AICP 14.0 [PIE] [UNOFFICIAL] Flivercod III Ice Cold Project

  1. ikegilbert Gingerbread Nov 2, 2018

    ikegilbert, Nov 2, 2018 :

    Flash the ROM at your own risk
    I accept NO responsibility for what you do (or can't do) with your own device. I am not responsible for bootloops, fruitloops or frickazees.
    I DO accept full responsibility for: Thermonuclear detonation & Zombie Apocalypse [​IMG]
    1) Backup & Factory reset then flash in recovery:
    TWRP 3.2.3 (https://twrp.me/oneplus/oneplusthree.html)
    2) Flash Gapps for PIE (recommend micro) - http://opengapps.org/
    3) The first boot may take several minutes (be patient, it will boot)

    My GitHub (kernel & sources that are not stock AICP)

    I started compiling this ROM as Unofficial because I have been using AICP exclusively for 5 years (on M7, Bacon, OnePlus1 & OnePlus3T). I figure if no one objects, I can share some work. This is my HOBBY.

    With that I say THANK YOU AICP (LorD ClockaN, n3ocort3x & semdoc along with their entire dev team) for bringing such terrific work to our devices. Special thanks to LorD ClockaN (motivation, encouragement, help & backbone of Official AICP), Pranav Cherukupalli & the legwork for the sources & kernels by Amaradeep Arora. Also thanks to the Nitrogen Project & Shreyansh Lodha for the Potato Land Files.

    I make no claim to doing any more than compiling and making minor changes to what I want from the build. I own this device and enjoy making some minor modifications & tinkerings - I hope you will also.

    Basic Changes from "Official" AICP Rom:
    11/02/18 - custom boot animation, full sync upstream & a few tweaks to the AicpExtras APP
    10/29/18 - stock version
    (dirty flashing an "Official" over my build & vice versa does work, most changes I made are cosmetic with some cherri-picks)
    I don't recommend "backwards" flashing dirty - so check the build dates

    >>>> DOWNLOAD LINK <<<<
    https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=273899 [use this link for the most recent builds & archived copies] NOTE: Please do not use issues with these builds to ask for help on the official thread. If you get an error, random reboot, etc. attach a logcat to any requests for help if possible. - Thank you

    - Nandroid / Backup your device!
    - Standard factory reset wipe (recommended unless dirty flashing over THIS build)
    - Flash Rom
    - Flash Gapps https://opengapps.org/
    - Reboot

    Changelog: See attachments
    Full sync upstream - STOCK

    Known issues:
    #issue 1 - (after dirty flashing newer builds mobile data may need to be restored [depends on your carrier Ting confirmed] easy fix
    Settings - Network & Internet - Mobile network - (turn off Mobile data switch 5 seconds, then back on) - should restore

    Doze & Pocketmode were disabled due to compiling errors
    external/tcpdump - not compiled
    AICP Extras (not fully functional with PIE)
    More? You tell

    nJoy - This build is stock, soon with some modifications & Flivercod Effect ???

    >>>> Be sure to hit the THANKS button (unless thermonuclear war ensues) [​IMG]

    --------------------- Checkout these links to the real developers of AICP below -------------------------

    AICP Google+


    http://dwnld.aicp-rom.com/ - Official downloads

  2. ikegilbert Gingerbread Nov 2, 2018

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  3. ikegilbert Gingerbread Nov 2, 2018

    ikegilbert, Nov 2, 2018 :
    Direct DL = https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid...32744536993176

    11 02 18 build
    Full sync w/ upstream
    Custom boot animation applied
    AicpExtras updated with a few new working features (still is WIP, more will come in days to follow)
    battery bar, notifications, system behavior tweaks
    >>> Read the changelog attached <<<

    No time to do a stable workaround on the Doze or Pocket mode problems yet. I tested some cherry-picks, but the build was wonky (I get weird bluetooth errors if I compile with them, so it's still not included until I have more time to figure things out). Other than that, let me know what you find please! The build is stable, but it is still in heavy development by the official AICP team.

    Did you know that SHIFT+ESC on Ubuntu Linux gives you a task-manager like WinBlowz?


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  4. ikegilbert Gingerbread Nov 5, 2018