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  1. Manu J.
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    Manu J. , Jun 1, 2021 :
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    Hi Friends,

    There has been a lot of speculation recently on 5G and what it really means for OnePlus users in India. Before we go on, let me first set the stage on a few things: What is 5G? What are the different kinds of 5G bands? Why choose some bands over others?

    In terms of utility, the new 5G network is poised to change the world with unparalleled speeds. However, if we dive a little deeper, this new fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks will provide three broad categories of 5G bands – Low (sub-1GHz), Mid (1GHz-6GHz), High (mmWave).

    The sub-1GHz low bands operate with a frequency range below 1GHz and potentially will have the widest coverage area. However, according to reports, the band maxes out at download speeds between 200Mbps and 300Mbps, a little above peak 4G speeds.

    At the other end of the spectrum is the mmWave operating at 24.25GHz to 52.6GHz frequencies, which will deliver faster download speeds clocking multiple gigabytes. However, the range is very limited and is subject to interference from physical obstructions. There is also the fact that only a handful of telecom companies in the world have managed to offer mmWave 5G, so far at least.

    Now that we have spoken about the lows and highs of 5G, with their pros and cons, there is a sweet spot in the spectrum - the mid bands. With the best of both worlds, the mid bands will have a coverage area greater than the mmWave band and faster download speeds when compared to the low bands. The mid-band will potentially clock speeds over 2Gbps, and experts have mentioned that a slow mid-band will be as fast as the fastest low band which, as we mentioned earlier, will be capped at 300Mbps. This combination makes the mid-bands the most popular amongst OEMs and operators alike, and will be the most widely adopted across the world.

    In the middle of all of the mid-bands is the n78, which is being used by most European and Asian countries and spans 3.3 GHz to 3.8 GHz. Given the band’s attributes, and the fact that it uses pre-existing 4G infrastructure, the n78 is the most commonly available - most commercial 5G networks are majorly relying on the 3.3-3.8 GHz range to implement 5G. It comes as no surprise that the 5G trials in India were also led by the 3.2-3.67 GHz frequencies, along with mmWave and sub-gigahertz bands.

    While talking to the community, the most frequent question that came up recently was, will OnePlus 9 series users be able to use 5G while traveling abroad? The answer is YES.

    The 5G bands on the OnePlus 9 Series in India give users 5G access abroad via 5G roaming service co-provided by India and local carriers, or with local 5G SIM card on supported 5G bands.

    Having said that, we are also working closely with Indian carriers to monitor regional developments and will continue to improve our future products and services so that OnePlus users can enjoy a fast and smooth 5G experience.

    OnePlus’ choice of 5G bands is primarily based on the priority of local carriers. Due to the difference in the rate of 5G development in different regions, the demand of carriers varies accordingly. This is the same approach we take in all our regions worldwide, which is why the 5G bands on devices sold in different regions may vary.

    And finally to clarify the question about the potential for adding additional bands through OTA updates. We apologize for any confusion caused recently, but it is true that we will not be able to add more bands for the 9 series. Our goal for our devices in India was to offer a solid level of 5G coverage based on the current network situation in the country. The feedback is well received, and we will look to improve our offerings with future devices.

    Never Settle

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    McJader , Jun 1, 2021 :
    It spread so much they had to make a thread about it:rolleyes:
    But the thread says what basically OnePlus has maintained since launch time, that these bands have been selected thoughtfully and in consultation with local telcos.
    Also 5G is still some time away, and time will tell what happens;)
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  3. Starcommander
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    Starcommander , Jun 1, 2021 :
    What about in USA.
    My friend is about to shift to USA to pursue MS but is afraid to buy Oneplus 9 because the device might not work in American soil.

    Remember the tag line of 8/7 series where you promoted that the phone can be used in all countries due to support of many bands. What happened to that OnePlus?

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    the_o2 , Jun 1, 2021 :
    Thanks for answering this question 🙏🏼😀

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    Yash Pratap Singh. , Jun 1, 2021 :
    Finally, an official word from the company. Now hopefully there'll be no more 'No 5G in my nord' threads....*hopefully*

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  8. S_K_J
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    S_K_J , Jun 1, 2021 :
    Actually just today I was talking with the global chat support team regarding this n78 potential in other countries. I just like that OnePlus take every feedback seriously 👍🏼.

  9. Vigneshxchan
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    Vigneshxchan , via OnePlus 9 , Jun 1, 2021 :
    This is Accurate and totally acceptable. True enough that every region is behind supporting 5G, whereas OnePlus has taken a solid step right in between the enthusiastic and the non operational, which as actually a good approach in pushing the latest technology wherever we want to ! Keep continuing the best ! #NeverSettle

  10. Navdeep_Malik
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    Navdeep_Malik , Jun 1, 2021 :
    That covers major concerns for the Indian community.. thanks for all the info on 5G. I think operating on mmwave means a lot and a lot of repeaters which doesn't look nice
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  11. S_K_J
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    S_K_J , Jun 1, 2021 :
    @Manu J. We honestly appreciate OnePlus is trying to give proper 5G experience depending upon the region but OnePlus don't use to discriminate users depending on the regions. What about the OnePlus 5G hype & promise that is created to provide equal 5G support in all countries regardless the 5G bands required in a region ?? & what about the OnePlus 9 pro users of India who wanted to shift to Abroad where there is mm wave 5g support ?? We users will like to see as much as 5G bands that is needed in a Flagship phone cuz we are giving money according to that Ri8 ❓❓
    OnePlus can enhance the 5g bands used in that particular region but seeing other face of the coin i.e having only 2 bands in a Flagship Oneplus 9 Pro is very weird compared with midrange Realme x7 max that has 7 5G bands.
    Most importantly: OnePlus we Users wants to see more 5G bands (as much required in a Flagship phone regardless of the region) in OnePlus 9T regardless 2 5G bands in Pro variant.
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  12. sumitMZ007
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    sumitMZ007 , via OnePlus 6 , Jun 1, 2021 :
    Until 5G arrives in india , getting 5G Device with limited bands won't be a issue to me since 4g is still getting my job done at 20mbps! But what I'm afraid of more is speed reduction by carriers to make users forcefully switch to 5G! Like when 3G was giving 4mbps but now it's barely usable!

  13. A.Saketh Gupta
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    A.Saketh Gupta , Jun 1, 2021 :
    This Thread is So Informational.... Good to see their response on many users of doubts . Now Clarified
    Never Settle

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  15. anmol.butta
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    anmol.butta , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jun 1, 2021 :
    Explaining so much just to justify not giving more bands in the OP 9. Should've been an apology letter for those who bought this and wouldn't be able to enjoy 5G if the bands in India aren't set up according to this theory.

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  16. Bobbie63
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    Bobbie63 , Jun 1, 2021 :
    OP9 8GB, 128GB........€699 = 62.360 INDR
    OP9 12GB, 256GB......€799 = 71.280 INDR

    OP9 8GB, 128GB...................49.999 INDR
    OP9 12GB, 256GB.................54.999 INDR

    So how's that almost the same?


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    HarshKK14 , via OnePlus 7 , Jun 1, 2021 :
    My bad. I must have mixed up with different different currency rates.

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    Bobbie63 , Jun 1, 2021 :
    No problem, can happen to us all

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