Android Auto crashes repetitively on OnePlus 8T

  1. Nicodimas
    Froyo Nov 5, 2020

    Nicodimas , Nov 5, 2020 :
    Hey guys, I searched the forum and didn't find anything related to the issue that I'm having so here I am...

    When I connect my phone to my car, things load normally. AA connects, Google Maps loads, Spotify plays whatever I was listening to recently.

    But after a short time (anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes) in the car, it will randomly ... just ... stop. No error message(s); it just stops working as though I unplugged the cable. So I disconnect, wait about 10 seconds and reconnect. It works again ... but only for 10 minutes at most before it happens again. And sometimes, if I go through reconnecting several times, it just doesn't reconnect anymore.

    I have tried:
    - a new USB cable
    - reinstalling AA
    - enabling [Developer mode and] USB debugging
    - changing default USB connectivity settings

    So far nothing has helped. Any ideas you guys have would be most appreciated! <3


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  2. AlexZjuH
    Donut Nov 20, 2020

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    AlexZjuH , Nov 20, 2020 :
    Yup seeing similar behaviour... already excluded all my android auto related apps from battery optimization. Still the same. reaching 100% battery and we're done for...

    After checking the google forums, the following is what I found;


    apparantly been going on since september of last year(!)

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  3. Siether
    Cupcake Nov 11, 2020

    Siether , Nov 11, 2020 :
    Same here.

    Battery optimization is off,
    Good cellular reception, etc.

    I will try to test it without using Spotify.
    This morning after repeatedly crashing I've just used Waze and no Spotify and it seemed more stable.

    Could be a coincidence ofcourse.

    Update: Tried a 1,5 hour drive without Spotify -> No crashes
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  4. Nicodimas
    Froyo Nov 18, 2020

    Nicodimas , Nov 18, 2020 :
    I've been trying combinations of Waze and Google Maps, Spotify and Tidal. All combinations still have crashes with no apparent pattern. Sigh.

    I'm starting to wonder if it happens when the battery reaches 100%.
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  5. AlexZjuH
    Donut Nov 19, 2020

    AlexZjuH , Nov 19, 2020 :
    Have thesame issues. After clearing my Play services cache it "seemed" to go better yesterday (1 hour drive using maps and spotify). This morning after 7-8 minutes my headunit went crazy again, and AA started quickly restarting again.

    Trigger seems to be navigation in combination with media playback on Android 11. There are some other Android 11 users complaining about very unstable Android Auto. connections get dropped, up untill you cant even reconnect anymore.

    Very eager to see if anyone here has found a solution / workaround.

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  7. Nicodimas
    Froyo Nov 19, 2020

    Nicodimas , Nov 19, 2020 :
    This morning on my drive to work, I very carefully watched my phone's behavior while it charged the rest of the way via USB. A few minutes after reaching 100%, AA crashed again. So I'm going to turn off all optimization for AA and see if this continues. I'm going to leave it on for other variables (waze, google maps, spotify, & tidal)
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  8. AlexZjuH
    Donut Nov 19, 2020

    AlexZjuH , Nov 19, 2020 :
    Good point. Just did. will keep you posted the next couple of days.

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  9. Nicodimas
    Froyo Nov 20, 2020

    Nicodimas , Nov 20, 2020 :
    Ok, so I still had AA crash this morning after turning off Battery Optimization to AA only.
    I'm going to turn it off completely and see if it still happens and then go back to systematically trying to figure out which app is potentially causing it.

  10. Siether
    Cupcake Nov 20, 2020

    Siether , Nov 20, 2020 :

    I was thinking the same.
    This morning around 100% when driving: constant crashes.
    This evening driving back with phone battery approximately 65%: no crash at all.

    So I indeed suggest like you something like that with the 100%

  11. Nicodimas
    Froyo Nov 21, 2020

    Nicodimas , Nov 21, 2020 :
    Oddly, this makes me feel better. With so many people experiencing this, it will have to get fixed sooner than later.

  12. AlexZjuH
    Donut Nov 21, 2020

    AlexZjuH , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 21, 2020 :
    Yeah you would think so. I see however 2 major bugs, this and the one where the voice assistant ignores language settings and reads out messages in english. Both have been reported over a year ago, wiith a large increase of users stating they are experiencing the same, but no fix of eren workaround for either issue. I have been using Android since eclair, but this I have never seen...

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  13. AlexZjuH
    Donut Dec 3, 2020

    AlexZjuH , Dec 3, 2020 :
    I can confirm that during the last week I could make full use of AA as long as my battery isnt fully charged. Small sidenote, that you can't actually dial from infotainment. Dial button is simply missing on infotainment screen, so I have to actually start the call on my 8t, after which the end call button just appears on my infotainment screen.

  14. Nicodimas
    Froyo Dec 31, 2020

    Nicodimas , Dec 31, 2020 :
    Update: I'm now getting this issue randomly at any battery percentage. It's effectively making AA unusable.

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  15. AlexZjuH
    Donut Jan 4, 2021

    AlexZjuH , Jan 4, 2021 :
    It's raining complaints at the earlier mentioned google thread, people even switching to IOS / APPLE because they simply cannot rely on AA

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  16. Nicodimas
    Froyo Jan 14, 2021

    Nicodimas , Jan 14, 2021 :
    So guys ... I edited my review of AA on the Google Play store to include this issue and I had someone message me from their support team pretty quickly. Their instructions were pretty easy and included a lot of things that I'd already done. But ... I can't tell you how shocked I was at this result ... because I dismissed it so easily. But ... I replaced the cable with a new one and after almost a week, I haven't had AA crash on me once. I'm stunned that it could be so simple and that I had dismissed it so easily, but anyone having this issue should just spend the $7 on Amazon and get the AmazonBasics USB-A to USB-C cable to replace whatever you're using. Full stop.


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  17. shahi14323
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 14, 2021

  18. Subhadip aich
    Gingerbread Jan 15, 2021

  19. AlexZjuH
    Donut Jan 26, 2021

    AlexZjuH , Jan 26, 2021 :
    Good to hear. Only I am in NL, and dont have access to such a "amazon specific" cable. I will try the Oneplus one I ordered for high speed charging.


    I will let you know what my findings are. To be honest, my current cable in the car is one that never let me down with my Samsung S9, so I too dismissed it, especially after reading the google forum which states numerous people claiming they bought loads of cables to make sure it wasn't cable-caused...

  20. AlexZjuH
    Donut Jan 28, 2021

    AlexZjuH , Jan 28, 2021 :
    I am almost to ashamed to say this, but yes. My OnePlus Warpcharge cable doesn't generate this error, I used for over an hour at 100% charge...