Android Oreo : Bluetooth issue

  1. selvanvn
    Cupcake Nov 22, 2017

    selvanvn , Nov 22, 2017 :
    I updated my one plus 3 to Oreo, Bluetooth was working fine before the update. Post the update I'm unable to connect to few devices. I'm able to pair with new devices but it doesn't connect after that. Tried forgot device and pairing again same issue. Any work around for it?

  2. Stefan Cech
    Cupcake Nov 25, 2017

    Stefan Cech , Nov 25, 2017 :
    Hi there my 3t after updating to Oreo is not able to keep BT on for more than a minute or two after starting the phone. Anybody has similar issues?

  3. simonvanderpol
    Cupcake Nov 26, 2017

    simonvanderpol , Nov 26, 2017 :
    Same here, Bluetooth is not reliable after updating my OP3 to Oreo, though not as bad as it was after the Nougat update. One has to wonder why these "beta" updates are rolled out.

  4. Ninon
    Donut Nov 26, 2017

    Ninon , Nov 26, 2017 :
    This is funny cause one my side, since i updated my oneplus 3 to oreo, it solved all the bluetooth issue I had with my pebble smartwatch. I have better connection range and the automatic reconnection is finally working again!

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  5. Cedric Masson
    Cupcake Nov 26, 2017

    Cedric Masson , Nov 26, 2017 :
    Bluetooth not working either here since update and clearing apps cach is not working either so can't try that option :-(

  6. RyanHorobin
    Cupcake Nov 27, 2017

    RyanHorobin , Nov 27, 2017 :
    My bluetooth is not working properly either. I've cleared cache, unpaired\repaired, even factory reset. Still won't work.

  7. geert van overmeiren
    Cupcake Nov 27, 2017

    geert van overmeiren , Nov 27, 2017 :
    For the moment i have noticed it for my BT connection to my car, comes up --> goes away.
    Phone OP3 Oreo update Car Renault Megane 4

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  8. johnnyjungle
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 27, 2017

    johnnyjungle , Nov 27, 2017 :
    I have also been experiencing communication / connection issues since the Oreo update. Jeep Renegade, playing from my phone view BT used to be a simple task, not any more

  9. big_tummy
    Eclair Nov 27, 2017

    big_tummy , Nov 27, 2017 :
    Same here. already tried to delete the paired old connections and after this I can't detect the BT devices or being found from others.
    Tested with my car volvo V40

  10. Will_Irving
    Cupcake Nov 27, 2017

    Will_Irving , Nov 27, 2017 :
    same issue. updated and now I can't pair any type of Bluetooth which is a Major issue due to the driving laws in my city. can we get a patch quickly please.

  11. Manas Saha
    Honeycomb Nov 27, 2017

    Manas Saha , Nov 27, 2017 :
    I am able to pair with another phone, but the connection breaks in the middle of file transfer. BT has become unreliable after oreo update.

  12. bjornflodin
    Cupcake Nov 27, 2017

    bjornflodin , Nov 27, 2017 :
    Yep, also having problems.
    Cannot pair with certain devices at all.
    Same issue both with 3 and 3T

  13. Craigusus
    Eclair Nov 27, 2017

    Craigusus , Nov 27, 2017 :
    Apparently, OnePlus are aware of the issue and the ROM team are working on it now. Just had a live chat with them.
    They will make an announcement when they appear to have a fix for it. Wouldn't hold your breath...

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  14. nickweemaes
    Cupcake Nov 30, 2017

    nickweemaes , Nov 30, 2017 :
    Have problems too with my QC35, buttons not working, freezing my phone for a minute when I connect them and music dropping out few times a minute eventhough my phone is 30cm away from the headset and without any obstacles. Also, buttons of my car not working either. Can't wait for a fix

  15. tienou44
    Cupcake Nov 30, 2017

  16. Craigusus
    Eclair Nov 30, 2017

    Craigusus , Nov 30, 2017 :
    I have found that if I power off the phone, leave for a few minutes then power on Bluetooth stays stable. A reboot just makes it crash.

  17. freelancer1988
    Gingerbread Nov 30, 2017

    freelancer1988 , Nov 30, 2017 :
    That is weird, but good to know. Will have to try it later.

  18. Zx7R
    Cupcake Nov 30, 2017

    Zx7R , Nov 30, 2017 :
    I have a strange problem with BT and my paired car to the phone: I always listen to internet radio, and when I look on media screen I saw names of the station, songs name etc (TuneIn app) on my car's screen.
    Since the update I see names of songs which are on my phone, with scroll bar like the song is playing while actually the radio from internet is playing on car's system (through the BT).
    Some bizarre bug!

    Clearing cache didn't help.

  19. G_Michael_Scheidler_FRJC
    Cupcake Dec 1, 2017

  20. Francisco Chacon Gallego
    Cupcake Dec 2, 2017

    Francisco Chacon Gallego , Dec 2, 2017 :
    I've got the same issue with the BT of my car It is getting disconnected and connected all the time since I upgraded to android Oreo in my OP3