All about OxygenOS – Apr 2021

  1. Dark_Flash
    Eclair May 9, 2021

    Dark_Flash , via OnePlus 7 , May 9, 2021 :
    Currently m facing these issues:
    1. Wifi randomly connects disconnects
    2. Camera app crashes
    3. Spotify notification doesnt goes away until i force stop the app
    4. System ui crashes sometimes
    5. Battery backup decreased than previous update
    6. Audio issue sometimes (rings in vibrate and mute mode)
    7. Navigation bar is touch is delayed (touch stutters)
    8. Mobile network also having issues iguess, previously i always had 4G full network. now it seems 2-3bar most of the time.
    9. camera app crashes middle of 4k recording.
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  2. Jonah4384
    Cupcake May 9, 2021

    Jonah4384 , May 9, 2021 :

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  3. Janaki_paramesh
    Cupcake May 9, 2021

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  4. vishnuvijayankp
    Cupcake May 9, 2021

    vishnuvijayankp , via OnePlus 7T , May 9, 2021 :
    Dear team
    After updating to oxygen 11 , lost all data in business whatsapp, Heating issue, Apps not working properly, automatically close the Apps while using.
    Pls do needful
    Thank you

  5. E1619163234326
    Cupcake May 9, 2021

  6. Sarath992
    Cupcake May 9, 2021

    Sarath992 , via OnePlus 7 , May 9, 2021 :
    I have updated to oxygen os last week.I am facing problem on wifi network.Wifi automatically disconnecting and reconnecting after 10 or 15 seconds.Worst experience ever.Pleaee help me out

  7. DarshanMeniya
    Jelly Bean May 9, 2021

  8. L1602595628364
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

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  9. 81181981
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

    81181981 , via OnePlus 9 , May 10, 2021 :
    Hi I am using OnePlus 9.Some of the apps are crashing automatically and some are not opening.
    In OnePlus 9 after taking the pictures while We check in the gallery it is not showing the original position.And some disturbance in the picture.
    The mobile is overheating at sometime while using normal shopping and movies apps.

  10. MashalS
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

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  11. singadib
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

    singadib , via OnePlus 7 , May 10, 2021 :
    The new Android 11 update in OnePlus 7 is creating mess as its taking quite time to load anything.

    Do we get further any bug update soon?

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  12. Anup@m
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

    Anup@m , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 10, 2021 :
    After updating my OnePlus 7 pro to Oxygen OS 11 , gallery functions are very slow. Folders in gallery doesn't load immediately, neither the photos. It takes a bit of time to load the latest content from different apps in All photos and videos. Also deleting or taking screen shot is taking more time now. Even deleting one photo it will take more time than it was in previous OS version. Is anyone else facing this issue? Is there any fix going to be released?

  13. L1579408892164
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

  14. U1620631191340
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

    U1620631191340 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 10, 2021 :
    The Android11 update has really reduced the performance of my battery. I have a pretty new 7T Pro and one of the things I liked most about it was the battery life, it would last me all day at work without charging. Now, I'm lucky if it lasts 4/5 hours with medium use!

    Also, why has the screenshot function been made more complicated and Pinterest like? Was there really a demand for this functionality?

    Let's hope a patch comes through quick that resolves the common themes here, otherwise I'll be considering my next phone upgrade carefully!!

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  15. Ronesso17
    Honeycomb May 10, 2021

    Ronesso17 , via OnePlus 6T , May 10, 2021 :
    Just sell your OnePlus 9 and buy a Samsung S20 FE 5G before it is too late.

  16. F_Sourav_Priy_UNrh
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

    F_Sourav_Priy_UNrh , via OnePlus 7 , May 10, 2021 :
    I am having issues with internet. Since I have updated my mobile to oxygen 11 I am facing internet issues with my mobile. It has become unstable. Very often I switch from wifi to mobile internet and mobile internet to wifi. Sudden internet stops working and this happens atleast 20-30 times in a day. What should

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  17. Z1574845569231
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

    Z1574845569231 , via OnePlus 7T , May 10, 2021 :
    It's seam to be very pathetic update. I saw so many lags in new update. I saw in battery optimization problem that means battery drean issue happened, os hanging issue. Where dobi told this kind of problem. And new one I m very supprise heating issue. Can you plz look into this.

  18. Z1574845569231
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

    Z1574845569231 , via OnePlus 7T , May 10, 2021 :
    Not this much WiFi networks suddenly gone out this is not happening in previous version. Please improve this issues otherwise my phone getting shit in garbage. Games also lagging this could be happened new update.

  19. Z1574845569231
    Cupcake May 10, 2021

    Z1574845569231 , via OnePlus 7T , May 10, 2021 :
    Same happened with my 7t