All hyped up for OnePlus 8 Pro via OnePlus 3T

  1. raaakeshsh
    Cupcake Jan 18, 2020

    raaakeshsh , via OnePlus 3T , Jan 18, 2020 :
    Been using a OnePlus 3T for more than three years. Didn't see the versions that followed as a substantial upgrade. The battery improvement, bezel less screen introductions, pop cameras were just not amazing enough.I do agree that the beautiful fluid screen in the 7 Pro and 7T were totally worth the bucks that I'd have had to spend on it but I refused to give in. So I thought. But looking back at the incremental upgrades, I feel they accrued to a point that it seems like a skyscraper level improvement now. So, here I am, all ready and excited to get my hands on the OnePlus 8 Pro. Android has never been better and never will be, on any device other than OnePlus. Even Google would agree on that. Speaking of which, who the hell would give OTA updates and provide support to a phone which is three ******* years old? I look up to OnePlus with admiration, reverence and love, the deadly combination of which would make me its staunch supporter and endorser(which is in the millions already and still growing), something I would vouch for, even when the other highly competitive brands enter the industry and kill the market with predatory pricing and other business strategies. I have no idea why I started writing this article which I normally wouldn't given that I've been on a digital detox (Yeah, I quit social media - and that includes Instagram :O) but, here I am, doing it out of sheer love for the brand - cause Blood is thicker than Water and OnePlus is family. *cue the fast and furious family tune and feel* OnePlus is LOVE. <3

  2. Matt 80
    Lollipop Jan 18, 2020

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 18, 2020

    ASCHENTE_V , Jan 18, 2020 :
    He's cupcake and he's hyped for sth... Nothing new

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  4. SagarNB04
    Cupcake Jan 23, 2020