Android 10 comes unofficially to the Nintendo Switch

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    dnagpaldg , Feb 12, 2021 :
    The Nintendo Switch is unlike most other consoles - it’s portable, it has fun colours, it doesn’t boast about the highest TFLOPs or the fastest gameplay, and it definitely doesn’t offer 8K 60 fps gameplay. But it does one thing, and it does it quite well - it plays games, and it’s fun to play games on the Switch.

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    The Nintendo Switch, essentially, is marketed towards families and children. It doesn’t offer deep riveting storylines, but it offers games from Nintendo’s vast collection, like Animal Crossing, Zelda, and of course, Mario! The thing here is that Nintendo, in a lot of ways, is notorious for locking down its hardware. All of the top games on Switch are made by Nintendo, and you definitely don’t have the option to play games like Halo or Cyberpunk 2077 on it.

    Well technically…. You can.

    The Switchroot project is a group of hacky developers dedicated to porting Android to the Nintendo Switch. They managed to release a working Android 8.1 build back in 2018, and yesterday, they released Android 10 for the Nintendo Switch. Crazy, right?

    How’s it look?
    The Android 10 port for the Nintendo Switch is simultaneously Official and Unofficial - It’s released by Switchroot, the group working to bring Android to the Switch. But it's an unofficial (read, not maintained by) Lineage OS project, on whose OS the Switchroot build is based. When you load it up, it looks like an Android tablet. Also, it will only work on an earlier generation of Nintendo Switch - not the Switch Lite, and not the newer ones. But for the devices that can run Android 10, this is how it looks:

    When in handheld mode, Android on the Switch looks like a standard tablet ROM, albeit with a few bugs here and there. The joycons are now connected via Bluetooth, but they can still be charged by the main console when attached to it. The bigger issue is to ensure you have a fast SD card to boot the ROM, or else you’d be stuck with excruciatingly slow loading times everywhere. The Switch also has a docked mode, where you can play games on the TV. Gladly, the Switchroot port has an Android TV mode for that situation, and it works with the regular Switch dock!

    But why would anyone want to run Android on a console?

    Credits: Amelia Holoway, The Verge
    Because we can, and because it is so ******* crazy to be able to take control of your hardware in this way. This seems like enough reason to do it for a lot of people. But there is one more reason that people might forget: getting out of the Nintendo walled garden.

    The Nintendo Switch has a very powerful Nvidia chipset, and 4 GB of RAM. Along with the joycons, this is the ultimate portable gaming machine in a lot of ways. Yes, it might not be the most powerful, but then playing retro games on an emulator never needed PS5 level number-crunching. The Switch immediately becomes a way to play your retro games, but with Joycons instead of buttons on a touchscreen. And Joycons are still the best way to have a game controller on a mobile device short of connecting a much larger XBox controller.

    Moreover, with the advent of cloud gaming services, it doesn’t matter how powerful your own console is, as long as you have good internet. Imagine being able to play Halo on your Switch - with XBox Game Pass, you can run it on the Android port. What about Cyberpunk? Play it on Stadia! Good old Fortnite? Download the APK! Subway Surfers with Joycons? Hell yes! Animal Crossing? Load the default Horizon OS. Legend of Zelda? Horizon OS. Stream the Mandalorian on Disney+? Download the app! In short, you can seriously use the Switch as an anything console, once you’ve messed around enough. And this elusive promise is why we now have an Android port for the Nintendo Switch.

    How do I do it?

    https://lmgtfy.app/?q=how to add android to nintendo switch&iie=1

    Since Nintendo is usually very strict about modifications to its hardware, this thread will not discuss anything related to the actual procedure. Instead, the focus is going to be on the possibilities unlocked by running Android on this device.

    The android porting community has managed to make the OS run on myriad devices, but it often brings up the issue of hardware being made proprietary, and people’s rights to what they own. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Well that's interesting! It basically opens the door to do whatever you can on Android 10 on a Switch (except calls). I wouldn't be brave enough to try that, but it is interesting for those who are brave enough.

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    True 💯

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