All About Invites (To Buy and To Share!)

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    David S. , Jul 31, 2014 :
    As you might know, the whole team has been helping Customer Support for a while, dealing with all sorts of tickets and a lot of you have been asking questions regarding invites. For the ones that are not aware that we have a new and very useful FAQ, we'll be responding to some of this enquiries over here:

    How do I get an invite?
    The main method of getting invites will be through others. In the beginning, when not a lot of other people have the device, you'll be able to get invites through contest and raffles. We have planned ways so our early fans, as well as people who weren't here from the beginning will be able to obtain invites.

    Please check out our social media channels for opportunities to claim one of many invites being released every month.

    Once I receive an invite, can I choose between the 16GB Silk White and 64GB Sandstone Black versions?

    We are currently producing exclusively the 64GB Sandstone Black flavor.

    How long are invites valid for?
    For invites that you receive, they are typically valid for 24 hours. If they expire, they get returned to sender so someone else can get a chance to buy it. Alternatively, you can ask for the sender to resend it to you. For invites that you can give away, they are usually valid for longer, usually 3-7 days.

    How many invites can I give away?
    This varies, normally you'll be receiving 3 invites.

    When do I receive invites to give away?
    Invites to share are being distributed in chronological order. Please keep in mind that the Invite System has been designed to be dynamic, the amount and timing of the invites will depend on different factors, such as availability, number of invites claimed and time of your initial purchase.

    That said, once you receive them, these invites will be valid for exactly 72 hours and expire immediately after. Please note that once the invites expire, they cannot be reactivated.

    My invite expired, what can I do?
    When your invite expires, it passes on to someone else waiting to buy the OnePlus One. It's not possible to reactivate an expired invite, but Invites are getting easier and easier to get :)

    I claimed an invite but I'd like to transfer it to a friend. How can I do it?
    Invites are personal and account specific, and we are not able to transfer already claimed invites to another person's account. We have seen people trading or lending accounts with invites. OnePlus doesn't support this and if you do so you are in great risk of getting your account hijacked. We cannot help when this happens, since most of the times it's impossible to know the actual story.

    I got an invite, but it says it's been claimed. Why?
    Anyone who could have had access to the invite code or link could have claimed the invite.

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    Thanks for the clarification bro, I'll be sure to refer to this thread a lot.. ;)

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    toverstreet2015 , Jul 31, 2014 :
    Thank you for the information! That will serve as some much needed clarification for users both old and new.

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    Awesome, thanks for the clarification of everything! =) I think that is awesome that if a person doesn't claim an invite that it is then returned back to the sender. =D

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    Extremely valuable information. Thank you for the clarification on the invites!

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    THanks a lot ..very useful handy information..is there a way to stick it to the top of the invites forum..this way everyone can have this like a quick reference ?

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