrsofficial Froyo May 19, 2017

  6. Dunnow Lollipop May 19, 2017

    Dunnow, May 19, 2017 :
    Its neither safer nor easier to backup data in local storage. You cannot generate reduncancies in case of hw malfunction. Plus costs more money to keep healthy hard drives.

    If I dont have internet connection, you do not have access to an external hdd either. (Powet outage) Same problem. But in my case I could still use mobile data, another persons wifi, and pictures would just be there waiting to be uploaded by themselves, without me doing a single thing. But in your case, every time the hdd shuts down unexpectedly, you are risking losing data. Plus the more that hdd spins the less reliable it is.

    But at least you are not saying crazy conspiracies so, good for you for hinking ahead and backing up your data somewhere.

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  7. pa5t1s Marshmallow May 19, 2017

    pa5t1s, May 19, 2017 :
    Actually, I do use both: cloud storage/backup and HDD backup. Only that I backup to HDD less frequently...
    HDD backup is fine (could be on CDR/DVD-R too) but support will die one day (after 10 years?)

  8. Dunnow Lollipop May 19, 2017

    Dunnow, May 19, 2017 :
    yup, I also do copy in local, but that's just to get fast access in case of super failure, still, cloud is way better, allows for faster sharing, unlimited storage, redundancies...
    there's just no discussion about it anymore, we have fast data nowadays, it's not a 2g network anymore

    plus I have wifi at work and at home, and photos are still in my device, not like I delete them every single day either...

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  9. pa5t1s Marshmallow May 19, 2017

    pa5t1s, May 19, 2017 :
    True. The best advantage I can see with cloud over HDD is, obviously, the possibility to share to ALL my devices (PCs, tablets Android/Windows/iOS, phones) . That needs a little organisation with your folders/files on Google Drive/Dropbox/Amazon Drive/One Drive but it's real pleasure to use :)

  10. Amiga4000 Gingerbread May 19, 2017

    Amiga4000, May 19, 2017 :
    oh well, a long list and you are so sure. have you been at the places yourself and made 100% sure that it is the way you tell here?
    if not, you just guess and cannot be sure.
    so yeah, I do not have any idea about storage, Google, modern world and anything, just because I do want my data safe and not processed. and I tell people that there is a good chance their data is seen by others ( system or people, who knows).
    and just today the message came in, apple does not delete files as they tell.so and software reconstruct files which were deleted followed apple promises.
    so, companies never fail and are always safe.
    oh, btw, you are 100% sure that NSA, FBI,... has no data at all from Google? really? have you checked all Archive's on your own ? if not, you just cannot tell after all these Snowden files. really.

  11. G_Giel_Bijnens_Lkfy Cupcake May 19, 2017

  12. Dunnow Lollipop May 19, 2017

    Dunnow, May 19, 2017 :
    You must be a real ignorant to go around the world saying such idiotic stuff...

    BTW, there's tons of videos gonig around google data centers and explaining and showing their procedures, culturize yourself a bit.

    I do not need to go there to know there's checks and procedures in place, is how datacenters work. It's how it is. I don't need a tin foil hat, I can see reality for how it is and extrapolate information of it by myself, instead of going around talking about crazy conspiracies.

    Again, no need to go and check every file. I know how encryption and internet work. And I know it because I've been doing software development for a while, and one picks up a few things...

    Also, even if NSA or FBI had any kind of information from me, first, would probably be public already, second, they would not care much about me, i'm just a simple human being in the entire world, not a terrorist nor a rapist nor anything like that. And past that, I'm not even on their country... why should they waste time on me? xDD

    Also, just so you know, Google data centers are communicated with themselves with a private network. So, it's not running on the same network as the rest of the internet in the world. And from their servers to the user, it, once again, goes through HTTPS protocols with private SSL certificates, which means, NSA or FBI cannot intercept the data once it leaves Google datacenters to come to me.

    You are talking like a crazy person.

    BTW, ALL data I gave to you about how a datacenter operates is publicly available, Google has made sure of documenting it in many places, a simple search will confirm my words...

    But anyway, you go and trust your own clouds, with the online accounts and shit... I bet they are 10x more secure than Google's own... oh wait, no, that's just not possible. Again, Shodan has proven so already.

    In short, if you use ANY online cloud like those you mentioned earlier, you are seriously exposed to your data being stolen, if you limit yourself to store photos and data in an external HDD, you expose yourself to a simple robbery or to anyone just double clicking a folder.

    Once more, your data could not be more secure anywhere but with Google.
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  13. Dunnow Lollipop May 19, 2017

    Dunnow, May 19, 2017 :

    here... have a read...

  14. UrsuleLoretta Cupcake Jun 15, 2017

    UrsuleLoretta, Jun 15, 2017 :
    Photos or videos deleted from your Android, no matter recover deleted DCIM photos from internal memory or sd card, are recoverable, since a delete command only flagged the memory block where the deleted files stored as available for use, it doesn’t actually erase or destroy any pictures or videos. You can no longer see the deleted files because the pointers to those files are removed from the file allocation table, but the actual data is intact.
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