AMA about OnePlus 8 Series: Check the answers!

  1. Raghavkma
    Froyo Nov 6, 2020

    Raghavkma , Nov 6, 2020 :
    @Redback.D. and @Winkey W. Hi Sir, I was keeping a log of which One Plus devices have started supporting this feature. So I tracked all the other bug reports regarding this issue. So on One Plus 8 pro device with 10.5.12 update the bool values for the "profile_supported_hid_host" in the bluetooth.apk have been set to "true" but still this feature does not work by default . It does not even work by default in oxygen OS 11 in the One plus 8T(And i personally checked it on the 8T).So all the apps that use this Bluetooth HID device profile dont work by default. Even the Developer options toggle you created for HID device profile doesnt make it work. The bug request below has all the details regarding One Plus 8 pro (10.5.12) :

    Around the last few replies on this bug request someone named xivil has told a workaround which worked on One Plus 8 pro and OOS 11(8T which i checked) which is using this shell command with adb "adb shell am startservice com.android.bluetooth/.hid.HidDeviceService"

    But everyone wont have the programming knowledge to execute this shell command. And the Bluetooth HID device profile should be on by default like any other bluetooth profile like A2dp, HSP , HID host etc etc. And i dont even know that this shell command works forever or if i update my phone or restart my phone the HID service will stop again.

    This is a bug. Please correct this . I dont know what should One Plus do to correct this bug so that Bluetooth HID device service starts running forever like any other bluetooth profile. Please correct this bug in OOS 10 and as well as OOS 11 as soon as possible. And if possible please let me know which version of OOS 10 and 11 will this bug be cleared or removed so i know which version has that update for sure and I can check too.

    Thanks and please reply if you can with any update you can give us.
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  2. Raghavkma
    Froyo Nov 28, 2020

    Raghavkma , via OnePlus 5T , Nov 28, 2020 :
    If anyone has a One Plus 8/8pro/8T or one plus nord......let me know we can test together what parts of this feature have started working or resolved and what is not working by dm'ing or replying to this message

  3. MwangiMuiga
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2021

  4. MwangiMuiga
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2021

    MwangiMuiga , Jan 11, 2021 :
    I want the same too... Any leads or response??