Network/Connectivity All connections stop, like in plane mode.

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    Cupcake Aug 7, 2020

    D1569354175271 , Aug 7, 2020 :
    so i didn't have any problems with the OnePlus 7 since i bought it last year in September i believe,
    but recently, like a month or two, ALL connections started to drop, as if i am in the pane mode.
    Sim card doesn't work, mobile internet stops working, WiFi stops working, even normal calls stop working, today i was talking to my mother on the phone and the connection dropped 3 times!
    It said something like: "phone calls don't work in plane mode", or something similar, but plane mode was turned off.

    I turned it on and off and after some time it worked again.

    I thought it might be an overheating issue (30°C outside), but then i remembered other times that happened and the weather was very different, it was much colder, so i don't know. Is this a software thing? Will it be fixed?

    Has anyone else this problem?

    And it's an actual problem for me, bad enough that i am actually here on the forum writing this.

    I like OnePlus and wanted to buy the OnePlus 8 in a few months when Android 11 is out and works well, but if that's what i am getting, i'll looks at something else.

    PS Why don't gestures work on other user accounts on the same phone, they only work on the main some for some reason,

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