AMA: Accessory & Gear Team

  1. VaibhavVJ1197
    Eclair May 18, 2020

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  2. luxuskamel
    Lollipop May 18, 2020

    luxuskamel , May 18, 2020 :
    @Donna L. I'm wondering what has happened since the last time when you were asking for our product ideas?
    You have probably read about the wormhole in the last internal newsletter. We are the biggest and most active international chat in these forums, many of us are here for many years already. We have seen many phones from OnePlus and everyone has his very own preferences. But everyone loves OnePlus swag :hearteyes: We do really apprentice your work.
    For me personally as simple as it sounds I would love to see more OnePlus/Never Settle T-shirts. I'm here since 5.5 years and still don't have one. In my opinion they do have a stronger brand connection than any other swag. Since they aren't handed out anymore and not available on the website for ages I am wondering if you discontinued them, or are there just big problems of Production/Sale ?


  3. suhantm
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 18, 2020

    suhantm , May 18, 2020 :
    Don't want to leave anyone out so I'd like to ask a question to all three of the epic OnePlus staff!

    @Christine L.
    First of all it was awesome to meet you and Jaden last year, really enjoyed the questions both of you asked and it seems like our feedback was taken very seriously :) The question I have for you is: What has been the biggest challenge you've faced on a certain accessories project?

    @Donna L.
    A big fan of all the work that you do, I love both backpacks that I have but being honest I love my travel backpack more than my explorer :p Anyways, the question I have for you is: What has been your source of inspiration for you or your team when you design clothing? I'm asking this because it seems like the new t-shirt has taken a slightly different design approach when compared to the more minimal designs in the past :)

    @Leo Lei
    You're a legend! I believe I was one of the first in Asia to receive the BWZ thanks to Santa @Zach X. ;) I'm not sure if you've read the review thread that I put out on the forums but I've really been enjoying using the BWZ everyday for the past 2 weeks! Also, my favorite BWZ colour is ultramarine blue :) My question for you is: How is the battery life of the BWZ longer/better than the BW2 if the capacity is the same?

    Thanks @Zach X. for yet another chance for us to get in touch with the team members that are the minds behind the products we use most but sometimes take for granted!

  4. Sanveerk
    Eclair May 18, 2020

    Sanveerk , May 18, 2020 :
    @Donna L. Will we get some more shirts in the Adult small and medium sizes? All shirts in stock right now are like 5xl and start at large, or or in white, and as someone who drops stuff alot, doesn't want to stain anything. I just wanna use my 10$ voucher a random nice person gave me on reddit

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  5. Aman_kalyan
    Gingerbread May 18, 2020

    Aman_kalyan , via OnePlus 3T , May 18, 2020 :
    Hey @Zach X.
    Thank you for the AMA

    I hope everyone is good taking care of themselves during this lockdown period.
    My question is for @Donna L.
    The gear section here in India hasn't been updated in a while. When can we expect new T-Shirts (old design and new)? Also, any plans on country specific T-Shirts design? I think it will be a cool idea.
    Also, can we expect daily use gears? Eg. water bottles and other stuff as well? I think a lot of people will be intrested in the same. I have a OnePlus water bottle from the launch event and everyone in my group envies it. It will surely affect the rarity of such items but it can work. IMaybe you can put up a poll of gear that the company can churn out and release the one with most votes?
    Just an idea. You guys are expert.
    Take care!
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  6. Abhishek654
    Honeycomb May 18, 2020

    Abhishek654 , May 18, 2020 :
    BWZ exactly the as BW2 just minor difference is that BWZ has single driver and BW2 has 2 driver other than everything is just over hype .I've been using the BW2 .

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  7. Vishal2004
    Eclair May 18, 2020

    Vishal2004 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 18, 2020 :
    You know we all love the pouch that came with BW-1 and BW-2 What was the reason to skip it with BW-Z? Why not redesign the pouch to make it a better fit to store the bullets, instead of hogging the bullets into them?

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  8. SeanPlus
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 18, 2020

    SeanPlus , May 18, 2020 :
    Hi @Christine L. and the rest of the OnePlus team,

    Hope you all remain safe and well.

    What are your thoughts to OnePlus bringing back swappable back covers for its phones? It's something I've really missed since the OnePlus 2. For one, it meant my flip cover felt part of the phone and that the device remained slim overall, instead of it having a clumpy wraparound wallet. The same might be said upon integrating other protective cases too.
    It could also provide an opportunity to partner with phone-skin providers (e.g. dbrand). If back covers can be marketed cheaply enough, selling bundles of plain covers + skins would enable device-owners to easily swap between their favourites depending on their mood, what they're wearing, etc. Making these covers from recycled plastic or bamboo would be a really nice touch too.
    Additionally, OnePlus took a great deal of care to make OP8's internal gubbins look really cool, so why not show off what's under the hood of future phones by allowing us to swap back covers?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts. :)

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  9. Chirag Bir
    Donut May 18, 2020

    Chirag Bir , via OnePlus 6 , May 18, 2020 :
    Can You Pls Tell Me If You are Going To Release Backpack V3 Soon.It is so Because I Am Planning To Buy V2 as My College is Going To start But If A newer Version Would Be available Then I would Buy That For sure

    PLS Help Me

    either ways I will Buy A 1+ Backpack


    @Donna L.

