Animal lovers rejoice, GBoard's emoji kitchen will now let you make Dog emoji combos!

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    Jelly Bean Writers' Club Dec 4, 2021

    CosmicPaladin , Dec 4, 2021 :
    iOS let its users have all the fun when it comes to emojis or stickers related to the animal kingdom - cute animojis of penguins, dragons, tigers, etc, allow for some immersive experience when it comes to expressions and emotions. While OEMs on the Android side of the universe have their own version of the Animojis, Google has been offering "mish mash" emojis as recommendations whilst one is at it

    Close to 2 years now, since that "emoji kitchen" was out on GBoard, it offered mash ups of hearts, ghosts, fire, etc. Many animal lovers, such as me, always wished we had those dogs too as a part of the emoji kitchen. Well, looks like Google has heard us finally!


    Here is how you can give it a try!
    • Sign up for GBoard "beta" program
    • Install / update to the new GBoard version offered for the beta program
    • Settings > Emojis, Stickers & GIFs
    • Enable Emoji Stickers
    Now start using your emojis, and here is what you may see! These can be used on WhatsApp, Google Messages, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Signal, Facebook Messenger to name a few apps

    My favorite is the dog + panda combo. What is yours? Shoot your emojis in the comments!

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