Animations off give very significant performance improvement

  1. Antastik Froyo Mar 14, 2015

    Antastik, Mar 14, 2015 :
    Hello, I am running on CM12 nightlies and would like to share the fact that, by turning off all animations (from the developer options), a very significant performance improvement can be obtained. I wonder why such an option is on by default. Try and enjoy the much better responsiveness!

  2. R Reddington KitKat Mar 14, 2015

    R Reddington, Mar 14, 2015 :
    How significant would be nice to know. Some screen shots of SOT and battery with them on and off would be nice too please.

  3. aiku Gingerbread Mar 14, 2015

    aiku, Mar 14, 2015 :
    This is like asking why we put our food in refrigerators.
    Without animations, good Lord, android looks even more like shit.

  4. shrenil19 Jelly Bean Mar 14, 2015

    shrenil19, Mar 14, 2015 :

  5. Rodav Honeycomb Mar 14, 2015

    Rodav, Mar 14, 2015 :
    just so we could all have a good laugh, tell us what is actually faster since you made this change.

  6. B4kken Lollipop Mar 14, 2015

    B4kken, Mar 14, 2015 :
    Opening apps actually looks more laggy with animations turned off.. I don't agree ;)
    "..even more like shit."


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  7. forid-786 Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 14, 2015

    forid-786, Mar 14, 2015 :
    Without animations, I'd feel like going to bed with my trainers on. Most of the time, I just make the animations faster, but never completely turn it off. It annoys me to death, and there's no nice fluidity going on. Then again...It's your personal preference but I'm almost certain most people like the animations then not.

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  8. ash23 Jelly Bean Mar 14, 2015

  9. forid-786 Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 14, 2015

    forid-786, Mar 14, 2015 :
    Can't lie, although I absolutely hate I shits because of their functionality, and the control Apple tries to put over your head. IOS looks better in a lot of cases than Android, I personally use IOS status bar icons because they're cleaner and more...ME? On CM11s I also used to theme the notifcation drawer to look like IOS with the same blurr and transparency. Looked amazing, missing that now on Vanir Exodus which is based on CM 12. D:

    Lollipop is a really big improvement, but on kitkat, overtime your phone would slow down. On lollipop, this doesn't really happen to me (with 200+ user apps) or it is just barely noticeable at all. Love LolliPOP :D

  10. B4kken Lollipop Mar 15, 2015

    B4kken, Mar 15, 2015 :
    I'm not a huge fan of the KitKat Ui design. I love the lollipop one though. I'm not a fan of iOS but it's not that I don't like the looks, mostly at least. I just can't find shit in it :p

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  11. Majinferno Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 15, 2015

    Majinferno, Mar 15, 2015 :
    Personally couldn't stand not being able to place icons on the lower half in ios. It looked bad and was inefficient. This was worse when gridlock didn't get updated on cydia :(

    Home screen designer just wasn't the same.

    I like the overall 'bright' feel in lollipop. Kitkat was great, but lollipops material design just feels better IMO

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  12. Skf123 Marshmallow Mar 15, 2015

    Skf123, Mar 15, 2015 :
    It doesn't actually increase performance at all, thing's just seem faster as there is no delay from animations.

    I used to keep them off on kitkat but have kept everything stock for lollipop on my nexus 5.

  13. aiku Gingerbread Mar 15, 2015

    aiku, Mar 15, 2015 :
    I meant that in a general statement. I'm not saying Lollipop looks like shit; it's an 'ok' improvement from KitKat's ugly-***-hell UI.

  14. B4kken Lollipop Mar 15, 2015

    B4kken, Mar 15, 2015 :
    It kinda sounds like you should have an iPhone ;) Lollipop is so beautiful I almost don't theme it.

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  15. bhoopesh Donut Mar 17, 2015

    bhoopesh, Mar 17, 2015 :
    i have turned it off over Vanir Exodus Rom 5.0.2. i am experiencing much better speed in clicking response and looks nothing changed for me except the performance being greater.

  16. betotototo Cupcake May 6, 2015

    betotototo, May 6, 2015 :
    Thanks for this info. This is perfect. My biggest gripe from CM11 to CM12 is the animations that have been added to the navigation ring targets. CM11 was a quick swipe where I didn't need to wait for the animation and the icons to load up before selecting it. However, CM12 would not register the swipe until the animation was complete and the icon specifically selected.

    Now with the animations off, the swipe feels more like how it was in CM11 - instant.

  17. Stroky750 Ice Cream Sandwich May 8, 2015

    Stroky750, May 8, 2015 :
    I like both.
    The speed of the system when the animations are off and also the beauty animations with 1.0 oder even 1.5 ( looks even better)

    So i switch it and i dont know whats better :)