Android 9 Community Beta 2 for OnePlus 3/3T

  1. abhi2411 Gingerbread May 20, 2019

    abhi2411, May 20, 2019 :
    OnePlus wanted to show to the phone world that how they are supporting older models but it has been a total flop. they can't even speak about it anywhere as they will get a counter question immediately "so It takes you one year right"?.

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  2. gazz1701 Jelly Bean May 20, 2019

    gazz1701, May 20, 2019 :
    But it's not taken them a year... so who could ask that question with credibility?

    The announcement was 30th July 2018... that's not a year, unless you're posting from the future?

    The announcement clearly stated it would not release for 3/3T until after the 5/5T... from memory that did not release until late 2018 (might even have been early 2019)... so that's not a year.

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  3. abhi2411 Gingerbread May 20, 2019

    abhi2411, May 20, 2019 :
    read that highlighted thing. from past few months (before 30-07-2018) means may and June included. that makes it one year. and they have also mentioned the word accelerated. huh accelerated.

  4. gazz1701 Jelly Bean May 20, 2019

    gazz1701, May 20, 2019 :
    That post you quote was 30th July 2018...

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  5. abhi2411 Gingerbread May 20, 2019

    abhi2411, May 20, 2019 :
    yea exactly. in that post they have written from past few months. what does that mean ?? I guess that completes one year.

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  6. Chro Froyo May 20, 2019

    Chro, May 20, 2019 :
    it's so Bad. i ll never buy a Oneplus. it's not funny Oneplus. it's bad. sorry,but it's Thema true.

  7. gazz1701 Jelly Bean May 20, 2019

    gazz1701, May 20, 2019 :
    You are seriously distorting, stretching and warping words to fit your minds view...

    What did they mean by last few months (before 30th July)? Probably working with Google on delivering a version of the P beta for the 6, as was announced at the Google I/O event, and by OnePlus.

    Nothing more - you're somehow assuming that applies to 3/3T as well by association? That your P for 3/3T counter started then?

    The promise to deliver P for 3/3T started 30th July with that official announcement... but remember no date...just stated after 5/5T... so as before, if you must have a start date then you would have to take that release, no? That's assuming dev work started then, but we actually don't know that do we? Unless you know from your 'inside man'...

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  8. gazz1701 Jelly Bean May 20, 2019

    gazz1701, May 20, 2019 :
    What's so bad exactly? What's not funny exactly?

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  9. abhi2411 Gingerbread May 20, 2019

    abhi2411, May 20, 2019 :
    are you working in OnePlus ?? instead of criticizing them your taunting community members. and for your information they also promised bi - monthly security patches till 3 years. 6 months have passed by and no security patch. we should have got 2 security patches since November till now but not even one. in shortcut they are just going to give the update before 14 June (the day Oneplus 3 completes 3 yrs and there are done with this device).

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  10. Ankitbhat12345 Jelly Bean May 21, 2019

    Ankitbhat12345, May 21, 2019 :

  11. Ankitbhat12345 Jelly Bean May 21, 2019

  12. B1557406366378 Cupcake May 21, 2019

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  13. Chro Froyo May 21, 2019

    Chro, May 21, 2019 :

  14. Saurav Pillai Honeycomb May 21, 2019

    Saurav Pillai, May 21, 2019 :
    he doesn't have to be working for OnePlus to tell you that you are being unreasonable. It is clearly implied that for the past months mentioned in the post they were working on Android P betas for OnePlus 6 only and if you look back in one of the posts it's clearly mentioned that they started work on 3/3T only at the end of 2018. the conclusion that you have drawn is totally on you. Also they have released 2 community betas , they are easy to install and as far as I can tell from my daily use it's quite stable

    the only thing I agree with in your rant is the issue regarding bi monthly updates for people who don't wanna install coummunity beta's.

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  15. _Kartik_Chhaparia Cupcake May 21, 2019

  16. PTuT Jelly Bean May 21, 2019

    PTuT, May 21, 2019 :
    Hopefully, release of OP7 won't slow it down.

  17. mebiX Cupcake May 21, 2019

  18. gazz1701 Jelly Bean May 21, 2019

  19. G_Manish_Chandola_ Honeycomb May 21, 2019

  20. G_SpEeDCubER__NiKa_jcqg Honeycomb May 21, 2019

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