alarm setting in its own

  1. I1573191137626
    Cupcake Mar 31, 2020

    I1573191137626 , Mar 31, 2020 :
    I got a serious problem with my OnePlus device (OnePlus 7t pro). it is related to CLOCK. The problem is that, it is setting up alarm on it's own, but it is not showing up in clock app and neither it is turning off. That clock icon is always there in notification bar/status bar. It's being 3-4 days now and I am frustrated.
    Please help me!
    OnePlus help me!
    Community help me!


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  3. I1573191137626
    Cupcake Apr 1, 2020

    I1573191137626 , Apr 1, 2020 :
    thanks, it seems to have worked at the moment, hopefully it does not recur

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  4. bhaumikbheda , via OnePlus 7T Frosted Silver , Apr 1, 2020 :
    you're welcome. if it does, then please do the same again and if it fails, then I will recommend doing a reset.

  5. itsakash
    Froyo Apr 1, 2020

  6. I1573191137626
    Cupcake Apr 2, 2020

    I1573191137626 , Apr 2, 2020 :
    hi, unfortunately the problem is recurring, it came in again today morning then I repeated the process and restarted the phone but a few mins ago it has come back. don't understand why this is happening.

  7. bhaumikbheda , via OnePlus 7T Frosted Silver , Apr 2, 2020 :
    can you please share a screenshot of the alarms you have?

  8. Sheppards
    Honeycomb Apr 2, 2020

  9. I1573191137626
    Cupcake Apr 3, 2020

    I1573191137626 , Apr 3, 2020 :
    today there was a new software update after which the problem had not occurred, so I think there was a program bug which hopefully is solved, will monitor it for 2 days and if it does come back will refer to you again, thanks for all your help

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  10. I1573191137626
    Cupcake Apr 4, 2020

  11. I1573191137626
    Cupcake Apr 4, 2020

    I1573191137626 , Apr 4, 2020 :
    unfortunately it is back


    as you will see, there is no alarm set but still there is one showing in the top notification, I can't even click on it to disable it

  12. Sheppards
    Honeycomb Apr 4, 2020

    Sheppards , via OnePlus 7T , Apr 4, 2020 :
    what happens if you tap on it? it should take you where the alarms are set

    also, do you have any stopwatch or countdown set? reset them to start

  13. I1573191137626
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2020

    I1573191137626 , Apr 5, 2020 :
    it is not clickable and there is no timer or stop watch active currently