Amoled and its battery consumption explained!

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    OnePlus devices are already good optimized thanks to near pure Android OS, lower screen resolution and the wonderfully AMOLED screen. What I want to share to you guys, is my knowledge on how to improve battery life and lifespan of our dear screen (anti colour degradation of diodes).
    OnePlus 5/5T uses pentile AMOLED displays. Which means that the screen is working thanks to Red/Blue/Green diodes. The term pentile means the diodes are arranged differently than normal, There is 2x more green diodes than reds, or blues but they are half the size. for every green and blue there's a half sizes green diodes.

    Green diodes deteoriate faster than blue or red diodes, blue diodes consume more energy than green. And green consumes more power than red.
    In terms of consumption:
    In terms of degradation:

    consumption in mV
    black = 376
    green = 566
    Amber (goldish) = 586
    red = 596
    salmon = 702
    blue = 730
    white = 801

    why salmon (bright red) uses that much? salmon colour uses 100% red, 50% blue and 50% green. the Blue is killing it ;)

    Based on this we assume the best colour to chose as a wallpaper is Red! technically yes but keep on reading.

    Next thing I wanna talk about is nits! The OnePlus 5T maximum nits is at aprox 435-445. Nits is the amount of brightness diodes emit consuming power to emit light. AMOLED different than LCD uses organic diodes to emit light while LCD uses a backlight. There's a con to that of AMOLED. At between 150-200 nits in an all perfect white background the power consumption is identical to that of LCD at maximum brightness. If you bump it to 400 nits it's consumption is 2.5x more. bump it to from 500 to 600 nits it's an impressive 4x more than Max LCD screen brightness. To put it in simple terms:
    Imagine you have your screen at 70%, putting it in 100% consumes about 2x more than in 70% for mainly an increase of 1.3 brightness!!!
    At 200 nits a total white screen consumes 2.2x more than it would in a complete black screen.
    It's wise to control your brightness level whenever you can.

    Back to the colours, yes, red is an efficient colour and I would recommend you to choose that as main colour for a background but the most efficient one is deep black.
    so any wallpaper who doesn't contain blue and green will do fine.
    That doesn't mean you have to stick to red, the key is changing your wallpaper to different colours every 2 weeks. What degrades the diodes is using Max brightness for a long period of time mainly on the white colour. The green and blue diodes are the first to lose they consistency.

    If you have apps with custom dark theme instead of white don't think twice, whites are the biggest nightmares of AMOLED displays.
    The thing is, just switching the screen on to watch time and turning the screen off seconds later consumes 20x-40x than it normally would.
    Use ambient light on your OnePlus 5T

    Another thing is heat, heat just destroys and it's overall just bad for diodes, they don't stand heat. If your screen is hot, turn your screen of for 5min, your screen will thank you later.


    Hope I helped you understand a bit better. If it was helpful give me a like.
    If you're interested on how Lithium-Ion battery works and how to make the best out of it check the thread i made https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/lithium-ion-batteries-consumption-explained.708450/
    Have fun. Peace
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