Android 12 Snow Cone - Everything we know so far!

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    YRJ , May 17, 2021 :
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    Okay, before you ask… No! You're not getting Android 12 / S on your OnePlus X/Y/Z anytime soon. Google will soon release the first Beta of the latest flavor of Android and it will still take MONTHS before Android 12 is officially released.
    Currently Android 12 DP builds can be installed on the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5 only. However, the full release is slated for later this year. For more details refer to the update timeline below:


    Source: Google

    With that out of the way, let's quickly recapitulate everything we know about Android Snow Cone! Yes, despite Google dropping dessert names for Android, it is internally referred to as: snow cone. I don't know about you but it sure sounds cool to me 🥶
    • @CosmicPaladin covered all the changes that Google introduced with its first developer preview for pixel phones. Wallpaper-based themes, improved screenshot editor, nearby share, notification snooze, and quick setting toggles are just a handful of things that we have seen changed. If you're wondering what all of this means I recommend you head over to Cosmic’s thread and have a look at everything that's new.​
    • In early February, we saw some leaked screenshots hinting towards a massive UI redesign in Android 12. And even though nothing is set in stone yet, this is (more or less) how the final version might look like!

      You can find out more about it in @Bhaveee's thread here.

      Just a couple of days ago, we got an additional look at what Android 12 may look like, courtesy of Front Page Tech.

      Google is also making a major push for one-handed use with Android 12. Like it or not, much like OneUI 2 and Oxygen OS 11, Android 12 too will feature bigger text and more white (or black) spaces to bring UI elements to the lower half of the phone for convenient one-handed usability. A one-handed mode similar to the OnePlus tested in Open Beta years ago, seems to also be in the pipeline.
    • A much more refined gaming mode is also making its way to snow cone. With the ability to transfer haptic feedback data from the smartphone to your gamepad controller, it sure will elevate your gaming experience.
    • XDA, while testing the DP build, unearthed an in-development lock screen and AOD interface which is disabled by default. But that's not all, XDA also showed off some leaked screenshots received from an anonymous source, we get a good look at Google's rendition of Samsung's App Pairs which lets you open two apps at once. (Think split screen but better) App pairs are treated as one app instead of two different apps.
    Split Screen on left and New App pairs on right
    Source: XDA
    • Scrolling screenshots and power key shortcut for assistant.
      With Android 12, there are major interface changes in the pipeline, Android Authority's article detailed several key changes. Right off the bat, scrolling screenshots just got better! You can now choose the parts of the screen that you want to capture instead of scrolling down manually.
    • My personal favourite leak so far is App Hibernation. This feature will automatically clear temporary files to free up space. Previously, android used to revoke unused app permissions but with Android 12 Google is taking this concept a step further.
    • Android 12 DP3 was released for Pixel phones 3 and up, 9to5google has rounded up everything that changed with this update here. To quickly summarise, here are the major changes:
      • Toast messages now match your system theme, with support for dark mode too.
      • The annoying “open with” dialog gets less annoying. Verified links now open directly in the app.
      • Notification count! How many new emails do you have? Fret not, that info is now available at a glance with a notification counter for bundled notifications.
      • A revamped widget system with rounded corners.
      • Clear screenshot previews with left/right swipe.
      • Resigned setting page now live!
      • And lots more...
    This thread will be updated as and when we learn more about the latest flavor of Android. But until then, keep the conversation flowing by letting us know which of the above features you're looking forward to the most! Did you get a chance to try out any of the DP builds so far? If yes, how has the experience been so far?

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    dsmonteiro , May 17, 2021 :
    Are you eager to share your thoughts on Android 12 and everything Google I/O related? Visit @CosmicPaladin's thread here and find out how to join the Google I/O voice chat that will be held this Saturday.

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    Nice one:)
    Thank you my brother:) 👍🏼👍🏼🤗

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    TheSpoken , May 17, 2021 :
    Eh... Seems pretty stale like usual. If the company has already implemented the features mentioned in Android 12 it isn't that much of a change.

    At this point as long as I have the security updates, I really don't care what my android version is at. One handed use, scrolling screenshots, and gaming modes are already widespread on "nonstock" android phones.


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    Thanks for the thread @YRJ
    App hibernation seems like an awesome feature - bettery battery operating time 😉 I'd love to use it.

    UI seems a little refreshed - I think it'll have an impact on the daily usage.

    Excited 😋

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    It's highly unlikely that this is how android 12 will look like on all phones, all OEMs use a skin so the overall look depends on how OEMs optimise their os

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    McJader , May 17, 2021 :
    "Where OOS12? ":rolleyes:
    I've already seen 3 threads saying exactly this today.
    Ready for even more after this thread:rolleyes:

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    How about reading the first post? Is it that difficult?

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    What did I say:p

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    Wonderful Thread @YRJ
    Personally, I would be looking forward to security improvements and UI obvv, probable new one looks quite refreshing

    It just can't stop😂