All about OxygenOS – Feb 2021

  1. Gary C.
    OxygenOS Product Lead Staff Member Feb 25, 2021

    Gary C. , Feb 25, 2021 :
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    Hey everyone,

    It's time for February's OxygenOS FAQs! Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding our operating system to give you all the info you need.

    The latest FAQs are as follows:

    Q: Will the widgets be restored in the new Zen Mode?

    A: The Widgets are now available in the new Zen Mode V2.0.1.2. You can enable them by following these two methods below:
    1. Launcher: Long press on the Homepage > Widgets > Long press the Zen Mode widget and drag it to the desktop.
    2. Shelf > Settings > More> Add the Zen Mode card.​

    Q: Alarms don't ring on time in OnePlus 8/8 Pro/8T.
    A: We are glad to inform you that this issue has been fixed in the latest stable version of the OnePlus 8/8 Pro/8T; please update the system to the latest stable version.

    Q: I can't enable the Canvas after updating the OnePlus 7 & 7T series to the first OBT version of Android 11.
    Q: The Status Bar display icons partially or entirely overlap after updating the OnePlus 7 & 7T series to the first Android 11 OBT.

    A: These issues have been fixed in the second OBT of the OnePlus 7 & 7T series; please update the system to the latest stable version.

    Q: The animation lags while entering the Shelf on the home screen after updating my OnePlus 7 & 7T series to the second OBT version of Android 11.
    A: This issue has been fixed in version V5.0.2.6 of the OnePlus Launcher, which is currently being pushed gradually; please update the system to the latest version after receiving the push.

    Q: I’m not receiving app notifications until I open the app itself in OnePlus Nord's Android 11 OBT 1.
    A: This issue has been fixed in Nord's second OBT version; please update the system to the latest OBT version.

    Q: After upgrading to OBT 6 on the OnePlus 8/8 Pro, the Settings crash when "Horizon light" has been selected in "Ambient Display."
    A: This issue will be fixed in OBT 7; please update the system to OBT 7 when you receive a notification.

    Q: Why can't I view pictures or files from some OnePlus and third-party applications in the File Manager?
    A: Please don't worry; all the relevant data is still stored on the phone. This issue may occur because the Google team has hidden the Android/data & Android/OBB folder to optimize the privacy policy. To look at relevant files, please try to find them in the respective apps. At the same time, you can also report this issue to the third-party application terminals or the OnePlus community bug feedback area. We will also actively promote the third parties to make relevant adaptations.

    We hope you found the answers above helpful. If not, please feel free to share your doubts in this post or via the Community app. We will answer your questions regularly.

    Never Settle.

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  2. David Y.
    Head of OS Product Operations Staff Member Mar 23, 2021

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    David Y. , Mar 23, 2021 :
    Q: Why the applications on my phone often crashed recently?

    A: This problem is a known issue, and it is mainly caused by the version update of Android System Webview. We are actively pushing the Google team to solve this problem.
    If you encounter this issue, please try to uninstall Android System Webview and restart your phone.

    Detailed solution:Settings - Apps & notifications - See all xx apps - App info - taps the three dots on the top right corner - show system - search for Android System Webview - taps the three dots on the top right corner - select “Uninstall updates”. If the problem is still not resolved, please share feedback through the community APP - feedback platform.

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    Fbalmeida , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Feb 25, 2021 :
    Since I've upgraded my oneplus 7 pro to android 11 the RAM handling has been really bad and the apps restart when I return to continue what I was doing

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    samardash , Feb 25, 2021 :
    Non of them are useful. All are like history of past release notes of software.
    what about OOS11 for 6 and 7 users. official stable update.
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    tarkzy , Feb 26, 2021 :
    What a load of crap!! Please post something relevent that real people ask or don't bother. Like you asked why is it taking so long for a stable oos A11 for the op7t🤔why do you refuse to fix the broken data decryption on the op7t?after all OnePlus broke it 😬

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    Why all the guys becomes so bitter and rude? Not good... We can convey our thoughts in a better way...

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    Thanks for the monthly update. As a OnePlus 8T user I request you guys to provide OnePlus phone dialer application as it's different and best when compared to google phone app.

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    SandeshChinchapur , Feb 26, 2021 :
    Well, this issue still exists even on latest build( of launcher on OnePlus 7(open beta 2). @dsmonteiro @Gary C. please look into this.

    As you can see here the weather animation is missing, this screenshot is taken after swiping for shelf & the weather animation is missing. It comes after a second.
    OnePlus launcher app version.