[Announcement] We're moving! An exciting milestone.

  1. YvesLyon
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    YvesLyon , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Well, my milestone was to run this year, an Ultra Marathon, the year of my 50 birthday...
    It was hard to run 80 km (3600D+), but you know, no matter the age. All is in your mind. If you want, you will find ressources to perform your goal and to live better...

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  2. djeepy971
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    djeepy971 , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Thanks for the migration. That's amazing now.

  3. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Community Expert Apr 9, 2018

    dsmonteiro , Apr 9, 2018 :
    I have to say that's a very inspiring story! Kudos to you!

  4. Corex
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    Corex , Apr 9, 2018 :
    My recent personal milestone I'm pretty proud of sharing. I work as a technical person, my professional career has been going great for the last 2 years. But there's been one problem that I can't stand in front of people and talk / present of what I have done / been doing, I couldn't sometimes sit with many people in the same room, I just simply panic. Been working on a lot the past year to expose my self more and more and today I can now sit in a crowded room without getting a panic attack. The miles stone is that last week I stood in front of everyone and had a short presentation and it felt great once it was over, and I even get excited to do it more since it's been hindering me for so long, good times ahead :)

  5. marco81210
    Lollipop Apr 9, 2018

  6. aitoromago
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

  7. Monsieur_W
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

  8. alberto300
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    alberto300 , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Sono da anni fan del Oneplus e ho avuto da subito il mio Oneplus One di cui sono stato estremamente soddisfatto tabto da acquistare mesi fa (appena uscito) il Oneplus 5T. Spero di vincere questo concorso....
    Grazie Oneplus!!

  9. TheWilfrom
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    TheWilfrom , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Me estoy preparando para mi futuro trabajo, y la verdad que coincide con que me compre mi ultimo terminal de oneplus me decante por el 5 en cuanto salio por las mejoras que tenia. Me esta sirviendo de mucho sobre todo para la fotografía y escaneo de documentos.Estoy logrando mis objetivos por fin y estoy muy contento de la elección que hice y espero que sigáis así. Un saludo.

  10. sandy_tiku
    Honeycomb Apr 9, 2018

    sandy_tiku , Apr 9, 2018 :
    6 month ago I obtained the salary increase. For me was a special goal but now I don't want to stop. I want to obtaine more and more.

  11. marcelscheid
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    marcelscheid , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Proud of you and what you reached the last years! I really love your phones!

  12. Tezaco
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    Tezaco , Apr 9, 2018 :
    My milestone was to finally get a job and the next was for oneplus 6 release date :)

  13. EnBen
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    EnBen , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Pour fêter mes 50 ans, je me suis offert OnePlus 5T, je voyage beaucoup en Europe, un sac serait un beau cadeau supplémentaire. un pour tous! Tous pour un . vous êtes les Mousquetaires 5.05️⃣

  14. G_Inger_Lutje_Schipholt_
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    G_Inger_Lutje_Schipholt_ , Apr 9, 2018 :
    10 years ago we moved from busy Holland to quiet Norway. That was before smartphones, google maps, internet was not widely integrated into society yet. I bought the first affordable smartphone after 2 years, a moto defy+ . A tiny slip of a phone, it still works. From there I kept searching for the best one for the best price and went through quite a few. Never finding the perfect one..till I met the one plus 3t. Love at first sight. Then came the 5 and i upgraded. The fingerprint scanner was awesome but at the front. I had really loved the one on the back of the nexus 5x. Not long after my mind was read and there appeared the 5t. A kind friend was willing to trade me my 5 for her 5t. So now I live in this wonderful country and have instant access to the entire world at my fingertips. One plus has made the milestone of moving to a remote place even more awesome.

  15. G_Andrew_Cosovan_Gayz
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    G_Andrew_Cosovan_Gayz , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Hello dear OnePlus team,

    First of all thank you for the great devices that you make. The user experience is, to my opinion, the best there is with all the phones that I have from you.

    My personal milestone that I have reached is to be able to have a good job in a foreign country and to be able to provide for me and my life partner. For me this is, until now, the greatest accomplishment in life.

    Keep up the good work and Never Settle!

  16. LeFlavius
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    LeFlavius , Apr 9, 2018 :
    First off, cheers for five years of creating great technological accessories! You've created a successful, good brand in no time!
    Milestone in my life is doing a 280km bike tour in 2 days, after finally getting back on track and doing something about my fitness again.
    To a new start, never settle!

  17. Yrumt
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    Yrumt , Apr 9, 2018 :
    The biggest milestone in my life would be to win a OnePlus backpack. I have wanted one all my life, even before OnePlus existed.

  18. prettybetty666
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    prettybetty666 , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Hi all!
    I have a degree in IT and I love music, I alway sang and dreamed about become 'maestro' attending at the Conservatory but I came from a little town and there was none. So I studied and worked and in the meantime I followed the courses... last year I got my first Music Degree and this year I'm gonna finish my Opera specialization.
    This a giant milestone for me because it deals with my dreams and my autonomy.
    In all this adventure I had my loved Oneplus (the first and now the 5t) and I think it's the best mate to record/take pics and handle many events such as file transmissions for a person who has no time to make organization from home it's like my 'pocket personal office'! XD
    I'd like to sing to one of your big events! Hihihih! Congrats for your upgrade! Head to the top! =)

  19. Kavatah
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    Kavatah , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Congrats on the new domain extension!!

    After more than 10 years working for the same company, with no significant raise since a few years, I finally decided to quit and find a new job.

    I have my third interview with a major computer technology corporation, this evening!! Wish me luck ;) (at least it's not a fourth interview which of course would be bad luck!!!)

    Also, on top of that, my girlfriend just broke up with me... I'll soon have to find my own place, with enough room to have my kids with me every other week... Haven't lived alone for the past 20 years... So that's also a huge milestone for me...

  20. ferryP95
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2018

    ferryP95 , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Dear OnePlus Team,

    I've been following your growth process since 2013 and bought the limited edition of OnePlus X Never settle. I like the way you guys make it trough your own way to the top and the price around 320 euro when all things have started.

    I use my phone daily at work, college and personal use. Handy that fit in my small hands with excellent looks of smooth touch to it. Which is easy to put it in my pocket.

    Since after I bought the product, I've been waiting when there will be a follow up of OnePlus X Never settle model in future plannings. Yet the idea didn't show up as I expected, so I keep watching you guys grow from knowledge and price tag.

    Waiting when The real OnePlus who Never Settle with an come back product.

    For now I'll be your OnePlus fan supporting the name as a physical chemical analyst student.


    F. Phefferkorn
    The Netherlands