Android Authority just exposed the OP2 for what it is wit their latest video

  1. tgrazins Gingerbread Jun 8, 2016

  2. sahil_starrh Honeycomb Jun 8, 2016

  3. Blue-agila Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 8, 2016

  4. marinobiagio KitKat Jun 8, 2016

  5. luissalvador90 Honeycomb Jun 8, 2016

  6. mattd04639 Honeycomb Jun 8, 2016

    mattd04639, Jun 8, 2016 :
    Exactly! I can understand their opinions on phone's hardware, and I'm sure they wanted to get this out before the release of the OP3, but the newer software could have changed some of their opinions on the phone.

    They should have waited for the software update.

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  7. Ivanpoocky13 KitKat Jun 8, 2016

  8. aneesimran Honeycomb Jun 8, 2016

    aneesimran, Jun 8, 2016 :
    You can't blame them, how long would they have waited? MM was due by Q1 but we were treated to beta build. They aren't gonna wait until the next update espcially when there is no clear response from oneplus when that was gonna be out. "Soon", as a response isn't enough

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  9. SeanPlus Honeycomb Jun 8, 2016

    SeanPlus, Jun 8, 2016 :
    They probably did, but got fed up of waiting. We were meant to get OOS 3.0 in Q1.

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  10. marinobiagio KitKat Jun 8, 2016

    marinobiagio, Jun 8, 2016 :
    But they have already made a video with L.. For me don't have sense make another review with same software.. It's a phone not a bottle of wine if you don't change software will be the same! XD

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  11. samven582 Gingerbread Jun 8, 2016

  12. Mat11 Honeycomb Jun 8, 2016

    Mat11, Jun 8, 2016 :
    I never get to understand all the reviewers that say Oneplus 2 did not get to kill any other flagship as the Oneplus One. They never go through an understandable statement to make their point. Why did the Oneplus One surprised everyone?

    I think the only reason the One got all the buzz is because it took everyone by surprise. The "new company/startup" factor builded the way. By the time of release a good build quality, great performance, precise OS with CyanogeOS and a rare design sealed the deal to make a trully intriguing device to buy.
    Despite that, the specs were on point with many flagships but they were not outstanding. By then there were already smartphones with QHD.
    There's no evident feature to say the Oneplus 2 it's not a flagship killer, it just didn't stun.

  13. noonenonenone Eclair Jun 9, 2016

    noonenonenone, Jun 9, 2016 :
    For £250 i would say its surely a killer my phones battery last a whole day even after playing music for at least 8hrs . I don't understand one thing the android pay came in UK now only but it came early in US, still I wouldn't moan about NFC , I bought this to use as a phone not for showoff and saved about £300 compered to other mobiles . when compared to other mobiles I would surely buy the oneplus products again instead of Samsung ,lg and etc.

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  14. AkileshAkil Gingerbread Jun 9, 2016

  15. ant_mir Honeycomb Jun 9, 2016

    ant_mir, Jun 9, 2016 :
    A shitty review. For God sakes. My OP2 unlocks fast as hell! Camera is VERY good and overall speed is amazing in CM13!
    I have no more complaints about this phone. Well, at least now... let's see in the near future!

  16. aneesimran Honeycomb Jun 9, 2016

    aneesimran, Jun 9, 2016 :
    You have cm13... That's not stock default os for the phone... So your point is invalid.

  17. aneesimran Honeycomb Jun 9, 2016

    aneesimran, Jun 9, 2016 :
    So does that mean all reviews are biased??? Because almost every phone has had a software update after the review is released.

  18. ant_mir Honeycomb Jun 9, 2016

    ant_mir, Jun 9, 2016 :
    It's invalid why? It uses the default kernel sources from oos3.0.2!!

    I had it for a few days, no lag, no problems. Battery lasted, like usual, an entire day.

  19. OberstHeftig Froyo Jun 9, 2016

    OberstHeftig, Jun 9, 2016 :
    To all people compaining about this Review without the marshmallow update. Do you forget that we had to use this device with this crap software for month? The OPT was garbage until the first beta so stop shooting against this Review. The latest update does not forget the last 8 or 9 month!

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  20. Loveit Jelly Bean Jun 9, 2016

    Loveit, Jun 9, 2016 :
    Yeah this phone was a real piece of shit for ages lol. I only got mine in October too! Coming from the uber-smooth Nexus 5 it was quite a shock.

    To be honest my Nexus 5 is still faster in most things but I love the screen, fps, battery and OxygenOS customisations on this phone.