ROM Android L Near-Stock (LiquidSmooth) Install


Is this ROM daily-driver material?

  1. YES! Works great!

    537 vote(s)
  2. NO! BUGGY!

    169 vote(s)
  3. Meh, I just prefer my official KK right now.

    327 vote(s)
  4. Works fine, but I'll wait for CM12S!

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  1. TigerXC
    Lollipop Jan 6, 2015

    TigerXC , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Maybe I messed it up somehow. lol.

    I'll try again later. ;)

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  2. oneplusoneinvite32
    Gingerbread Jan 6, 2015

  3. forid-786
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 6, 2015

    forid-786 , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Well... The sound fix didn't work. All it did was lower the length and volume of the glitches by a 1/2 I'd say...Guess we wait for a 2015 build. Cm seems to be slacking too.

  4. radhalokesh
    Gingerbread Jan 6, 2015

    radhalokesh , Jan 6, 2015 :
    While on a phone call, if someone else calls, the present call goes to mute(while call waiting).
    There is no use even after clicking mute or unmute button.
    Please help!

  5. raschi
    Eclair Jan 6, 2015

    raschi , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Have a question: do you mean with reflashing I have to wipe all data(system, data and dalvik/Art cache) or just reflash the Rom??

    Sry if it is a dumb question

  6. raschi
    Eclair Jan 6, 2015

    raschi , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Am I retarded, because I can only see a Version from 30th of december that I have, how do you get the Version of 2015

  7. Saem
    Gingerbread Jan 6, 2015

    Saem , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Typo it may be.New version isn't out yet

  8. seether84
    Jelly Bean Jan 6, 2015

    seether84 , Jan 6, 2015 :
    No, i am.

    I tried liquidsmooth and had several problems with this builds so I uninstalled it and flashed unofficial Nightlies :D they're much more stable in my opinion. Sorry for any confusion:rolleyes:

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  9. raschi
    Eclair Jan 6, 2015

    raschi , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Could you send me a link to a download for this please :)

    Edit: I was already looking on Google but i didnt find anything
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  10. seether84
    Jelly Bean Jan 6, 2015

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  11. Eqwansyafiq
    Eclair Jan 6, 2015

    Eqwansyafiq , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Official Cm12 nightlies have been out?? Anyone had tried it?? And what bugs still haven't fixed? Thanks.

  12. TheBadFish666
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 6, 2015

    TheBadFish666 , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Hey guys,

    just switched over to LS, coming from CM11s. Great ROM, runs like hell.
    But I have one question: Any idea how to use that feature known from CM11s to activate the flash light using a screen-off gesture? There are plenty of predefined actions, but non of them activates the flash light.

    Any ideas?

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  13. richbrown68
    Honeycomb Jan 6, 2015

  14. Saem
    Gingerbread Jan 6, 2015

    Saem , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Liquidsmooth has some Liquidsmooth specific features that CM12 doesn't. Also, Liquidsmooth may be far behind currently when it comes to the latest CM commits but that I guess will mostly change with the latest update which @tyler539 said can be out anytime soon. I am staying on this rom. I told you all the main points so you can make the choice yourself (please don't ask which is better battery wise because CM12 is new and usage differs for different people)

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  15. tyler539
    Jelly Bean Jan 6, 2015

    tyler539 , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Follow the instructions in the OP. I always do clean updates, NEVER had any problems. Lots of people do dirty flashes. HOWEVER, with certain updates, so much base code was updated that you HAVE to do a clean flash. NO way of knowing though. So dirty flashing can lead to bad bugs. So perform backups if you're going to do dirty flashes. Otherwise do clean, the list of pros and cons are in the OP.

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  16. tyler539
    Jelly Bean Jan 6, 2015

    tyler539 , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Pretty much says it all right there :)

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  17. ridder64
    Honeycomb Jan 6, 2015

    ridder64 , Jan 6, 2015 :
    I read about a lot of bugs that I don't have.....and I always do a dirty install.
    Last time I ended up with a bootloop, but after a reboot it started up fine and never gave any troubles.
    The flashlight.....I still have it under the quick settings....but mine is called zaklamp:
    No wifi problems, no 3G problems, no audio problems.......I guess I'm lucky!
    If there's a new build available I will install it, but I have no real reason to wait for it.

    Well......I stil would like to have a "mute" button with the quick settings....still miss my iPhone hardware switch.

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  18. richbrown68
    Honeycomb Jan 6, 2015

    richbrown68 , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Aggravating Bug in the Dec. 30 Nightly: At random times, I'll open my phone and find that my selected wallpaper has been replaced by a blue wallpaper that says "LiquidSmooth" on it.

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  19. joens
    Lollipop Jan 6, 2015

    joens , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Me want some night love to :)

  20. ridder64
    Honeycomb Jan 6, 2015

    ridder64 , Jan 6, 2015 :
    Never seen that....don't even know how it looks like unless it's the boot splash screen

    Oops....this forum turns into a dating site.....

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