All sensors not working

  1. marcusblue
    Froyo Jul 7, 2015

    marcusblue , Jul 7, 2015 :
    I have encounter all sensor not working, already try many methods but still can't get them to work, all sensor apps from play store can't detect all sensor. Already send email to customer support. Got a booked remote session, but no one is attending to me when the booked time due. I think its hopeless if I just depend on oneplus support, hence I am posting this thread to see anyone out here can help me. I had try below method :

    Factory reset
    Flash again stock ROM CM11S
    Flash blisspop
    Flash exodus
    Flash CM12 nightly
    Flash stock ROM latest build
    Flash color os
    Flash miui
    Flash hydrogen os
    Flash oxygen os
    Finally flash back stock ROM latest build

    None of the above could get my sensors to work

    I think this might be hardware issue. If this is the case, I had to prepare to buy a new phone cause my warranty period is soon expired. Now the remote session also no one from oneplus wanted to attend to me, so don't even think of any RMA. I had attached a screen shot of my problems. As you can see, none of the sensor could be detected. If anyone here now how to solve this, please share you knowledge. Thank you

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  2. ronaldrenteria
    Froyo Oct 2, 2015

  3. ronaldrenteria
    Froyo Oct 2, 2015

    ronaldrenteria , Oct 2, 2015 :
    Hello, I have the same problem, have you managed to do the sensors work properly?