after update? sms not working

  1. alexsalter3d Cupcake Feb 9, 2019

    alexsalter3d, Feb 9, 2019 :

    I have had 5T for two years it's been perfect.

    I'm having an SMS issue

    has update few weeks ago.

    a week ago I start to not receive sent texts and ones I send . say they are sent but arnt.

    so I'm not getting my wife's texts in the day and finding out in the evening.

    I then text her at dinner hi. and she gets it and then all my previous sent texts become flagged as not sent. then later in the evening I ll try again and it won't get received. ect ect.

    my data service is working fine WhatsApp ect. SMS not.

    I haven't changed anything. it's been performing perfectly.

    I live in UK I've O2. I went O2 shop today. she checked and did a sim swop. it hasn't helped. she said if it don't help. it's probably software issue of which you ll need to speak to OnePlus about.

    please hope someone can help. I could do with a phone that texts properly