Android Auto Low Volume

  1. andyvee1969 Cupcake Jul 6, 2018

    andyvee1969, Jul 6, 2018 :
    Anyone else got the same problem?
    I use Android Auto with my car head unit (Skoda Kodiaq) to play music. I either use Google Play Music or MediaMonkey (preferred). The audio volume over bluetooth from either of these apps is fine. If I then connect the USB cable and start Android auto the volume of the same track at the same head unit volume is significantly lower than over BT, and is also significantly lower than the radio, playing mp3s from USB etc. I have turn the head unit up by about 25% to achieve the same volume level as BT audio.

    The same head unit with a cheap Motorola E does not have this volume discrepancy. With a HTC 10 there is a slight reduction with Android Auto, but nowhere near to the same extent as with the OP6. I have tried 3 different USB-C cables that work fine with the HTC 10, and 2 OP USB-C cables.

    As there is no way of adjusting the volume of Android Auto media volume on the phone does anyone else have this issue?

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