Android P Beta Developer Preview 3 for OnePlus 6

  1. KuaQ
    Cupcake Jul 27, 2018

  2. manukashyap
    Eclair Jul 27, 2018

    manukashyap , Jul 27, 2018 :
    Netflix works

  3. Rajib.oneplus
    Donut Jul 27, 2018

  4. Aggressions
    Gingerbread Jul 27, 2018

    Aggressions , Jul 27, 2018 :
    I tried this Preview and I must say it looks promising, The UI looks fresh and although for now, I hope it lacks a more refined look. All my Apps work good and can't complain about the overall performance. I decided not to keep it as my Daily Driver and reverted back. But I will keep an Eye out for future development

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  5. Rafismiles
    Eclair Jul 27, 2018

    Rafismiles , Jul 27, 2018 :
    I am getting crash dump issue and only thing I can do is switch off and on the mobile to get back into normal mode... anyone facing this... i got this twice till now..

  6. G_Rich_Cowan_EQlj
    Gingerbread Jul 27, 2018

    G_Rich_Cowan_EQlj , Jul 27, 2018 :
    nearly every page someone yaps about their dialler not working. However also on every page there is someone explaining that you have to factory reset and then it will work. Why do people not read ? Why a week or so after the release are people still complaining about dialler not working. Read, read , read , read and you will see how to resolve this. Stop moaning and complaining!

  7. avibored
    Honeycomb Jul 27, 2018

    avibored , Jul 27, 2018 :
    I installed it but the app animations are not that smooth.. Maybe because 8 didn't do a clean flash I saw on YouTube someone was showing off app opening animations but I didn't see those animations in my phone anyone else having this issue?

  8. alexferdean
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 27, 2018

  9. Dynamic_Double
    Eclair Jul 27, 2018

  10. sgmtnbike
    Gingerbread Jul 27, 2018

  11. bibhab1976
    Gingerbread Jul 27, 2018

    bibhab1976 , Jul 27, 2018 :
    exactly me too get that twice till now and thats y i reverted back to stable. apart from that all are nice and doing well

  12. ashwinmurali
    Honeycomb Jul 27, 2018

    ashwinmurali , Jul 27, 2018 :
    it happened to me also, when i opened CPU-Z

  13. avibored
    Honeycomb Jul 27, 2018

    avibored , Jul 27, 2018 :
    Never mind I was using Nova launcher now using oneplus launcher and the animations are back

  14. avibored
    Honeycomb Jul 27, 2018

    avibored , Jul 27, 2018 :
    Oneplus app drawer is dark and it doesn't change to white how can I change it to white

  15. avibored
    Honeycomb Jul 27, 2018

    avibored , Jul 27, 2018 :
    One more suggestion when in app switcher mode.. We should be able to go back home by tapping the empty area.. Swiping up home again is awkward

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  16. n2851991m
    Eclair Jul 27, 2018

    n2851991m , Jul 27, 2018 :
    Does it ? If so I will flash the Beta and roll back just for this. Could you please dm or just reply here if that works ? Thank you

  17. heartless28
    Gingerbread Jul 27, 2018

    heartless28 , Jul 27, 2018 :
    I already revert back to official OS just now. The DP3 can be a daily driver for those who follow the instructions (full wipe) [e]263a[/e]️

    My thoughts on DP3 was it's stable and working as it should be.

    camera - I believed that DP3 version focus much faster than the official 5.1.9.

    battery life - Used it normally and I can't tell the difference between the official and Beta battery life (SOT and Usage)

    - All my apps are working perfectly.

    - Never experience drop in frame rate while playing high end games.

    - Data, Wifi and Bluetooth is working perfectly fine. Got no chance to use navigation like waze because I stay at home for 3 days [e]1f60a[/e].

    - New notification, recent apps, animation and settings is very refreshing.

    - geatures seems smoother and better than the official.


    - animation while closing the apps looks like it flickering.

    - phone app closing when you try to search contacts in dialer app.

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  18. Horizon21000
    Honeycomb Jul 27, 2018

    Horizon21000 , Jul 27, 2018 :
    Oh my god, don't say "me too", provide the solution!

    You just read my comment, how can you not know how to solve the issue?

  19. Horizon21000
    Honeycomb Jul 27, 2018

    Horizon21000 , Jul 27, 2018 :
    Its very easy:

    Beta - you need to do all manually
    Stable - you get normal Updates over the air

    There is no automatically upgrade from the Beta to the Stable.

  20. KONDODDI Hemareddy
    Donut Jul 27, 2018