An Android version of Wallpaper Engine is coming soon and it's Free!!

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    PritishPriyam , Sep 24, 2021 :
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    Hello Community,

    Wallpaper Engine is a name that strikes a chord with almost every Windows user, and there's a valid reason behind this. The application allowed its users to get away from the monotony and dullness of static wallpapers by enabling them to create as well as choose live wallpapers. Linked to the Steam Workshop, it enabled one to download animated wallpapers created and shared by the Steam community, featuring creations that span games, sports, animals, and even memes( referring to the PC version).

    Now coming back to the main topic of this thread, the Android version of Wallpaper Engine is expected to launch sometime in October or early November, going by the announcement they've made on Steam and Twitter.

    Screenshot (185).png

    Here's a list of some of the main features of the Android version:
    1- Real-time graphics, videos, or applications.
    2- Personalization of animated wallpapers with your favorite colors.
    3- Interactive wallpapers.
    4- Provision of many aspect ratios and native resolutions.

    A preview of the Android app:

    AW.gif MusicWE.gif

    So, what do you guys think of this? Will Wallpaper Engine be able to create a space for itself in the Android wallpaper segment, an area already dominated by various apps like Zedge, etc.? Also, are you guys considering downloading the application or not? I, for one, am.
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