Android P is coming to the OnePlus 3 and 3T

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  1. G_Ranajit_Savant_TDAZ
    Froyo Apr 4, 2019

  2. gazz1701
    Jelly Bean Apr 4, 2019

    gazz1701 , Apr 4, 2019 :
    If you have to ask, or can't search, then perhaps it's not for you... wait for OTA of the stable release.

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  3. G_Boris_Sweden_lHuW
    Gingerbread Apr 4, 2019

    G_Boris_Sweden_lHuW , Apr 4, 2019 :
    New rule, every time someone asks for a update the update will be delayed with one day. Half-life 3 rules apply now.
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  4. ghostofcain
    Marshmallow Apr 4, 2019

    ghostofcain , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Advantages : it doesn't support Google services, so no worries about privacy concerns of the googleplex
    Disadvantage: it doesn't support Google services, so no wonderful goodies from the googleplex.

    Screen shots already posted, a page or two back.

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  5. PawOne56
    Gingerbread Apr 4, 2019

    PawOne56 , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Also its doesn't undorgoes CTS process so some banking apps might not work and fortnite too .

  6. Ankitbhat12345
    Jelly Bean Apr 4, 2019

  7. nadeem199417
    Gingerbread Apr 4, 2019

    nadeem199417 , Apr 4, 2019 :
    I checked the h2s website. still old version showing for beta.

  8. DarkSJ1998
    Honeycomb Apr 4, 2019

  9. nadeem199417
    Gingerbread Apr 4, 2019

    Donut Apr 4, 2019

    SYED_IBRAHIM , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Today we're releasing Android Q Beta 2 and an updated SDK for developers. It includes the latest bug fixes, optimizations, and API updates for Android Q, along with the April 2019 security patches. You'll also notice isolated storage becoming more prominent as we look for your wider testing and feedback to help us refine that feature......

    Dont know when one OnePlus will quench the thirst of Android P.....

    it did not stand on their commitment. Crossed even the 1st quarter of 2019.

    uploading a beta test on firefighting basis is strategical delay....

  11. gazz1701
    Jelly Bean Apr 4, 2019

    gazz1701 , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Sorry to be old Mr Nit-Picky, but where exactly did OnePlus ever make a commitment it would be released before end of Q1...?

  12. PrashantKarma
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 4, 2019

  13. amitdeyop3t
    Cupcake Apr 4, 2019

    amitdeyop3t , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Couldn't afford to wait anymore and sold my OP3T to buy a Samsung A50 with Pie pre-installed.

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  14. Mike K.
    Gingerbread Apr 4, 2019

  15. G_sanjay_kumar_aLAI
    Froyo Apr 4, 2019

    G_sanjay_kumar_aLAI , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Been using closed beta since the day it's leaked. It's too good, loving pie...! It's not that much stable, getting battery around 12hr... Sot around 2.5hrs. sometimes only somtisome phone heats. Small glitches here and there..! Once open beta gets out it'll be awesome..! Got all the features which is in op5/6 which was not there in 8.0. Superb. Release beta update soon.plz. peace..!

  16. Abhi Dahiya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 4, 2019

    Abhi Dahiya , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Good luck getting even a single more update on that thing! Joke is on you here, not OnePlus or it's users :D

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  17. Jain_Ronu
    Froyo Apr 4, 2019

    Jain_Ronu , Apr 4, 2019 :
    how is the performance in H2os android pie stable version?

    Any camera or battery or speaker volume improvement?

  18. KeepTransisting
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Apr 4, 2019

  19. iraarnon
    Gingerbread Apr 4, 2019

    iraarnon , Apr 4, 2019 :
    Android Pie for OnePlus 3/3T being tested in China, global rollout likely very soon

    Damien Wilde

    - Mar. 21st 2019 6:40 am PT



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    The ongoing Android Pie update saga for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T might finally be drawing to a close. This comes as the company has now recruited Chinese testers for its HydrogenOS fork of Android Pie.

    We were told officially via the OnePlus Forums that the update would be last on the list but we weren’t expecting to wait just this long. The good news is that, as is often the case, HydrogenOS (via XDA-developers/PiunikaWeb) acts as the main testbed before the global Oxygen OS update gets ported and then finally pushed out.

    Anyone currently using either device will no doubt feel left out, as the last update was the Android 8.0 Oreo update after OnePlus decided to skip over the 8.1 update and go straight to Android Pie.

    OnePlus Community Manager, David Y confirmed that the update is most definitely in the pipeline for a release very soon.

    Latest Update: Hey guys, we found some issues in the Google CTS. Our software team is working on them and will have another round of CTS very soon. Considering HydrogenOS doesn’t have to pass the CTS, we may release Pie beta based on HydrogenOS early this week.

    Of course, we’ve now seen all the other OnePlus devices that we expect to receive a taste of Android Pie all updated to the latest OS. This and the HydrogenOS Chinese testing program means we could see Android Pie come to the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T imminently, perhaps.

    All in all, the handset has aged pretty well, partly due to the large amount of RAM stuffed inside. Once this update drops, it should help give the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T yet another new lease of life. We’ll be sure to share more information as it comes to us, however, this is exciting for those that have stuck with the device for this long

  20. Fursan Afzal
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 4, 2019

    Fursan Afzal , Apr 4, 2019 :
    you just copy pasted an article here without quoting or linking it.