Amazon Screen Protector Review

  1. pyccanful
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 17, 2014

    pyccanful , Jul 17, 2014 :
    http://www.amazon.com/iLLumiShield-...0018&sr=8-2&keywords=oneplus one illumishield

    Got this screen protector from amazon because it was the cheapest one with prime.

    Its an okay screen protector, it isnt the highest quality.

    The screen protector still has a little bit of the film/plastic feel and not a real glass feel.

    No finger prints but it keeps getting "oil" on it and is quiet annoying.

    I wanted to get something tempered, but i got my phone a couple weeks ago and the options werent plentiful also the ones i did find would takes weeks to come in (and i wanted a screen protector right away).

    My recommendation.....dont get it. Spend a couple extra bucks and get something tempered.

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