All about OxygenOS – Mar 2021

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    Gary C. , Mar 29, 2021 :
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    Hey everyone,

    It's time for March's OxygenOS FAQs! Here, we sort out and answer the most frequently asked questions regarding our operating system, to give you all the info you need.

    The latest FAQs are as follows:

    Q: I would like to see the "Time Watermark" feature for the Camera.

    A: We have already finished developing the "Time Watermark" feature for the Camera app, and it is currently under testing on our open beta builds – OBT8 for OnePlus 8/8 Pro and OBT2 for OnePlus 8T. You can access this feature by going to Camera Settings > Shot on OnePlus watermark > Time.​

    Q: Could you please add a switch to hide the icons at the bottom of the keyboard?
    A: This function has been merged into the latest stable version for the OnePlus 7 and 7T Series, which is currently being rolled out. After receiving the update, please go to Settings > System > Languages & input > Keyboard height adjustment to customize your keyboard.​

    Q: Why is the Weather widget on my home screen not updating regularly?
    A: The Weather Widget will only display the current city's weather information with location marks. If the Weather Widget doesn't display updated info, please open the Weather app and check whether the location shown is accurate and whether there is a positioning sign on the upper left corner.
    If not, you can tap "Select city" in the upper right corner, tap the "+" symbol in the lower right corner, and select the first area with a positioning symbol under "POPULAR CITIES" to display the weather information of your current city. The Weather Widget on the home screen will also sync with that info.​

    Q: When transferring data to a new device with OnePlus Switch, it shows that it cannot proceed because the app version of the old device is not the latest.
    A: In this case, please check whether the version of the OnePlus Switch on your old device is the same as the one on your new device. If not, please update the OnePlus Switch on your old device to the latest version, and try again. If it still doesn't work, please report the problem through the community bug feedback.​

    Q: Why can't I find some photos in the Gallery, which are still visible in the File Manager?
    A: This issue has been fixed in the latest version v4.0.167. This version is being pushed gradually. After you receive this update, the problem will be solved.​

    Q: Why do the apps on my phone keep crashing so often recently?
    A: This problem is caused due to the updates of Android System WebView. Google has fixed this issue and released an update. You can download this update on the Play Store, and your issue should be fixed. If the problem persists, please share the feedback through the Community app's Feedback option.​

    Q: After I updated my OnePlus 8/8Pro/8T to the latest stable version, the navigation gestures aren't working while the device is charging.
    A: This issue has been fixed and will be merged into the next stable version of the OnePlus 8/8Pro/8T. Please stay tuned.​

    We hope you found the answers above helpful. If not, please feel free to share your doubts or feedback in this post or via the Community app. We will answer your questions regularly.

    Never Settle.

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    Cheetosdust , Mar 29, 2021 :
    Hey there, like it was mentioned here:

    And here:

    The Always-On Display feature is still being tested. After the Open Beta builds for the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7T Series, it'll be released in the Stable ones. As you can see, it's just a matter of time now.

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    KaranRIyer , Mar 29, 2021 :
    Thanks for the FAQ. Quick question are these FAQ's are always device specific?.. I thought its generally for Oxygen OS.... asking this because this month's thread is device specific and does not mention other devices...

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    Waiting for more updates in Oneplus 7 Series like Aod etc..
    Thanks for the the Update 🤠
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    Thanks for the update! Let's just hope everyone reads this instead of spamming general support lol

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    chandra_vsl143 , via OnePlus 7 , Mar 29, 2021 :
    Hello Team

    I am using OnePlus 7 I got os 11 update I have updated it but once it's got updated mobile is over heating..
    Can any one tell why its happening like this

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    Hello my good man,

    thank you for the tag, but just to be clear: all the other people mentioned are Staff Members, I am not. Don't want any confusion regarding that. :)

    About the OnePlus Series and the Android 11 update, I am not aware of any news recently. We do know that the OnePlus 6 arrived to the market with 8.1 Oreo and that the OnePlus 6T arrived with Android 9. We also know this:

    I do know that if/when the OnePlus 6 Series receives Android 11, OnePlus is going to create a new official thread here on the forums. The information is scarce for now, but better be pragmatic and wait until it's officially announced by the company.

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