Android setup keeps stopping

  1. D1559375386631
    Cupcake Apr 25, 2020

    D1559375386631 , Apr 25, 2020 :
    Their is problem in my father's phone , phone having some problem "Android setup keeps stopping" can anyone please help because of lockdown we can't even reach to OnePlus care..

  2. delightdev
    Froyo Apr 25, 2020

    delightdev , via OnePlus 6 , Apr 25, 2020 :
    What's the status of your phone ???

    Bootloader - locked/unlocked
    Recovery - stock/other

    Try booting into recovery and wipe your system !!!

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  3. D1559375386631
    Cupcake Apr 25, 2020

    D1559375386631 , Apr 25, 2020 :
    everything is normal
    bootloader - locked
    recovery - stock

  4. D1559375386631
    Cupcake Apr 25, 2020

    D1559375386631 , Apr 25, 2020 :
    i have done wipping out whole data, now phone on but but that problem remain same after few hours , it's just fixed temporarily..still having some different type of problem with wife account setup and all..

  5. Frank Gaubeca
    Eclair Jul 16, 2020

    Frank Gaubeca , Jul 16, 2020 :
    I'm having the same issue. it happens in this Android version. When you factory reset your phone you can't finish the setup screen and it shows this error. What I did was installing an old version and updating later from the system menu.

  6. Y1595076506520
    Cupcake Jul 18, 2020

    Y1595076506520 , Jul 18, 2020 :
    Bro i'm facing the same problem , what can I do

  7. Frank Gaubeca
    Eclair Jul 18, 2020

    Frank Gaubeca , Jul 18, 2020 :
    It happens everytime. The only option I found was installing an old version (5.1.5) and update using the system update from there!!! All this newer version they have the same issue.
    You can find how to and all the tools here: https://www.themefoxx.com/unbrick-oneplus-6/ (I know the phone is not bricked but this installs everything new from scratch)
    Is the second time I have to do this, I've already reported this problem and I hope they can solve it in the next update.

  8. ItsRavi25
    Jelly Bean Jul 19, 2020

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  9. Srínívas Sñ
    Honeycomb Jul 20, 2020

  10. Frank Gaubeca
    Eclair Jul 20, 2020

    Frank Gaubeca , Jul 20, 2020 :
    It happens when you do a clean install or factory reset... there's no 3rd party apps. actually there's nothing installed. is the setup when you first turn your phone on (it will ask you to agree the terms, set up the font, connect to WiFi for the first time and before finishing it crashes ... and there's nothing you can do.

  11. ItsRavi25
    Jelly Bean Jul 20, 2020

    ItsRavi25 , via OnePlus 6T , Jul 20, 2020 :
    I have also faced these problems when I was on custom ROM. The best solution is downgrade and then update it via OTA.
    You can rollback
    Thanks to @ironass .

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  12. Frank Gaubeca
    Eclair Jul 20, 2020

    Frank Gaubeca , Jul 20, 2020 :
    the problem is in the Stock ROM. is the second time this happens to me. I've downgraded to other versions but they all have the same issue. the only one that works was 5.1.5 and upgrade later from there via OTA.

  13. G_Jerman_Ramirez_xAMY
    Cupcake Jul 29, 2020

    G_Jerman_Ramirez_xAMY , Jul 29, 2020 :
    I had the same issue, and what worked for me was completing the setup without an internet connection.
    If you have a sim card, take it out and you should be able to keep going.

  14. Frank Gaubeca
    Eclair Aug 20, 2020