An update on user submitted feature requests

  1. bikram74
    Eclair May 13, 2020

    bikram74 , May 13, 2020 :

    A feature which I would like to have in not only on OxygenOS but on every Android; An EMERGENCY MODE

    During dire emergency when battery is LOW or a situtation where none of these fancy apps matter but a Mode which can convert your smart phone to just a regular phone (Only Calls/SMS/Location beacon) and closing all Foreground/Background process where you can save on battery and save lives.

    Like on changing into that Mode the phone GUI converts in Minimalist and all other services/processes are shutdown to save battery and Calling/SMS/Location beacon/ services are just available

    Along with other settings Like sending an SOS to certain numbers/Auto location Share as a Google MAPS URL

    This could be soooo handy and a life saver feature for many many users.


  2. M1580371692851
    Cupcake May 14, 2020

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  3. V1589015512536
    Cupcake May 14, 2020