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  10. A_rose_by_any_other_name
    Froyo May 18, 2020

    A_rose_by_any_other_name , May 18, 2020 :
    Hi @Christine L. My question is to you please. Are there plans for any further 8 pro cases? I.e. the 8 received the special edition Andre cases which aren't available for the pro version. If so are there any expected ETA? I was hoping for more choice on cases or colours at least but have been holding off purchasing a case from a third party in the hopes you're going to release more

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  11. A_rose_by_any_other_name
    Froyo May 18, 2020

    A_rose_by_any_other_name , May 18, 2020 :
    Hi @Leo Lei I have a question for you please. What is the process you go through when deciding which features to include in new earphones and which market you're aiming for etc? I.e. Which specs to give priority to and which budget to stick to

  12. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert May 18, 2020

    Venky61 , May 18, 2020 :
    Thanks @Zach X. for organizing this AMA :)

    My question for @Donna L.
    Hi there, I have to say that your team does a great job in designing all the Gears. The Travel Backpack (Space Black) is my fav and using it from years :D
    I would like to know, what's your all time favorite OnePlus gear and why (Obviously excluding Explorer Backpack :p)
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  13. nmatheis
    US Brand Ambassador May 18, 2020

    nmatheis , via OnePlus Community App , May 18, 2020 :
    @Christine L.

    First of all, thanks for all the great accessories!

    My question to you is, why aren't OnePlus water bottles and notepads up for sale on the OnePlus website?

    I've wanted a OnePlus water bottle for quite some time now and haven't been able to win one in the raffles. I'd love to just buy one!

    I got a couple OnePlus notepads at product launches but haven't used them extensively because I can't buy more. Make these available for sale, and I'll certainly buy some!

    @Donna L.

    I have the Explorer in the beautiful Morandi Green colorway. It's a good backpack but a couple things hold it back from being great in my opinion.

    My question to you is, will there be an update in the near future?

    Things I'd like to see...
    • A light framesheet in the back for a bit of rigidity
    • Taller water bottle pocket
    • Gusseting on ventilated pocket for expansion

    In my opinion, those changes would take this from good to great!

    @Leo Lei

    I own and am happy with Bullets V1 & V2. V1 fit very well, stay put thanks to the wings, and have very coherent sound if a bit lacking in excitement. V2 sounds better with more energy and larger soundstage but don't stay put as well because they lack wings and the magnets aren't very strong so they separate too easily.

    I haven't heard Bullets Z and don't think I'll purchase them since they seem redundant with V1 & V2 for my use case since I have no need the extra low latency.

    My question for you is, why did ones drop the wings with Bullets V2 & Z?

    Thanks in advance for the answers!

  14. Chinda
    Jelly Bean May 18, 2020

    Chinda , May 18, 2020 :
    @Christine L. Hi my question to you is why doesn't the OnePlus cases have closer fitting cut-outs and a more raised camera protection? Are OnePlus planning on fixing the flaws improving the current cases design?

    You say your the designer and product manager of protective cases for the OnePlus 7 Series & OnePlus 8 Series. No offence but you and OnePlus have done a poor job for the OnePlus 7 series and OnePlus 8 series cases. I would of happily bought the official OnePlus Karbon Kevlar case if it was designed properly.

    Here in this picture is the OnePlus 8 Pro Karbon Kevlar case. Big gap in the cut-out of the lens with the flash underneath. Plus the raised camera protection isn't high enough to stop the other 3 camera lens from scratching against a table etc when the phone is placed down.


    And here is the much better designed Latercase Kevlar case for the OnePlus 8 Pro that I ordered. That has proper fitted camera cut-outs and proper camera protection to stop the lens touching a table etc when the phone is placed down.


    I wanted to buy the official OnePlus Karbon Kevlar case but unfortunately it is badly designed and little camera protection. So no other option than to buy a third party case to suit my needs.
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  15. G_plusone
    Marshmallow May 18, 2020

    G_plusone , May 18, 2020 :
    I don't even know if Razer or ROG do such Cases :D

  16. Batman360
    OnePlus Accessory Tester May 18, 2020

    Batman360 , May 18, 2020 :
    They don't coz their logo already glows😂😂

  17. G_plusone
    Marshmallow May 18, 2020

    G_plusone , May 18, 2020 :
    Ofcourse and they already look like they are in a case :p

  18. Batman360
    OnePlus Accessory Tester May 18, 2020

    Batman360 , May 18, 2020 :

  19. IamRiteshkh
    Donut May 18, 2020

    IamRiteshkh , via OnePlus 3T , May 18, 2020 :
    Hi @Leo Lei I Have Question To You On BWZ

    The BWZ Got Type C Charging Support Is Good And Impressed To It. But Why Didn't Get Protection Rubber Cover Over Type C Port. Its Get Dust Into It.

    In India🇮🇳 Its Only 2k Rupees It Is Amazing There Are No Other Comparator To That's Amazing Smooth And Clear Listing Music Bluetooth Earphones With Last Listing Upto 20 Hours At A Single Charge.

    Love[e]1f499[/e] From India🇮🇳 To @Leo Lei

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  20. Lokesh Dutta
    Gingerbread May 18, 2020

    Lokesh Dutta , May 18, 2020 :
    @Leo Lei

    Hi Leo,

    From where you get the inspiration to make such a wonderful and most affordable Bluetooth Wireless Z for us. 🙂🙂