[Announcement] We're moving! An exciting milestone.

  1. skpkumar83
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    skpkumar83 , Apr 13, 2018 :
    We will be great to welcome .com. All the best. Finished 500 days with my one plus 3 beautiful phone.

  2. ravejohan
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    ravejohan , Apr 13, 2018 :
    My milestone was getting my very first business running. It is an ice cream popsicles store. You can’t realize how important it is to have a great smartphone with you in order to get everything together. Congratulations on this new step!

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  3. johnpasierbowicz
    Froyo Apr 13, 2018

    johnpasierbowicz , Apr 13, 2018 :

    Giving my one-thousandth ride for Lyft, as a side hustle/gig, was a big milestone for me.

  4. G_George_H_Caql
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    G_George_H_Caql , Apr 13, 2018 :
    I assist with clinics done in Spanish. Some small children are present, and I try to keep them somewhat corralled. In regions that are normally monolingual, a bilingual five-year-old will size an adult up and only speak the language they decide the adult speaks. If the adult attempts the other language, the kid reacts as if the adult were speaking gibberish. One little boy in the group would only speak English with me. One day, he was running amuck while the preacher was praying. I had to pick him up. Often, when I do that, I turn him upside down hoping that he won’t squeal too loudly. At the end of the prayer, I whispered that after prayers, he was supposed to say “amen”. With his hands touching the floor, he answered me politely and said “amen”. It was the next day that I realized I had spoken to him in Spanish, he had answered me in Spanish, and what that meant. I had been accepted into an exclusive club. Not exactly like winning an election, but it was a major milestone to me.

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  5. Abdulrahman AlJuhani
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    Abdulrahman AlJuhani , Apr 13, 2018 :
    Can't forget when i get my (1+) in Dec , 2014 :( that's moment ...
    it's was The first and The finest online shopping experience in my life

  6. Ins1d3r
    Donut Apr 13, 2018

  7. 36963671A
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    36963671A , Apr 13, 2018 :
    Hola, después de 35 años trabajando de bombero de Barcelona, llegó la hora de la jubilación, estoy contento pero a la vez triste por dejar a los compañeros que tantos años han sido como my family.

  8. Ze_Borislav_Mihaylov
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

  9. hellspawndead
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    hellspawndead , Apr 13, 2018 :
    My milestone was moving away from Greece to Germany and in with my girlfriend and start a new job! Completely new age, but it has all been worth it! I have been with you since day one with OnePlusOne and now my OnePlus 5T! best phone I ever used! Amazing phone and price! thank you!

  10. Jeet77
    Jelly Bean Apr 13, 2018

    Jeet77 , Apr 13, 2018 :
    Last month, I got my degree and finally could use the title "Dr." in front of my name. But, needless to say, while my friends were rejoicing and making posts on facebook, I didnt feel like I had done anything worthwhile so as to earn the title.

    Internship started, and tragically, my gf left me. Funny as fate should have it, she put it this way "You are what I actually need, but not what I want". Devastated, like the emotional person I m, I fell ill, but carried on with the duties given to me (24 hr NICU, SNCU). I recovered within a week, and was narrating my heartbreak story to one of my hostel mates, when I saw one of our hostel workers walk by. I somehow managed to catch a glimpse of a swelling in his right leg, which after examination, I concluded, was a case of varicose veins. Thereafter, I counselled him as to how he should get his disease treated. The mess worker (who had often behaved rudely with us, although he was old and he came from a village ) was so shocked at me diagnosing his condition and the fact that I touched his leg during examining him, was elated and he tried to touch my feet as a sign of respect.

    I was so overwhelmed. Tears came to my eyes, of sadness from my breakup and from the happiness that a doctor gets when a patient regards him as one next to God. I decided to give less importance to my emotional state and try to alleviate the pain and suffering of the patients. Gotta do my duty as a healer.

    (Thanks for having the patience to read this.)
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  11. Josesv
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    Josesv , Apr 13, 2018 :
    I think my last milestone was getting more social and get some new friends. I started on school where you live with some roomies at the place. And man... i have alot of wonderful friends which are so unique and special to me :D

  12. alex.cerqueira
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

  13. zemastro88
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    zemastro88 , Apr 13, 2018 :
    Personally, a great milestone was on 2017 May 25, when one of my astrophotographs has been published on NASA's APOD (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) website.

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  14. Love
    Froyo Apr 13, 2018

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  15. monawer
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    monawer , Apr 13, 2018 :
    My milestone was moving from home last year with my family. Completely new area, culture, language. But it has all been worth it! Because I will back to my home with my PhD.
    I haven been with you since day one when it was by invitations .

  16. crshields
    Cupcake Apr 14, 2018

    crshields , Apr 14, 2018 :
    Most recent milestone is having an interview with a company close to home. But we're fortunate to have a home and kids to come home to!

  17. meatandy
    Oreo Apr 14, 2018

    meatandy , Apr 14, 2018 :
    My milesstone for the week , I've read all 264 pages of this thread. :)

    Hopefully I win the Laptop :p :rolleyes:

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  18. Jmh536
    Cupcake Apr 14, 2018

    Jmh536 , Apr 14, 2018 :
    My milestone was 7 years ago yesterday when I enrolled in Cornell University. It was one of the best decisions of my life and I am so thankful for the experiences I had as a student there.

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  19. Z1511928308486
    Cupcake Apr 14, 2018

    Z1511928308486 , Apr 14, 2018 :
    Personalmente en estoy últimos años e logrado cumplir los deseos que me he propuesto, y aún después de malas experiencias e salido adelante, estoy cerca de ser un diseñador publicitario.
    Aun que no lo creas Oneplus tu me has ayudo, ya que en estos años e visto el crecimiento que has tenido, y es por eso que sigo a esta marca por ser más personal, porque trabaja por la comunidad y se ve que dan todo por ella ya que siempre piensan en los usuarios.

  20. nbuys
    Cupcake Apr 14, 2018

    nbuys , Apr 14, 2018 :
    I've had a lot of milestones in the past year, I graduated college, moved out, started my career, and got married!

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