All about OxygenOS – Nov 2020

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    Niculescu , via OnePlus 8 , Nov 25, 2020 :
    Hello dear members with oneplus 8 phones. I don't know what is happening but my phone have a lot of problems after updates with new versions of oxygen os and I will write here maybe someone will help me or maybe in the future will repair this with next update:
    1. First problem is on alarm and it's the twice time when alarm is not ringing on Monday , the alarms is set up to ring from Monday to Friday every morning at 6 a.m. First was in a Monday o think if I remember well after an update but I am not sure , i say oh was happening something and now after two or three weeks happened again and again on Monday nog ringing and it is the second time when I go late at work because I was based on my phone and not set up other device for alarm like tv to open automatically.
    2. After an update I see I have volte and Wi-Fi call and I was very happy to see that because where I work in some places I don't have signal at network and I used Wi-Fi call and was nice but now after another update I see now it disappears the volte and Wi-Fi calls , can tell me someone what's happening??!
    3. Last problem is at my phone sometimes when I commute the switch from ring to vibrate or silent not take effect all the time I mean I move the switch from ring to silent and still remain to ring not take effect and I need to return back the switch to ring position ang go again to vibrate or silent depends on what mode i want to keep the phone, so this is a problem from software or it is a mechanic problem and need to send the phone in service????
    I hope maybe someone is kind to help me in this problems and to explain what's happening.
    Thank you all and thank OnePlus for great phone and keep to grown up to be the no.1 in the world.

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    P1606128078800 , Nov 25, 2020 :
    I use oneplus6t and I am not getting the Android 10 and Oxygen OS 10 update till now.
    Talked in Oneplus chat they provided manually update file but it didn't working for me .
    you can see my oneplus 6t is in still old version. please help