[Submitted] Add option to disable/remove Zen Mode app

  1. Q1555176722523
    Froyo Feb 15, 2020

    Q1555176722523 , Feb 15, 2020 :
    Zen mode starts at restart or startup, gives option to disable, once you leave that screen, Zen mode starts up again, 1+6t is a Google phone, and Google forces digital well-being onto its users the same as OnePlus forces Zen mode on to its users.

  2. xpeetb
    Donut Feb 18, 2020

    xpeetb , Feb 18, 2020 :
    You can uninstall all this things. Read posts on previous pages and use this:
    adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.google.android.apps.wellbeing
    adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.oneplus.brickmode

    and apps will disepere....after update on ver.10.3.1(1+ 6T), nothing show up again...

  3. Y1542304677073
    Cupcake May 26, 2020

    Y1542304677073 , May 26, 2020 :
    I also want to uninstall or disable Zen mode app. I don't use it and never will. Please dont push apps on people.

  4. Q1555176722523
    Froyo May 30, 2020

    Q1555176722523 , May 30, 2020 :
    Do you have an active link to this, the one posted is inactive.

  5. xpeetb
    Donut Jun 2, 2020

  6. Aqu
    Gingerbread Jul 11, 2020

    Aqu , Jul 11, 2020 :
    Very annoying app.

    Get notification everyday saying its 00.00 and you should put down your phone even though I'm actually asleep at this time!